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Research and Markets has been a valuable partner over the years and we look forward to the continued growth of our relationship.

Steve Coy ICON Group International, Inc.

Research and Markets bring to the table an extensive client list and marketing muscle. The have increased exposure for Cutter Consortium's research in markets where we'd like to gain clients, bringing us revenue that we otherwise would not generate. The R&M staff is unfailingly friendly and accommodating, and they've developed an infrastructure that makes working with them nearly seamless. I highly recommend partnering with Research and Markets.

Kim Leonard , Group Publisher Cutter Consortium

Research and Markets has provided a value-added sales channel for our products, providing us with access to customers on both an international and domestic level. Their process for new products and customer fulfilment is extremely efficient...we've realized a great return for little effort.

Melanie Matthews , Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Healthcare Intelligence Network

In a highly specialised market place, the staff at Research and Markets sell, market and distribute our reports with deft attention to detail and great professionalism.

Simon Thompson Rider Research

Research & Markets has been selling our reports since the fall of 2002 and has enabled us to reach new customers for our reports. Our relationship has always been a good one and has proved to be mutually beneficial over the years. We definitely recommend Research & Markets to other publishers.

Carol Greenhut Schonfeld & Associates, Inc.

Value of Insight Consulting (VOI), teamed up with Research & Markets back in 2005, and since then, we have found this business partnership to be both productive and a profitable endeavour. VOI writes and publishes business intelligence reports aimed for the life-sciences industry – in our particular market-space we find Research & Markets to have a knowledgeable sales team able to communicate with our audience and ultimately close sales.

D. Scott Clark , VP/Business Development Value of Insight Consulting

Research and Markets is a valued collaborator and has allowed Fuel Cells 2000 to reach larger and more international audiences with our products. It is a pleasure working with them.

Jennifer Gangi , Program Director Fuel Cells 2000

Even though we have just recently started working with Research and Markets, the experience has helped us grow and develop our business further. The entire team of R&M is so helpful and supportive. Their processes are extremely streamlined and clear. Their content team is very efficient and their marketing efforts are flawless. The entire team of R&M has helped us promote our business and we are more than satisfied with our relationship with Research and Markets.

Eliana Bose , Marketing Manager Taiyou Research

GBI Research publishes in-depth strategic intelligence reports in a broad range of professional industries; Research and Markets is very successfully handling the bulk and depth of quality research & reports coverage that we produce. I am quite impressed with the level of attention that has gone towards the marketing of our products, and pleased with the quick uploads of our reports. I would like to personally thank each and every person who has been instrumental for this from Research and Markets. A sincere thank you for the outstanding support and increasing sales. I am very happy to work with Research and Markets staff; they are friendly, hard working, and most importantly- customer focused

Sundheep Balu , Head-Partner Relations & Content Licensing GBI Research

Info-Tech is pleased to have Research and Markets as a partner for our IT research. In addition to providing us with another reselling channel, our content administrator handles the uploading making this partnership very efficient and easy.

Tuan Lam , Partnership Coordinator Info-Tech

GCiS China Strategic Research has been working with Research and Markets for over five years and the partnership has provided a steady stream of income through the ups and downs of the global business cycle. Their visibility and reach is impressive: we've sold reports to schools and research labs very much off our radar. Research & Market's website has a useful log-in function that enables us to answer prospective customer queries, which, given the nature of research reports, is a most useful feature.

Edward Barlow GCiS China Strategic Research

Technavio has been partnering with Research and Market for several years now with excellent results. The sales and communication side has been superb with R&M consistently topping our best-selling partners. We very much value our partnership and are more than happy to recommend R&M to all publishers that expect professional, friendly and efficient service.

Ludmila Berkesova Technavio (Infiniti Research)

Research and Markets is one of the best resellers of our research products. With a strong understanding and reach of client base, it has been successful in generating strong revenues for our company. We appreciate the efforts of the entire R&M team and expect the strong relationship to continue, resulting in more business in the coming years.

Anil Kumar OG Analysis

Working with Research and Markets has been a delight and very professional. The quickness of their customer enquiries and placement of orders is the best I’ve seen. It really is a first-class marketer and well run organizations.

Arthur Tane , Director Asia Pacific InfoServ Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

We have worked with Research and Markets for 6 months now and our experience has been 100% positive. The transition in making our titles live was seamless and our Account Manager is particularly helpful. We would highly recommend Research and Markets as a channel sales partner.

Sophie Sayer IT Governance Publishing

Throughout our relationship with Research and Markets we have achieved a regular flow of sales through their active and continuous promotion of our products. They are detailed and professional in their approach, and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Sevda Fevzi Technology Evaluation Centers

Research and Markets is a part of our distribution strategy and has been for years. In a field that is full of amateurs, they are among the handful of true professionals.

Chellamai Suppiah Emerging Markets Direct

Research & Markets is an efficient, powerful, and effective distributor of our research report products. The company provides top-tier customer service, both to us, as well as to our clients. Updates to our reports are made quickly on the Research & Markets site and client purchases are processed efficiently. Our relationship with Research & Markets contributes significant revenue and value to our organization. We highly recommend them to other business partners.

Lance Breastgoff BioInformant Worldwide LLC

Netscribes has been focusing on developing market research reports on emerging markets and Research and Markets has increased our visibility manifold by making our reports accessible to global clients. Their marketing efforts are highly appreciated by our firm and we hope that sales continue to grow as they have during our partnership.

Sourav Mukherjee , CEO Netscribes

Research and Markets has proven very effective at matching up our reports with their customers. This has brought sales to our bottom line and has brought our mobile industry technology report to a broader range of people. We look forward to continuing to work with Research and Markets as we expand into new industry sectors and geographic areas.

Bruce Krulwich , Founder Grizzly Analytics

Research and Markets has provided us with excellent services as a channel partner for over three years. Their effective marketing efforts have contributed significantly to increasing sales of our telecommunications intelligence reports. We also appreciate their professionalism and efficiency in dealing with client enquiries. We would certainly recommend Research and Markets to other publishers looking for opportunities to grow.

Nizar Assanie , Vice President (Research) IE Market Research Corp

Research & Markets has provided their best marketing support and service for us, and helped us promote sales all over the world, especially after the worldwide financial crisis. Also, the relationship with Research & Markets is always very good and they co-operate very well. We look forward to selling even more reports with Research & Markets in the coming years.

Yan Liao Research in China

It is a pleasure working with Research and Markets. We are very happy with the additional revenue, as well as the exposure to international markets. The Research and Markets staff is always friendly and very helpful. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Vincent Seeno , General Manager Sundale Research

We have been working with Research and Markets for the last three years and I must say that our relationship has been very fruitful. Not only are they extremely proficient technically, but R&M takes the time to know and understand our business. As a result, the insights and perspectives R&M provides are on-target and actionable.

Vikas Gupta , BD Manager Koncept Analytics

Research and Markets have provided us with a steady stream of report sales since our inception in 2007. I would highly recommend them to fellow report publishers.

Steve Poile , CEO CurrentPartnering

Research & Markets was one of the first resellers to sign us up as a publisher when we started out, and thanks to their wonderfully talented marketing team, Aruvian's R'search has seen its sales increase many folds since we first became partners in this highly beneficial relationship with R&M. With the fastest communication turnaround and effective solutions to all problems, R&M is one of the most efficient resellers in this business and we are proud to be partnered with such an organization. We truly appreciate all the efforts put in by all teams at R&M. Together, we hope to grow our businesses even further.

Zubin Sharma Aruvian’s R’search

Research and Markets has been a valuable distribution channel for our business, allowing us to reach new customers and markets globally. iData Research has been very pleased with the level of customer service they provide, including their quick turn around time for report additions and proactive marketing strategies. We look forward to continuing our relationship together in the future.

Drew Gutschmidt , Senior Marketing Executive iData Research

yStats.com is publishing mainly various global E-Commerce reports and has been working with Research and Markets for a year now. We are very satisfied with the excellent service. Moreover, their professionalism and sales efforts are impressive. Research and Markets gives us the opportunity to expose our products to a global audience, therefore, they are an essential part of our international marketing and sales strategy. We highly recommend Research and Markets and look forward to expand our business relationship even more.

Yücel Yelken , CEO & Founder yStats.com

Research and Markets has been a valuable trading partner to our organization for many years. They provide us with additional marketing reach for our publications, both domestically and abroad. The individual Research and Markets representatives are always attentive, proactive, and courteous. They are a pleasure to work with.

Rachel Meyers , Associate Director Barnett International

Research and Markets has provided The Anaheim Group with a valuable service. Their extensive reach, especially in Europe, has provided clients that our firm would not have accessed with their help. In addition, their prompt and courteous service is very valuable and appreciated.

Jim Ferrell The Anaheim Group / DENTALFAX

Research and Markets is a professional easy and fast way to reach new customers. We are happy with the additional sales we have received via their service.

Thomas Wohlbier , President Trans Tech Publications

WinterGreen Research has been with Research and Markets for ten years. In that time they have generated sales at a brisk pace. This is one of the top resellers in the world. Our company is very impressed by the courteous service and the productive effort they put into marketing the WinterGreen Research reports.

Susan Eustis , President WinterGreen Research, Inc

We have a long relationship with Research and Markets and we appreciate its’ great work to expand our market and to increase our revenue. We’re very impressed by their timely improvement for their service. We’re glad to have long co-operation with them.

Christine Hu China Economic Review

It has been almost six years since we are partners. Our relationship is rock solid ever since. Research and Markets was able to quickly grasp our market space, sales challenges and resource obstacles to efficiently help us evaluate our current sales practices and lay the foundation for a more robust marketing plan.

Rajeev Kumar , BD Manager Daedal Research

Russian Market Report has been working with Research and Markets for a short period so far. Nevertheless, in this time they have proven to be a solid partner, very easy to work with, and most importantly – highly efficient. Our reports there generate good revenues and are sold on a regular basis. We highly value our partnership with Research and Markets and strongly recommend working with them.

Alexander Romanenko , CEO, Russian Market Report Indexbox

Research & Markets has helped us reach numerous new customers for our specialised publications and to increase our online sales. They share our commitment to fast and reliable customer service.

Sönke Maatsch Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics

Research & Markets gives us an additional avenue of subscribers that our own marketing efforts don't necessarily reach.

Julian Clover Broadband TV News

Research & Markets has been one of our premier channels for several years. They have been a consistent solid performer for GIA. Their strong commitment to customized marketing and a deep understanding of our products allows GIA to fully leverage newer market leads.

Ram K. Reddy , Chairman & CEO Global Industry Analysts, Inc

IDTechEx provides market research reports in Printed Electronics, RFID, Thin Film Photovoltaics and Energy Harvesting. We have found working with Research and Markets to be a pleasant and mutually beneficial experience, they are professional and a very important part of our reseller network, extending our reach into industry.

Cathryn Hindle , Publications Manager IDTechEx Ltd, UK

As a provider of research and analysis in the global technology industry, MGI Research values its relationship with the Research and Markets team. Their professional team is easy to work with, and helps MGI Research extend its distribution channels on a worldwide basis. They know what it takes to market and sell research. No one else works as hard, and they are great partner.

Andrew Dailey MGI Research

We have only been with Research and Markets for a short time. However, in that time they have far surpassed the sales generated by our other resellers. I am very impressed by their courteous service and the amount of effort they put into marketing our reports.

Leslie Allan , Managing Director Business Performance Pty Ltd

Barnes Reports has sold hundreds of reports through Research and Markets in our three years working with them (since 2007) and we’re very happy with their professionalism and sales efforts. We’re especially pleased with our reports’ exposure and sales to new international customers.

Craig Barnes , President Barnes Reports

GlobaData has a wide range of reports in different industry verticals; Research and Markets is very successfully handling the bulk and depth of quality research & reports coverage that we produce. I am quite impressed with the level of attention that has gone towards the marketing of our products, and pleased with the quick uploads of our reports. I would like to personally thank each and every person who has been instrumental for this from Research and Markets. A sincere thank you for the outstanding support and increasing sales. I am very happy to work with Research and Markets staff; they are friendly, hard working, and most importantly customer focused, both the companies share similar values and hence the partnership has been very strong and reaching new heights.

Dr Sundheep Balu , Partner Relations and Content Licensing GlobalData

Research and Markets has been a joy to work with. Sales started generating from the very first week our titles were listed. That has never happened before with initial listings of our titles. Obviously, we are being exposed to people who were not aware of our titles.

Michael Hauck , Director of Marketing DEStech Publications, Inc.

Pharmavision is delighted with our Research and Markets marketing partnership. Research and Markets have helped to expand our client network reaching audiences previously untapped by Pharmavision. They are a proactive and efficient reseller and respond promptly to report queries. We would recommend them as an additional distribution and promotional partner.

Cheryl Barton , Director Pharmavision.co.uk

La Merie Business Intelligence publishes Competitor Analysis reports about the biopharmaceutical industry. Working with Research and Markets immediately started generating a steady revenue stream due to their proactive marketing policy. Interaction with Research and Markets is uncomplicated and easy. Payments are facilitated by sales statements and arrive in time. The company is well organized and highly reliable. I strongly recommend working with them.

