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Global Company Database: Eggs - 9,072 Companies

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  • October 2012
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Eggs [9072 companies]

Results for each company, what can you see?

- Company name
- Location
- Telephone & fax numbers
- Email and website
- Factories: location and contact details
- Office hours
- Key executives
- Activities (statement)
- Turnover
- Board of directors
- Banks
- Number of employees
- Year established
- Members of...
- Product section

Advantages for sales and marketing professionals:
- Research markets by area, industry, product
- Assess market size
- Look up competitors overseas
- Get specific contact names
- Identify local and overseas distributors and agents
- Qualify companies by size

Advantages for buyers:
- Search for industry specific products, services and websites
- Send emails to suppliers
- Qualify companies and suppliers (e.g. quality)
- Narrow down manufacturers vs exporters
- Check out overseas suppliers and contacts
- Find specific trade names and brands
- Find specific product types
- Find local and overseas agents
- Compile suppliers for projects

About the Database:

The full Kompass international database contains 2.3 million companies
in 66 countries referenced by 54,000 product and service keywords,
860,000 trade names and 4.6 million executive names.

Locate companies by name, location, size, type, turnover (Coface
Financial Data); research potential markets and competitors; find and
qualify suppliers.

The database is used as an information source by tens of thousands of
business users for both domestic and overseas searching and and
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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How does Kompass collect business data?

Maintaining a large global contact database of companies and contacts is not a simple task.

People come, people go, jobs change, companies and even entire industries restructure...

At Kompass we keep our comprehensive database of business contacts, products, services, demographics (and more) current through a systematic program of research and updates.
Simply put, legwork!

How do you choose companies to be listed in the database?

Kompass lists Business-to-Business companies in its database, and important companies which are Business-to-Consumer.

We focus on the top businesses that account for 80% of the economy's output.

Producers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, large wholesalers. Generally NOT retail or trade except chains and groups.

Kompass profiles the head office and senior management team. Branches are entered under the head office in the 'Branch' field.

- Publicly listed companies
- By size - the largest companies
- By industry activity - representative of the economy
- By international activity - major importers and exporters
- Major multinationals
- Members of leading trade associations
- Companies of distinction - winners of quality awards

What about...

Luxury hotels? Yes
Bed and breakfasts? No
Petrol companies (BP, Shell...)? Yes
Petrol stations? No
The Warehouse? Yes
Corner dairies? No
Green Acres Franchise Group (commercial and domestic services contracting franchise company)? Yes
My neighbourhood lawn mower? No
Fast food chains and franchise head offices? Yes
Bazza's Fish and Chip shop est. 1963? No

How do you collect the data?

We use a huge variety of information sources to ensure the currency and coverage of the database.

- We monitor major business publications
- We work with a growing number of trade associations to make sure they and there members are properly represented
- We pro-actively call every company at least once every year to confirm the contact details and personnel
- We invite all companies to update their full profile in our easy, online updating system
- We manually codify all companies against the Kompass classification system of over 55,000 product and service codes
- We work closely with government trade and economic development agencies
- We access statutory information from Companies Offices

Each country in the Kompass network is under separate management and information quality does vary. Kompass has very strong coverage in Europe where it has been a dominant force for 60 years, but it is still growing in Asia Pacific. Relatively new franchises like USA and China are working hard to build their databases while maintaining the consistent quality that is Kompass.

Kompass uses 1 classification system worldwide which is available in 25 languages. It is rigorously maintained by a central classification team in France to ensure it accounts for modern industrial developments. An updated version is released and translated every year incorporating thousands of changes - new products, modifications, relocations, cosmetic changes and deletions.

"I can find all this information on Google"

There is plenty of information available for free on the Internet but your problem quickly becomes information overload and lack of time. Kompass will save you time and money searching around. What information can you find online?

- Contact details - probably
- Management contacts - maybe
- Company activities, size (employees & turnover), quality ratings, import/export areas, branch locations, codified products and services - probably not!

All of the above in one simple document! Kompass.

We do refer to Google in our research process, but it is not our only resource. We combine information from many different sources to make one single, thorough and concise point of reference.

How about confining a search to a geographical region, or looking for manufacturers or exporters, or companies with more than 50 employees?

Easy with Kompass, almost impossible without.

What information/data do you collect?

- Company name
- Physical address
- Postal address
- Telephone
- Fax
- Free phone
- Email
- Website
- Senior management contacts and their job titles
- Board of directors
- Activity statement
- Products and services classified to the Kompass classification system
- Employees
- Turnover (Turnover Data Availability in NZ)
- Brand names
- Agencies
- Import countries/areas
- Export countries/areas
- Date established
- Local branch locations
- Bank
- Business association memberships
- Quality assessment (ISO ratings)
- Parent company
- Subsidiary companies
- Joint venture companies
- Overseas agents
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown