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Powerful Negotiating Skills - A 2 Day Intensive Course to Improve your Negotiation Strategy

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The Powerful Negotiating Skills workshop will be held on the 03-04 July 2014 at The Rembrandt Hotel, London

This two day workshop with Geoff Marsh will be suitable for anyone involved in negotiation, who wishes to enhance or refresh their current negotiation skills.

The skills covered during the workshop will be largely relevant to those who do external negotiations with clients and suppliers as well as those who as well as those who negotiate with internal colleagues and other departments.

The workshop will be highly interactive and will operate through a mix of lectures, exercises and case study scenarios. Key benefits of attending include:-

- Understand Why Win/Win is the only Sustainable Relationship Strategy in Today's Difficult Economic Conditions
- Recognise your own Existing Negotiation Style and Learn some Alternative Effective Strategies
- How to Plan for an Effective Negotiation
- Discuss the Phases of the Negotiation Process
- Discover how to use your interpersonal and communication skills to enhance your success in negotiations


This two day workshop is for those new to negotiations or for those READ MORE >

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3 & 4 July 2014

Welcome and Introduction

Objectives of the Course

Discussion of the Two Major Pre-Requisites for a Successful
- Shared needs – both sides need something from the other
- The right to say ‘no'

What is your Current Negotiation Style?
- Understand your habits, beliefs and strategies that govern your existing
attitudes to negotiation
- Discuss which strategies can help or hinder in our work negotiations
and alternative strategies to help achieve negotiation

Win/Win Does Not Mean Give In
- What are the preconceptions about win/win
- How do we pursue a true win/win strategy
- How to meet and protect our own needs as well as respect the needs
of the other party
- Explore win/win through a demonstration of the psychology with which
people approach a negotiation

Negotiation Planning
- Strengths and weaknesses matrix
- Concession patterns
- Exploration of options
- Objectives
- Common ground and long term perspective
- Sequence planning

Understand the Phases of a Negotiation

A Brief Outline of the Negotiation Model of Principled Negotiation
- Interests
- Options
- People
- Standards
- Closure

Case Study Role Play of a Negotiation Scenario

Feedback of Results and Outcomes of each Negotiation

Closing Remarks including Major Learning Points from the Day

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Geoff Marsh - A graduate of the University of Loughborough, Geoff started his career as an actor before becoming a trainer on the Lloyds Bank's ‘Customer First' Programme. This was one of the largest series of roadshow workshops in the world at that time and was seen by approximately 70,000 staff. Today Geoff is the Managing Director of Dansam Ltd, a training company that began in September 1999 and has worked with a number of global companies on change management programmes and conferences and seminars on topics such as presentation skills, management / leadership and negotiation training.

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