Ulrich Martin , Managing Director La Merie Business Intelligence

Textiles Intelligence publishes business information on the global fibre, textile and apparel industries. We started working with Research and Markets in 2003 because we wanted to make our reports available to a wider global audience including people who are not involved directly in the textile industry. The team at Research and Markets are a pleasure to deal with, and they bring in a regular stream of new business for us. Our experience with Research and Markets has been very positive, and we plan to continue building our sales with them in the future, through their website and through a series of targeted marketing campaigns.

Belinda Carp , Sales and Marketing Director Textiles Intelligence

HOT TELECOM is continuously striving to expand its global reach and Research and Market has been a key element to the success of this strategy. It is always a pleasure to work with the team in place. Research and Market should be part of any publisher’s international marketing strategy.

Isabelle Paradis , President HOT TELECOM

Our relationship with Research and Markets has been great. The sales generated thus far have exceeded our expectations and working with them has been an easy process. We look forward to selling even more books with Research & Markets in the coming years.

Caroline Sorokoff ALM Books (Law Journal Press, ALM Publishing).

We have found Research and Markets to be extremely helpful and efficient. They made the process of selling our publications very smooth and are always very prompt in responding to any requests. We foresee our relationship with Research and Markets continuing for the foreseeable future.

Clair Sherwood Plimsoll Publishing Ltd.

Mind Commerce publishing division has been very pleased with Research and Markets. They have been an excellent partner for many years, delivering significant sales and adding value from a promotional perspective through their many programs. We would recommend them to anyone!

Fred Taylor , Research Director Mind Commerce

Research & Markets has quickly emerged as one of our largest producers. The product support team and the management at R&M are very diligent and provide great support to our customers. We're delighted to work with them.

Simmy Saroya , Manager, Sales Support Group Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Our main objective was to reach new customers without investing additional time and resources. We felt that Research and Markets could help us accomplish this and decided to host our publications in electronic form with them. By doing this we also got rid of time consuming fulfillment and could spend more time on new product development. Our experience all along is that R&M has worked effectively in marketing our research. So far it’s been a very successful partnership.

Marcin Mazurek , CEO Intelace Research

The relationship with Research and Markets has been very good and the sales generated have met our expectations. We also found the executives to be always prompt and ready to help out with any problems or difficulties.

Arpita Bedekar ValueNotes Database Pvt. Ltd.

Placing reports on Research & Markets' site makes them visible by various potential clients. It increases popularity among a targeted audience who typically use the site to search reports. The hosting service provides additional income through selling products to customers who otherwise will not be reached by in-house marketing of the provider.

Latchezar Bogdanov , Managing Partner Industry Watch Group LLC.

KESDEE Inc. is very pleased with the services of Research and Markets. They have a very professional approach to every aspect of the business. KESDEE's e-Learning & Reference Solutions platform is seamlessly integrated with their platform to provide the best service to clients.

S.L. Srinivasulu , Ph.D., President KESDEE Inc.

Research and Markets has helped us to significantly increase our reach to a great variety of users from all over the globe. The working arrangement is simple, straightforward and to the benefit of all parties including the end user. We very much enjoy the relationship with Research and Markets and do not hesitate to recommend them to any company that is seeking for an additional distribution channel.

Carsten Rosenkranz , Business Development Manager Knowledge Platform.

Research and Markets provides an excellent service allowing us to reach a greater audience. The added income they generate for Risk Books, is appreciated.

Rainy Dhillon , Head of Marketing Risk Books.

RNCOS has been more than satisfied with the marketing support and service offered by R&M. Working with them for more than three years has been a good experience. The entire team is efficient and professional and is helping us market our research reports effectively.

Shushmul Maheshwari , Chief Executive RNCOS.

Chancellor Publications is enjoying a successful relationship with Research and Markets. We find that the additional sales generated by Research and Markets prove to be a welcome income accumulator for us. We have also received many sales from the group of registered users accrued by them in categories such as finance, law, taxation and insurance. We enjoy a good day to day working relationship with Research and Markets and we find that the communication lines are always open.

Jonathan Bloch , Managing Director Chancellor Publications.

Rapra Technology Limited has found new customers for its polymer market report series through working with Research and Markets. They provide a very useful route to market for our products.

Sally Humphreys , Business Manager Rapra Technology Ltd.

Research and Markets has made a significant contribution to our marketing efforts, enabling us to better extend our marketing reach to Europe and providing ancillary sales in the US as well. Payment has been prompt and the staff are always pleasant to deal with.

