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  • June 2012
  • Region: United States
  • 91 pages
  • Heernet Ventures Limited
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This 91 page report profiles the Internet industry in the USA. It covers key areas such as industry size, structure, competitive environment and regulatory environment. The report contains 105 tables and charts of key industry data.

Heernet Ventures` industry profiles provide an in depth and comprehensive analysis of a particular segment of the media and telecoms industry in a particular country. The profile covers industry size, structure, recent developments, competitive environment, major players and regulatory environment.

The data is collated from authoritative sources and analysed by an in house team of analysts who are solely focused on researching the media, telecoms and technology industries.

With a dedicated focus on the media, telecoms and technology industries, Heernet Ventures publishes research that is relevant, rigorous and comprehensive.
The reports are relevant for professionals in the following areas:
- Industry professionals involved in areas such as strategy and business development;
- Market research and advertising executives;
- Advisors, consultants and investment bankers;
- Private equity/venture capital investors;
- Fund managers.

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Market Size
Competitive Environment
Competitive Environment
Market Size
Competitive Environment
Market Size
Competitive Environment
Market Size
Competitive Environment
Market Size
Competitive Environment
Market Size
Competitive Environment
Market Size
Competitive Environment
Market Size
Competitive Environment
Market Size
Competitive Environment

Market Size
Competitive Environment

Market Size
Competitive Environment

Table of Figures

Figure 1.USA Internet,Penetration Of Broadband And Dial Up Connections (2008 – 12)
Figure 2.USA Internet, Share Of Total Media Time Spent On Various Platforms (2008 – 11)
Figure 3.USA Internet,Internet Usage By Youth – By Age Groups (2006 – 10)
Figure 4.USA Internet,Basic Subscribers Data & Penetration (2000 – 10)
Figure 5.USA Internet,Broadband Subscribers (2000 – 09)
Figure 6.USA Internet, Top 50 Web Properties (May 2012)
Figure 7.USA Internet,Online Advertising - (2006 - 16f)
Figure 8.USA Internet, Major Players
Figure 9.USA Internet, Computer & Video Game Sales (2000 – 10)
Figure 10.USA Internet, Computer & Video Game Sale Units (2000 – 10)
Figure 11.USA Internet, Computer & Video Game Sales – By Format (2010)
Figure 12.USA Internet, Online Players` Demographics (2011)
Figure 13.USA Internet, Major Online Gaming Categories (2011)
Figure 14.USA Internet, Leading Console Games (2011)
Figure 15.USA Internet, Major Video Game Genres (2010)
Figure 16.USA Internet, Major Computer Game Genres (2010)
Figure 17.USA Internet, Leading Video And Computer Game Titles (2010)
Figure 18.USA Internet, Mmo Game Subscriptions (April, 2010)
Figure 19.USA Internet, Online Gaming Major Players
Figure 20.USA Internet, Internet Service Providers Major Players
Figure 21.USA Internet, Mobile Internet Users & Penetration (2009 – 15f)
Figure 22.USA Internet, Growth In Mobile Internet Activities (March, 2011 - 12)
Figure 23.USA Internet, Major Retail Product Genre Purchased On Tablet Device (Q1, 2012)
Figure 24.USA Internet, Major Mobile Internet Shopping Activities (Q1, 12)
Figure 25. USA Internet, Leading Mobile Web Retail Properties ( March, 2012)
Figure 26.USA Internet, Share Of Mobile Payments In E-Commerce Sales (Q2 10 – Q1 12)
Figure 27.USA Internet, Leading Smartphone Browser Activities (Dec, 2011)
Figure 28.USA Internet, Leading Mobile Internet Applications (Dec, 2011)
Figure 29.USA Internet, Leading Mobile Internet Activities (Dec, 2010 - 11)
Figure 30.USA Internet, Mobile Social Network Users (2009 – 15e)
Figure 31.USA Internet, Mobile Internet Major Players
Figure 32.USA Internet, Online Advertising - (2006 - 16f)
Figure 33.USA Internet, Online Display Advertising (2006 - 16f)
Figure 34.USA Internet, Online Display Ad Spending Share - By Format (2011 - 16f)
Figure 35.USA Internet, Share Of Online Display Ad Revenues Of Leading Ad Selling Companies (2011 - 14f)
Figure 36.USA Internet, Total Media Adspend (2007 - 12f)
Figure 37.USA Internet, Total Online Adspend (2007 - 12f)
Figure 38.USA Internet, Leading Online Ad Networks (Apr, 2012)
Figure 39.USA Internet, Advertisement In-View Rates - By Content Type (Mar, 2012)
Figure 40.USA Internet, Share Of Online Adspend - By Format (Jan, 2012)
Figure 41.USA Internet, Estimated Growth Of Online Adspend - By Format (2012)
Figure 42.USA Internet, Leading Online Display Ad Publishers (2011)
Figure 43.USA Internet, Leading Online Display Advertisers (2011)
Figure 44.USA Internet, Leading Online Retail Advertisers (2011)
Figure 45.USA Internet, Leading Advertising Formats (2010 - 11)
Figure 46.USA Internet, Mobile Display Ad Spending - Share By Ad Network (2011)
Figure 47.USA Internet, Leading Online Advertising Industries (2010 - 11)
Figure 48.USA Internet, Leading Advertising Properties (Jan, 2011)
Figure 49.USA Internet, Leading Online Advertisers (2009 - 10)
Figure 50.USA Internet, Online Advertising (Q3 10 - Q4 11)
Figure 51.USA Internet, Online Advertising Networks Major Players
Figure 52.USA Internet, Online Video Advertising (2006 – 12f)
Figure 53.USA Internet, Leading Online Video Content Sites (Apr, 2012)
Figure 54.USA Internet, Leading Youtube Partner Channels (Apr, 2012)
Figure 55.USA Internet, Growth In Online Video Market (Dec 2010 – 11)
Figure 56.USA Internet, Share Of Online Video Content Viewed (Dec, 2011)
Figure 57.USA Internet, Leadingyoutube Partner Channels (Dec, 2011)
Figure 58.USA Internet, Online Education –Degree Enrollments In Post-Secondary Institutions (2002 – 10)
Figure 59.USA Internet, Online Advertising Networks Major Players
Figure 60.USA Internet, Online Gambling Industry (2003 – 12)
Figure 61.USA Internet, Online Gambling Industry Forecasts (2012f)
Figure 62.USA Internet, Online Gambling Industry Size Forecasts (2013 – 17)
Figure 63.USA Internet, Online Gambling – Share Of Segments (Sep, 2010)
Figure 64.USA Internet, Online Gambling Major Players
Figure 65.USA Internet, Market Share Of Major Real Estate Websites (Sep, 2011)
Figure 66.USA Internet, Online Property Major Players
Figure 67.USA Internet, Online Recruitment Advertising (2000 – 11f)
Figure 68.USA Internet, Online Recruitment Major Players
Figure 69.USA Internet, Growth In E-Commerce Sales (Q1 07 - Q1 12)
Figure 70.USA Internet, E-Commerce Sales (2002 – 11)

