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Mathematics, “The Queen of Sciences” as called by Carl Friedrich Gauss, is the
science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts or as applied to other disciplines (such as physics and engineering).

The distinguished authors of the top-quality books and textbooks listed under Research and Markets’ Mathematics category are the world's leading researchers. These publications cover all the key areas in today’s research. They are invaluable references, comprehensive and readily accessible. When available, pre-publication titles are also included, so you can be sure not to miss the latest developments in your research field.

The readership of this category includes both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as researchers and mature mathematics. Show Less
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Design, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires for Survey Research. 2nd Edition. Wiley Series in Survey Methodology

Praise for the First Edition “...this book is quite inspiring, giving many practical ideas for survey research, especially for designing better questionnaires.” —International Statistical Review Reflecting...

May 2014

How to Design, Analyse and Report Cluster Randomised Trials in Medicine and Health Related Research. Statistics in Practice

A complete guide to understanding cluster randomised trials Written by two researchers with extensive experience in the field, this book presents a complete guide to the design, analysis and reporting...

May 2014

Online Panel Research. A Data Quality Perspective. Wiley Series in Survey Methodology

Provides new insights into the accuracy and value of online panels for completing surveys Over the last decade, there has been a major global shift in survey and market research towards data collection,...

May 2014

An Engineer's Guide to Mathematica

Free Mathematica 10 Update Included! Now available from company website Updated material includes: - Creating regions and volumes of arbitrary shape and determining their properties: arc length,...

May 2014

A Practical Guide to Data Mining for Business and Industry

Data mining is well on its way to becoming a recognized discipline in the overlapping areas of IT, statistics, machine learning, and AI. Practical Data Mining for Business presents a user-friendly approach...

May 2014

Measure, Probability, and Mathematical Finance. A Problem-Oriented Approach

An introduction to the mathematical theory and financial models developed and used on Wall Street Providing both a theoretical and practical approach to the underlying mathematical theory behind...

May 2014

Introduction to Numerical Methods for Time Dependent Differential Equations

Introduces both the fundamentals of time dependent differential equations and their numerical solutions Introduction to Numerical Methods for Time Dependent Differential Equations delves into the...

May 2014
Differential Equation Analysis Set Differential Equation Analysis Set - Product Thumbnail Image

Differential Equation Analysis Set

Included in this set: Differential Equation Analysis in Biomedical Science and Engineering: Partial Differential Equation Applications with R With the needed mathematical and computational tools,...

May 2014

The Biostatistics of Aging. From Gompertzian Mortality to an Index of Aging-Relatedness

A practical and clarifying approach to aging and aging-related diseases Providing a thorough and extensive theoretical framework, The Biostatistics of Aging: From Gompertzian Mortality to an Index...

May 2014

Classical Geometry. Euclidean, Transformational, Inversive, and Projective

Features the classical themes of geometry with plentiful applications in mathematics, education, engineering, and science Accessible and reader-friendly, Classical Geometry: Euclidean, Transformational,...

May 2014

Developing Analytic Talent. Becoming a Data Scientist

Learn what it takes to succeed in the the most in-demand tech job Harvard Business Review calls it the sexiest tech job of the 21st century. Data scientists are in demand, and this unique book shows...

May 2014

Algebraic Identification and Estimation Methods in Feedback Control Systems. Wiley Series in Dynamics and Control of Electromechanical Systems

Algebraic Identification and Estimation Methods in Feedback Control Systems presents a model-based algebraic approach to online parameter and state estimation in uncertain dynamic feedback control systems....

May 2014

Essential Maths for Geoscientists. An Introduction

Maths for Geoscientists is an accessible, student-friendly introduction to the essential mathematics required by those students taking degree courses within the Geosciences. Clearly structured throughout,...

May 2014
An Introduction to Measure-Theoretic Probability. Edition No. 2 An Introduction to Measure-Theoretic Probability. Edition No. 2 - Product Thumbnail Image

An Introduction to Measure-Theoretic Probability. Edition No. 2

An Introduction to Measure-Theoretic Probability, Second Edition, employs a classical approach to teaching students of statistics, mathematics, engineering, econometrics, finance, and other disciplines...

April 2014

Combinatorial Reasoning. An Introduction to the Art of Counting

Written by two well-known scholars in the field, Combinatorial Reasoning: An Introduction to the Art of Counting presents a clear and comprehensive introduction to the concepts and methodology of beginning...

April 2014

Analytical Sociology. Actions and Networks. Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science

Demonstrates the power of the theoretical framework of analytical sociology in explaining a large array of social phenomena Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks presents the most advanced...

April 2014

Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems Design and Applications. IEEE Press Series on Systems Science and Engineering

Enables readers to master and apply the operator-theoretic approach Control of nonlinear systems is a multidisciplinary field involving electrical engineering, computer science, and control engineering....

April 2014

ERM - Enterprise Risk Management. Issues and Cases. The Wiley Finance Series

A wealth of international case studies illustrating current issues and emerging best practices in enterprise risk management Despite enterprise risk management's relative newness as a recognized...

April 2014

Differential Equation Analysis in Biomedical Science and Engineering. Ordinary Differential Equation Applications with R

Features a solid foundation of mathematical and computational tools to formulate and solve real-world ODE problems across various fields With a step-by-step approach to solving ordinary differential...

April 2014

Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray and Other High-Dimensional Data. 2nd Edition. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

Praise for the First Edition “…extremely well written…a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of this important field.” – Journal of Environmental Quality Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray...

April 2014
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