James Moses , President Primary Research Group Inc.

We are very pleased with our partnership with Research and Markets. We are finding that their unique marketing strategies such as email campaigns, telesales and press releasing have lead to the speedy generation of sales which is constantly increasing each day. We have enjoyed a good relationship with the Research and Market team since we began our relationship in April 2005. The fusion of our two companies has proven to be a prosperous one. We are confident that the affiliation will continue to flourish.

Tyler Rullman , Vice President First Research.

Aroq has found working with Research and Markets to be extremely beneficial, both in terms of direct revenue generation, and also for spreading awareness of our research reports. We've found that R&M consistently load our reports quicker and more efficiently than other content aggregators we work with.

Andrew Leighton , Business Development Manager AROQ Ltd.

Since starting our partnership with Research and Markets in November 2002, BuddeComm has seen a steady and continuous growth in sales of our telecommunications reports and we are very pleased to be in their top ten publishers list. During my visit to Dublin earlier this year we also established personal contact, which has further strengthened our relationship. The R&M team are always interested and keen to work with us, looking for new opportunities in the ever growing telecommunications market. Our reports are promptly promoted on their website. I would recommend R&M to other publishers as a professional, reliable partner.

Paul Budde , Managing Director BuddeComm

Our mission is to be the leading global supplier of information to the Biocides industry. In order to achieve our objectives, we need partners who share the same vision. We have found our partnership with Research & Markets to be excellent in identifying the requirements of our customers, meeting those requirements and in delivery of the final report. We would Recommend Research & Markets as a supplier.

Niall D'Arcy , Project Manager Biocide Information Services

Research and Markets have proved to be a dynamic and resourceful company. They are an excellent business partner.

Bob Tulloch , Technical Director Walnut Medical

The high level of sales Research and Markets have generated since our partnership began conveys the efficiency of their operation. Their continual and varied sales and marketing activities ensure our titles are promoted aggressively to a global market. Their opt-in email campaigns focus on one report and provide R&M users as much information as possible on each title ensuring VC Experts attain laser-focused marketing to an interested user group. VC Experts is the global leader in private equity and venture capital best practices and Research and Markets has extended our global reach. All aspects of adopting Research and Markets as a distribution channel have been hassle free and I would highly recommend Research and Markets as a distribution partner.

Ross Barrett , Co-Founder and President VC Experts, Inc.

I signed a contract with Research and Markets only a few months ago and am impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of their staff. They have generated more sales for my reports than all the other agencies put together. With such an organization to associate with, I see no need for a small publishers to maintain their own marketing departments. I very highly recommend Research and Markets.

Prof. K. K. Jain , CEO Jain PharmaBiotech

BioSeeker is very pleased to work with R&M as an international distribution partner of our life science business reports. Since the beginning, we have seen a steady flow of orders from R&M while their staff have been very professional and cordial to deal with. I would happily recommend R&M to other publishers.

Anders Lanzén BioSeeker Group AB

ValuEngine is very pleased to have added Research & Markets as a distribution partner for our financial reports. The entire implementation process was very simple, and significant sales began on the first day of ValuEngine's reports being up on the site. Research & Markets offer a channel to generate revenues as well as gain valuable market exposure with almost no resources or expense needed to implement. I strongly recommend their services as a way to generate revenues and connect with new clients.

Paul Henneman , President ValuEngine, Inc.

Research & Markets have being selling our reports for exactly seven months now. In the first month we noticed a big increase in our sales figures and presumed it was just a one-off. However, the same thing has happened for the last seven months. In fact, Research & Markets sell more of our reports than all our other resellers combined. If you want a partner that is actually going to sell your reports as opposed to just putting them up on their website, Research & Markets are the company to go to.

Vernon Glover , Director Research Facts Ltd

Ecoprog works together with Research & Markets, offering analyst reports from its survey on the energy and environmental technology business. Research & Markets helps us to increase our online sales by finding new customers that we would probably not reach on our own. In doing so, Research & Markets is a reliable partner we work together with in a trusting cooperation.

Mark Döing , General Manager Ecoprog

Research and Markets is a very trustworthy and valuable partner for Huidian Research. We extremely appreciate their proactive promotion, high efficiency work, as well as friendly cooperation.

David Liu , Marketing Director Huidian Research

We have had a very successful relationship with Research and Markets for the last 4 years! They do a great job marketing our reports and the content staff is very supportive and fast. Any publisher of market research would be foolish not to have R&M selling their products.

