Research and Markets partner with UNICEF to vaccinate over 40,000 children in 2017

Research and Markets is pleased to announce its support of UNICEF's global vaccination programme. The support of Research and Markets will enable UNICEF to provide over 40,000 vaccines to children in the greatest need.

Research and Markets partner with UNICEF

December 2016

One child dies every 20 seconds from vaccine-preventable diseases. Almost one third of deaths among children under 5 are preventable by vaccine. UNICEF are working to change these numbers and ensure that the lives of all children are successfully protected with vaccines.

UNICEF reaches more children with lifesaving immunization than any other organization - around half the world's children. Research and Markets' support is focused on the immunization of children against polio and measles.

Polio can cause crippling paralysis or death within hours of infection. There is no cure but the polio vaccine is safe and effective and saves young lives. With the support of Research and Markets, UNICEF is closer to eradicating this highly infectious and incurable disease.

Every year, measles kills approximately 118,000 children worldwide. That's more than 300 children every day. Measles survivors are often left with life-long disabilities, such as blindness, deafness or brain damage. Research and Markets' support enables UNICEF to vaccinate some of the world's most vulnerable children against this deadly disease.

Unicef Charity

UNICEF is on the cusp of eliminating Polio worldwide. With the help of Research and Markets we are taking a big step towards realising this goal.

We will do whatever it takes to protect children from preventable diseases – we send vaccines by plane, bicycle, by donkey or camel to reach children who cannot easily be reached.

UNICEF reach children whatever the circumstances, during war, natural disasters or famine. But we wouldn't be able to do this without the support of companies like Research and Markets. Every euro they have donated to UNICEF means another child can be immunized against a life-threatening disease. Thank you to the team at Research and Markets for helping us save lives.

Triangle citation Ross Glover Peter Power, Executive Director, UNICEF Ireland
Unicef Charity

Research and Markets has worked closely with UNICEF on a number of projects aimed at protecting the rights of children globally.

As a father of four young children born in an economically developed country I took their immunisation against diseases such as polio and measles for granted. Unfortunately, nearly one in five children globally are not afforded the basic vaccines they need to stay healthy.

At Research and Markets we have complete admiration for the work done by UNICEF and are delighted to work with them to help towards giving all children this basic start in life.

Triangle citation Ross Glover Ross Glover, CEO, Research and Markets

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