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Concepts and Methods in Infectious Disease Surveillance

Concepts and Methods in Infectious Disease Surveillance Edited by Nkuchia M. M ikanatha Surveillance Epidemiologist, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Harrisburg, PA, USA John K....

Published:  October 2014

IVD Procedure Volume and Pricing Analysis

IVD Procedure Volume and Pricing Analysis This report examines the global procedure volumes for IVD and laboratory tests. It covers only commercialized tests, specifically excluding those that are...

Published:  January 2013
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The Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Tests, 8th Edition

In eight best-selling editions, Shara Rosen has detailed the market for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing, throughout the world,  in one complete volume. The report, The Worldwide Market for In Vitro...

Published:  July 2012
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Canada Medical Equipment Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2016

This report is an essential source for in-depth information and data relating to the Canada medical equipment market The report provides an overview of the market structure, healthcare system, regulatory...

Published:  December 2010
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General Electric Company (USA) - Company Reports

This report presents quick facts about General Electric Company, which is principally a diversified Infrastructure and Financial Services Corporation, with products and services ranging from Aircraft...

Published:  April 2015
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12th International Conference BIODETECTION TECHNOLOGIES 2008 - Technological Responses To Biological Threats

Attendees at this event represent the very top industry, government and academic researchers from around the world and provide an extremely targeted and well-qualified audience for exhibitors and sponsors...

Published:  July 2008

Cancer Imaging

This second of two volumes on Cancer Imaging covers the three major topics of imaging instrumentation, general imaging applications, and imaging of a number of human cancer types. Where the first volume...

Published:  November 2007
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Aquaporins, Vol 51. Current Topics in Membranes

Aquaporins summarizes the present knowledge in this expanding field of research, starting with the structural analysis of water channel proteins. Subsequent chapters begin with mammalian aquaporins,...

Published:  April 2001
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