Figure 71.USA Internet, Online Retail Sales (Q1 11 - 12)
Figure 72.USA Internet, Leading Online Retail Sites (Q1 11 - 12)
Figure 73.USA Internet, Share Of Free And Paid Shipping In E-Commerce (Q1 10 - Q1 12)
Figure 74.USA Internet, Leading Group Buying/ Coupon Sites (Q1 11 - 12)
Figure 75.USA Internet, Share Of Non Food Retail In E-Commerce (2001 - 12e)
Figure 76.USA Internet, Key Industry Statistics (Q4 2010 - 11)
Figure 77.USA Internet, Leading Online Retail Categories (2011)
Figure 78.USA Internet, Leading Online Retail Advertisers (2011)
Figure 79.USA Internet, Market Size Of E-Commerce Industry (2000-13e)
Figure 80.USA Internet, E-Commerce Spending (Q1 07 - Q4 10)
Figure 81.USA Internet, Online Retail Major Players

Figure 82.USA Internet, Social Media Users & Its Penetration (2009 - 13f)
Figure 83.USA Internet, Social Media Advertising Revenues (2009 - 13f)
Figure 84.USA Internet, Social Media Adspend (2009 - 13f)
Figure 85.USA Internet, Companies Using Social Media Marketing Tools (2008 - 12)
Figure 86.USA Internet, Leading Social Networking Sites (June, 2012)
Figure 87.USA Internet, User Demographics - Feb 2012
Figure 88.USA Internet,Monthly Average Of Minutes Per Visitor On Leading Social Networking Sites (December, 2011)
Figure 89.USA Internet,Leading Social Networking Sites - By Share Of Visits (March, 2011)
Figure 90.USA Internet,Online Social Media Major Players
Figure 91.USA Internet, Online Travel Sales (2009 – 15f)
Figure 92.USA Internet,Leading Online Travel Site Operators (Jan, 2012)
Figure 93.USA Internet,Online Travel Categories (Jan \'11 - 12)
Figure 94.USA Internet,Online Travel Sales (2003-11)
Figure 95.USA Internet,Leading Online Travel Display Advertisers (Q4 11)
Figure 96.USA Internet,Leading Online Travel Agency Advertisers (Q4 11)
Figure 97.USA Internet,Online Travel Major Players

Figure 98.USA Internet,Online Search Adspend (2007 - 12f)
Figure 99.USA Internet,Search Advertising (2006 - 16f)
Figure 100.USA Internet,Leading Search Engines (W/E 06 June, 2012)
Figure 101.USA Internet,Explicit Search Market (Nov 11 – Apr 12)
Figure 102.USA Internet,Major Search Sites - Share Of Total Search Adspend & Revenue Growth (2011-14e)
Figure 103.USA Internet,Major Search Sites - Share Of Searches (2010-11)
Figure 104.USA Internet,Search Advertising (2000 - 11e)
Figure 105.USA Internet,Online Search Major Players

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Microsoft Corporation, Apple Inc, Google Inc, eBay Inc, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, AOL, Yahoo!, Activision Blizzard, Big Fish Games, Crowdstar Inc, Dena Co Ltd, Electronic Arts, Gameloft SA, Games - 2
win, Glu Mobile, Playdom (Walt Disney), Popcap Games, Rov

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown