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US - Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016 Product Image

US - Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016

  • ID: 2103341
  • March 2012
  • Region: United States
  • 85 Pages
  • TechSci Research


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Portability with superior functionality is what Generation Z demands, which is of utmost priority in today's world. Apple iPad set off a benchmark for Tablet PC on a global scale by selling more than Tens of Million units in a single launch year. The advancement in the tablet PC market can be credited to the fact that consumers desire a gadget handier than a Laptop, more powerful than a Netbook, and more comforting than a smart phone and a Tablet PC could very well fill up all of those needs. In 2011, the global Tablet PC market reached USD 35.3 Billion, which is expected to grow further till 2016. The US Tablet PC's market is anticipated to grow at the CAGR of around 10.8% with the wide acceptance and increased demand from Enterprises.

According to report “United States Tablet PC's Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016” United States is expected to witness a phenomenal growth in its Tablet PC market. The current trends and market acceptance of the Tablet PC is rising which in consequence will help the Tablet PC market to encounter some major positive developments in the coming times. The major drivers of the Tablet PC market in terms of its characteristics will READ MORE >


  • Amazon
  • Apple Inc.
  • Asus
  • Blackberry
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • MORE

1. Executive Summary

2. Global Tablet PC Market Outlook
a. Market Size & Forecast
b. Market Share
i. By Company
ii. By Region
c. Pricing Analysis

3. United States Table PC Market
a. Market Size & Forecast
b. Market Share
i. By Company
ii. By Region
c. Pricing Analysis

4. United States Tablet PC – Cost Analysis

5. United States Tablet PC - Applications Market

6. United States Tablet PC – Operating Systems Market
a. iOS
b. Android
c. BlackBerry OS
d. Windows

7. US Tablet PC – Processors Market
a. Apple Inc.
b. Nvidia
c. Hummingbird
d. Intel
e. Qualcomm

8. Market Trends & Developments
a. Increasing Shipments
b. Many New Players Entering The Fray
c. Will Ipad Maintain its lead till 2016?
d. Will enterprises boost the market for tablet PC's?
e. Boosting mobile internet computing cycle

9. Competitive Landscape
a. Apple Inc.
b. Samsung
c. Dell
d. Motorola
e. Amazon
f. Asus
g. Blackberry
h. Toshiba
i. Lenovo

List of Figures

1. Figure 1: Global Tablet PC Market Size, 2010-16 (USD Billion)
2. Figure 2: Global Tablet Shipments, 2010-16(Million Units)
3. Figure 3: Content Consumption(Percentage Users)
4. Figure 4: Global Tablet PC Market Share,2011
5. Figure 5: Global Tablet PC Market Share By Region,2011
6. Figure 6: Global Tablet PC Market Share By Region,2016
7. Figure 7: Global Pricing Analysis,2010-16
8. Figure 8: U.S. Tablet PC Market Size,2010-16(USD Billion)
9. Figure 9: Market Penetration Rates Electronics,2011(U.S)
10. Figure 10: U.S. Tablet PC Market Share By Company,2011
11. Figure 11: U.S. Tablet PC Market Share By Company,2016
12. Figure 12: U.S. State GDP Share And Population By Region,2011
13. Figure 13: U.S. Tablet PC Market Share By Region, 2011
14. Figure 14: US Tablet PC Pricing Analysis(USD),2010-16
15. Figure 15: US Application Market share (USD Million),2011
16. Figure 16: Percentage Increase in the number of applications published,2011
17. Figure 17: Applications Store Percentage Content,2011
18. Figure 18: US Tablet PC Operating System Market,2011
19. Figure 19: US Tablet PC Operating System Market,2016
20. Figure 20: US Tablet PC Processor Market Share,2011
21. Figure 21: US Tablet PC Processor Market Share,2016
22. Figure 22: Increasing Tablet PC Shipments,2010-16
23. Figure 23: Enterprise Activations in Percentage,2011-2012
24. Figure 24: Party of Internet Computing Cycle

List of Tables:

1. Table 1: U.S. Tablet PC's Market Launch Dates and OS Info,2010-11
2. Table 2: U.S. Tablet PC Market Players, Models and Price list, 2011
3. Table 3: HP TouchPad Costing Analysis,2011
4. Table 4: Apple iPad Costing Analysis,2011


  • Amazon
  • Apple Inc.
  • Asus
  • Blackberry
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • MORE

Now it's Enterprise Turn to Drive Tablet PC's Sales in United States

While most expect the addressable Tablet PC market to be limited to consumers, at least initially, enterprise adoption of Apple's iPad has been one of the biggest surprises in the early days of the tablet market and the growth is going strong. It is estimated that in next five years the demand for Tablet PC's will increase five fold in Enterprise segment as most of Fortune 500 companies had either deployed or are piloting the device.

According to recently published report by TechSci Research “United States Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016” the global Tablet PC market is expected to reach USD 77.5 Billion by 2016 with a CAGR of around 35% where most of the demand would be driven by consumer market. However, U.S. Tablet PC market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 25.4% till 2016 and at least 30% demand would be driven by enterprise segment in next five years. Initially, the device is expected to be used majorly by top management followed by sales & marketing staff in the enterprise segment.

According to Karan Chechi, Research Director with TechSci Research, “In 2011, 90% enterprises preferred deploying Apple's iPad or iPad2 which clearly shows the lead Apple has generated in the enterprise segment as well. The other Tablet PC's based on operating systems such Android, Windows and QNX commanded merely 10% share. In U.S. Tablet PC's are fast becoming a must have gadget for the Executives as most of them tend to be using it multiple times a day which is a positive sign towards enterprise adoption. The device is currently being used for checking emails, surfing web, presentations, create content and taking notes.”

The developers are continuously developing applications suitable for the enterprise usage, which would make the device much more workplace friendly. However, the major concern for the enterprise segment remains the integration of multiple operating systems based devices. It is being anticipated that in next two years enterprises usage on Tablet PC's for business software's like business intelligence, reporting dashboard, CRM, etc would increase considerably.

“United States Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016” gives a detailed and unprejudiced overview on the Tablet PC's market in United States. The report has critically evaluated all the aspects related to computing devices market and helps the reader to get a complete overview on the latest trends and the market potential of Tablet PC's in United States. This study should be helpful for PC Vendors, Channel Partners, Application Developers, Processor Manufacturers and other stakeholders of Tablet PC industry.

- Apple Inc.
- Samsung
- Dell
- Motorola
- Amazon
- Asus
- Blackberry
- Toshiba
- Lenovo

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