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Mathematics, “The Queen of Sciences” as called by Carl Friedrich Gauss, is the
science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts or as applied to other disciplines (such as physics and engineering).

The distinguished authors of the top-quality books and textbooks listed under Research and Markets’ Mathematics category are the world's leading researchers. These publications cover all the key areas in today’s research. They are invaluable references, comprehensive and readily accessible. When available, pre-publication titles are also included, so you can be sure not to miss the latest developments in your research field.

The readership of this category includes both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as researchers and mature mathematics. Show Less
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Essential Mathcad for Engineering, Science, and Math. Edition No. 2 Essential Mathcad for Engineering, Science, and Math. Edition No. 2 - Product Thumbnail Image

Essential Mathcad for Engineering, Science, and Math. Edition No. 2

Using the author's considerable experience of applying Mathcad to engineering problems, Essential Mathcad introduces the most powerful functions and features of the software and teaches how to apply...

May 2009

The Collected Works of George E.P. Box. Wiley Classics Library

This collection features six of the most recent works by George E.P. Box. Topics include time series analysis, response surfaces, mixtures and ridge analyses and Statistics for experimenters.

May 2009

Making Sense of Data Set

Making Sense of Data: A Practical Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining by Glenn J. Myatt (978-0-470-07471-8), Making Sense of Data II: A Practical Guide to Data Visualization, Advanced...

May 2009

Stage-Wise Adaptive Designs. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

An expert introduction to stage-wise adaptive designs in all areas of statistics Stage-Wise Adaptive Designs presents the theory and methodology of stage-wise adaptive design across various areas...

May 2009

Online Research Essentials. Designing and Implementing Research Studies. Research Methods for the Social Sciences

Online Research Essentials Designing and Implementing Research Studies Online Research Essentials Written by experts in the field, Online Research Essentials provides step-b-step guidance to...

May 2009

Mathematical Analysis and Proof. Edition No. 2

This fundamental and straightforward text addresses a weakness observed among present-day students, namely a lack of familiarity with formal proof. Beginning with the idea of mathematical proof and...

April 2009

Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling

An up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals of scheduling theory, including recent advances and state-of-the-art topics Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling strikes a unique...

April 2009

Analysis in Vector Spaces. Solutions Manual

A rigorous introduction to calculus in vector spaces The concepts and theorems of advanced calculus combined with related computational methods are essential to understanding nearly all areas of...

April 2009

Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems. An Introduction to Modern Methods and Applications

Brannan provides engineers with both an introduction to, and a survey of, modern methods, applications, and theory of a powerful mathematical apparatus that will help them in the field. Section exercises...

April 2009

Statistical Control by Monitoring and Adjustment. 2nd Edition. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

Praise for the First Edition "This book . . . is a significant addition to the literature on statistical practice . . . should be of considerable interest to those interested in these topics."—International...

April 2009

Bayesian Signal Processing. Classical, Modern and Particle Filtering Methods. Adaptive and Learning Systems for Signal Processing, Communications and Control Series

New Bayesian approach helps you solve tough problems in signal processing with ease Signal processing is based on this fundamental concept—the extraction of critical information from noisy, uncertain...

April 2009

Statistical Analysis of Designed Experiments. Theory and Applications. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

A indispensable guide to understanding and designing modern experiments The tools and techniques of Design of Experiments (DOE) allow researchers to successfully collect, analyze, and interpret data...

April 2009

Analysis of Complex Networks. From Biology to Linguistics

Mathematical problems such as graph theory problems are of increasing importance for the analysis of modelling data in biomedical research such as in systems biology, neuronal network modelling etc....

April 2009

A Modern Introduction to Differential Equations. Edition No. 2

A Modern Introduction to Differential Equations presents a solid yet highly accessible introduction to differential equations, developing the concepts from a dynamical systems perspective and employing...

April 2009

Mathematical Statistics with Applications

Mathematical Statistics with Applications provides a calculus-based theoretical introduction to mathematical statistics while emphasizing interdisciplinary applications as well as exposure to modern...

April 2009

Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications

Boolean functions are the building blocks of symmetric cryptographic systems. Symmetrical cryptographic algorithms are fundamental tools in the design of all types of digital security systems (i.e....

April 2009

Applied Data Mining for Business and Industry. 2nd Edition

The increasing availability of data in our current, information overloaded society has led to the need for valid tools for its modelling and analysis. Data mining and applied statistical methods are...

April 2009

Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Science. 2nd Edition

This book is a completely revised and updated version of this invaluable text which allows science students to extend necessary skills and techniques, with the topics being developed through examples...

April 2009

Robust Methods in Biostatistics. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

Robust statistics is an extension of classical statistics that specifically takes into account the concept that the underlying models used to describe data are only approximate. Its basic philosophy...

April 2009

Chemistry in Motion. Reaction-Diffusion Systems for Micro- and Nanotechnology

Change and motion define and constantly reshape the world around us, on scales from the molecular to the global. In particular, the subtle interplay between chemical reactions and molecular transport...

April 2009
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