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Nanophysics and Nanotechnology. An Introduction to Modern Concepts in Nanoscience. 3rd Edition

Expanded by around 10 15 % to incorporate recent developments in the field, the new edition of this highly successful textbook is unique in its tutorial presentation of the physical concepts and experimental...

Published:  August 2015

Carbon Based Magnetism

Magnetism is one of the most intriguing phenomena observed in nature. Magnetism is relevant to physics and geology, biology and chemistry. Traditional magnets, an ubiquitous part of many everyday gadgets,...

Published:  January 2006

Complex-shaped Metal Nanoparticles. Bottom-Up Syntheses and Applications

The past few years have witnessed the development of non–spherical metal nanoparticles with complex morphologies, which offer tremendous potential in materials science, chemistry, physics and medicine. ...

Published:  July 2012

Understanding Physics. 2nd Edition

Understanding Physics Second edition is a comprehensive, yet compact, introductory physics textbook aimed at physics undergraduates and also at engineers and other scientists taking a general physics...

Published:  November 2010
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Metallic Nanoparticles, Vol 5. Handbook of Metal Physics

Metallic nanoparticles display fascinating properties that are quite different from those of individual atoms, surfaces or bulk rmaterials. They are a focus of interest for fundamental science and,...

Published:  November 2008

The Physical Principles of Magnetism

An IEEE Press Classic Reissue The Physical Principles of Magnetism "The Physical Principles of such a classic–a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of magnetism...The corrected...

Published:  January 2001

The Quantum in Chemistry. An Experimentalist's View

This book explores the way in which quantum theory has become central to our understanding of the behaviour of atoms and molecules and the way in which this underlies so many of the experimental measurements...

Published:  October 2005
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Aquaporins, Vol 51. Current Topics in Membranes

Aquaporins summarizes the present knowledge in this expanding field of research, starting with the structural analysis of water channel proteins. Subsequent chapters begin with mammalian aquaporins,...

Published:  April 2001
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