Latin American Marketing Data and Statistics - Edition 5

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  • June 2011
  • Region: America (exc North)
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  • Euromonitor International
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Build profiles of countries in Latin America
Latin American Marketing Data and Statistics brings together key marketing data for countries in Latin America. Now in its 5th edition the book has hard-to-find demographic, economic and marketing statistics for 43 Latin American countries. A broad range of data is researched over 30 years. The research includes home ownership, health and population statistics. Buy this book and you have an ideal starting point for building detailed country profiles.

Latin American Marketing Data and Statistics includes:
- Hard-to-research demographic, economic and marketing statistics in one place
- Data for 43 countries that can easily be compared across nations
- Data spanning 30 years* for reviewing historic as well as recent trends
(*to 1980 where possible)

Key areas researched:
- Advertising; Agricultural Resources and Output; Automotives and Transport;
Banking and Finance; Consumer Expenditure; Consumer Market Sizes; Consumer Prices and Costs; Economic Indictors; Education; Energy Resources and Output; Environmental Data; External Trade; Health; Home Ownership; Household Profiles; Income and Deductions; Industry; IT and Telecommunications; Labour; Media and Leisure; Population; Retailing; Travel and Tourism

- How many mobile phone subscriptions there are in each country
- How much Brazilians spend on cosmetics and toiletries per capita
- How much coffee Venezuelans drink

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1: Foreword and Guide
2: Advertising
3: Agricultural Resources
4: Automotives and Transport
5: Banking and Finance
6: Consumer Expenditure
7: Consumer Market Sizes
8: Consumer Prices and Costs
9: Economic Indicators
10: Education
11: Energy Resources and Output
12: Environmental Data
13: External Trade
14: Health
15: Home Ownership
16: Household Profiles
17: Income and Deductions
18: Industry
19: IT and Telecommunications
20: Labour
21: Media and Leisure
22: Population
23: Retailing
24: Travel and Tourism

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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