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Search "Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 137" returned 14 results.


Advances in Chemical Physics. Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Multistep Nucleation and Self-Assembly in Nanoscale Materials. Volume 151

The Advances in Chemical Physics series—the cutting edge of research in chemical physics The Advances in Chemical Physics series provides the chemical physics and physical chemistry fields with a...

June 2012

Technology of Cheesemaking. 2nd Edition. Society of Dairy Technology series

Now in a fully-revised new edition, this book covers the science and technology underlying cheesemaking, as practised today in the manufacture of hard, semi-soft and soft cheeses. Emphasis is placed...

July 2010

Handbook for Cleaning for Semiconductor Manufacturing. Fundamentals and Applications. Wiley-Scrivener

This comprehensive volume provides an in-depth discussion of the fundamentals of cleaning and surface conditioning of semiconductor applications such as high-k/metal gate cleaning, copper/low-k cleaning,...

February 2011
Worldwide Optical, Transmission TEM, and Scanning SEM Electron Microscope Market Shares, Forecasts, and Strategies, 2009-2015 Worldwide Optical, Transmission TEM, and Scanning SEM Electron Microscope Market Shares, Forecasts, and Strategies, 2009-2015 - Product Thumbnail Image

Worldwide Optical, Transmission TEM, and Scanning SEM Electron Microscope Market Shares, Forecasts, and Strategies, 2009-2015

Breakthrough technology in microscopy brings advancements that provide customers with the power to discover things they have never seen before, and to solve problems never before solvable Microscope...

January 2009

Renewable Energy. Edition No. 4

This volume is a true shelf reference, providing a thorough overview of the entire renewable energy sphere, while still functioning as a go-to information source for professionals and students when...

December 2010

Advances in Food Science and Nutrition, Volume 2

Advances in Food Science and Nutrition covers topics such as food safety objectives, risk assessment, quality assurance and control, good manufacturing practices, food processing systems, design and...

January 2014

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science, Grades 6-12. Strategies, Activities, and Instructional Resources

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science is a unique, comprehensive resource designed to give middle and high school science teachers a wealth of information that will enhance any science curriculum. Filled...

August 2008

Handbook of Biophotonics, Volume 3. Photonics in Pharmaceutics, Bioanalysis and Environmental Research

This new handbook covers the world of biophotonics not only geographically -- with the editors coming from different continents -- but also in terms of content, since the authors come from the whole...

April 2012

Nano and Cell Mechanics. Fundamentals and Frontiers. Microsystem and Nanotechnology Series (ME20)

Research in nano and cell mechanics has received much attention from the scientific community as a result of society needs and government initiatives to accelerate developments in materials, manufacturing,...

January 2013

Electrocatalysis. Theoretical Foundations and Model Experiments, Volume 14. Advances in Electrochemical Sciences and Engineering

Catalysts speed up a chemical reaction or allow for reactions to take place that would not otherwise occur. The chemical nature of a catalyst and its structure are crucial for interactions with reaction...

December 2013

Understanding Solids. The Science of Materials. 2nd Edition

The second edition of a modern introduction to the chemistry and physics of solids.  This textbook takes a unique integrated approach designed to appeal to both science and engineering students. Review...

April 2013

Understanding the Discrete Element Method. Simulation of Non-Spherical Particles for Granular and Multi-body Systems

Gives readers a more thorough understanding of DEM and equips researchers for independent work and an ability to judge methods related to simulation of polygonal particles - Introduces DEM from...

June 2014

Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics. 3rd Edition

A brand-new, thought-provoking edition of the unmatched resource on engineering thermodynamics Adrian Bejan's Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics established itself as the definitive volume on this...

September 2006

Introduction to Physical Polymer Science. 4th Edition

An Updated Edition of the Classic Text Polymers constitute the basis for the plastics, rubber, adhesives, fiber, and coating industries. The Fourth Edition of Introduction to Physical Polymer Science...

January 2006
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