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Mathematics, “The Queen of Sciences” as called by Carl Friedrich Gauss, is the
science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts or as applied to other disciplines (such as physics and engineering).

The distinguished authors of the top-quality books and textbooks listed under Research and Markets’ Mathematics category are the world's leading researchers. These publications cover all the key areas in today’s research. They are invaluable references, comprehensive and readily accessible. When available, pre-publication titles are also included, so you can be sure not to miss the latest developments in your research field.

The readership of this category includes both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as researchers and mature mathematics. Show Less
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Fundamentals of Stochastic Networks

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding queueing and graphical networks In today's era of interdisciplinary studies and research activities, network models are becoming increasingly important...

November 2011

Philosophy of Chemistry, Vol 6. Handbook of the Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Chemistry investigates the foundational concepts and methods of chemistry, the science of the nature of substances and their transformations. This groundbreaking collection, the most thorough...

November 2011

ANOVA and ANCOVA. A GLM Approach. 2nd Edition

Provides an in-depth treatment of ANOVA and ANCOVA techniques from a linear model perspective ANOVA and ANCOVA: A GLM Approach provides a contemporary look at the general linear model (GLM) approach...

October 2011

Jet Single-Time Lagrange Geometry and Its Applications

Develops the theory of jet single-time Lagrange geometry and presents modern-day applications Jet Single-Time Lagrange Geometry and Its Applications guides readers through the advantages of jet single-time...

October 2011

Zeta and q-Zeta Functions and Associated Series and Integrals

Zeta and q-Zeta Functions and Associated Series and Integrals is a thoroughly revised, enlarged and updated version of Series Associated with the Zeta and Related Functions. Many of the chapters and...

October 2011

Statistical Pattern Recognition. 3rd Edition

Statistical pattern recognition relates to the use of statistical techniques for analysing data measurements in order to extract information and make justified decisions.  It is a very active area of...

October 2011

The Language of Mathematics. Utilizing Math in Practice

A new and unique way of understanding the translation of concepts and natural language into mathematical expressions Transforming a body of text into corresponding mathematical expressions and models...

October 2011

Practical Business Statistics with STATPAD

Practical Business Statistics with StatPad combines two excellent resources for the added benefit of students and instructors. Practical Business Statistics is a book that motivates business students...

October 2011

Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab

Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab is for students and researchers working to analyze real data sets in the environmental sciences. One only has to consider the global warming debate to realize...

October 2011

Applied Longitudinal Analysis. 2nd Edition. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

Praise for the First Edition ". . . [this book] should be on the shelf of everyone interested in . . . longitudinal data analysis." —Journal of the American Statistical Association Features newly...

September 2011

Real Analysis. A Historical Approach. 2nd Edition

A provocative look at the tools and history of real analysis This new edition of Real Analysis: A Historical Approach continues to serve as an interesting read for students of analysis. Combining...

September 2011

The Essentials of Biostatistics for Physicians, Nurses, and Clinicians

A fundamental and straightforward guide to using and understanding statistical concepts in medical research Designed specifically for healthcare practitioners who need to understand basic biostatistics...

September 2011

A Primer on Experiments with Mixtures. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

The concise yet authoritative presentation of key techniques for basic mixtures experiments Inspired by the author's bestselling advanced book on the topic, A Primer on Experiments with Mixtures...

September 2011

Graph Partitioning. ISTE

Graph partitioning is a theoretical subject with applications in many areas, principally: numerical analysis, programs mapping onto parallel architectures, image segmentation, VLSI design. During the...

September 2011

Risk Assessment. Theory, Methods, and Applications. Statistics in Practice

An introduction to risk assessment that utilizes key theory and state-of-the-art applications With its balanced coverage of theory and applications along with standards and regulations, Risk Assessment:...

September 2011

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Theory

An authoritative, quantitative approach to supply chain management Addressing the need for the study of supply chain management to evolve at the same pace as it's real-world practice, Fundamentals...

September 2011

Data Mining. Concepts, Models, Methods, and Algorithms. 2nd Edition

This book reviews state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques for analyzing enormous quantities of raw data in high-dimensional data spaces, to extract new information for decision making. The goal...

September 2011

Stellar Populations. A Guide from Low to High Redshift. Wiley Series in Cosmology

This up-to-date reference on stellar populations and development models includes coverage of distant galaxies, chemical evolution and supernovae. Written by highly acclaimed authorities in the field,...

September 2011

Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astronomy. An Introduction to Theory, Experiment and Data Analysis. Wiley Series in Cosmology

This most up-to-date, one-stop reference combines coverage of both theory and observational techniques, with introductory sections to bring all readers up to the same level. Written by outstanding...

September 2011

Compositional Data Analysis. Theory and Applications

It is difficult to imagine that the statistical analysis of compositional data has been a major issue of concern for more than 100 years. It is even more difficult to realize that so many statisticians...

September 2011
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