Amadee Bender , President Amadee & Company, Inc.

Research and Markets is fantastic!! In all my years in market research, Research and Markets has proven itself to be a standout company; the results and sales speak for themselves. We are delighted to be associated with them.

Karan Chechi , Research Director TechSci Research

Research and Markets has emerged as one of our most valuable business partners in recent years and has given us excellent platform to expand our client base. Association with them has enabled us to explore a new dynamic sales channel with proven results.

Neeraj Chawla Kuick Research

Our partnership with Research and Markets has been excellent for expanding the market for our conferences and seminars. Research and Markets have done a great job at marketing our events to a relevant audience in the Life Science sector. Their staff are efficient and helpful and working with them has been easy and profitable.

Barbara McManus , General Manager Management Forum Ltd.

Last month’s score was highest for us & Research and Markets played a significant role in making it happen. You have been, one of our STAR reselling and distribution partners with a magnificent contribution, last month. We want to thank and appreciate, all the whole-hearted support & cooperation of Research and Markets, in empowering us, reach this benchmark.

Subhash Maria , Manager (Partner Relations and International Accounts) Markets and Markets

Euromonitor International has enjoyed a successful relationship with Research and Markets for many years. They have consistently sold a good level of reports on a monthly basis through effective marketing and efficient customer contact and we certainly look upon them as one of our key report distributors. Not only that but they are also a pleasure to deal with and so I would not hesitate in recommending them as a valued and trustworthy partner.

Alex Hiscock , Content Licensing Manager Euromonitor International

Having a longstanding partnership with Research and Markets gives us the confidence that all Transport Intelligence Ltd Reports will be marketed to a relevant audience increasing our exposure to the Logistics Industry.

Daisy Hamilton-Bird , Office Manager Transport Intelligence

We have worked with Research and Markets for many years. We have found them to be efficient and great partners to work with.

Melany Krangle , Managing Director NRG Expert

Research and Markets have been a valuable publisher for our company. They are friendly, always attentive and professional.

Haley Rico , Managing Partner Verify Markets

We have been working with Research and Markets for over 18 years. For us as a publisher, Research and Markets provides an excellent platform to promote our reports to clients worldwide. We have benefited from our partnership with Research and Markets and are looking forward to further expanding our businesses in the future.

Jim Miao , AMID

Research and Markets has been a strategic partner for Plunkett Research, Ltd. for several years. Their team has always been capable, professional, and devoted to distributing our products on a global basis. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

John Brucato Plunkett Research

We have been partnering with Research & Market for many years and are very happy with their performance. They have helped us expand our business. We do appreciate their excellent and fast service.

Kimmo Kuokkanen Global Research & Data Services

Our association with Research and Market is over two years now. I must say that they have done a tremendous job by helping us get our company name out and gain global exposure with optimum media coverage and recognition over these years.

Natasha Tibrewal BIS Research

We have almost 12 years history of mutual work with Research and Markets and we are very satisfied by this co-operation. The strategy of reaching our customers through the Research and Markets portal proved to be extremely beneficial. We provide research reports on chemical products, and the Research and Markets team has demonstrated their professionalism in understanding, selling and promoting our quite difficult (for non-professionals) products. We value our partnership and would recommend doing business with Research and Markets. All publishers will receive lots of opportunities for reaching relevant audience and, of course, a truly reliable partner.

Dzmitry Sakovich Merchant Research & Consulting

Research and Markets has provided us with the best platform to reach international markets. The team are superb and professional. I am grateful to R&M who have provided us with their platform and generated many sales orders at the very beginning of our journey as a start-up company.

Mansur Ansari , CEO DPI Research

As a market research brand, we have had an opportunity to work with Research and Markets for a while now. We have had a rewarding partnership with R&M and found them very helpful in all our interactions. Our affiliation has grown from strength to strength, and we look forward for a mutually beneficial business association with R&M.

David Correa , Vice President KBV Research

We have worked with Research and Markets for over 13 years. They have helped us in making our reports available to a very wide range of customers. They are always very professional and efficient.

Cathy Galbraith IRL

Research and Markets is my preferred market research reseller for several reasons. In an industry crowded with ethically questionable players, Research and Markets has consistently adhered to the highest standards. Their enormous selection is comprehensive across many industries, and is easily and efficiently searched.

Scott Moore , Owner Thintri

HIDA’s two-year partnership with R&M has provided our organization with a highly professional way of expanding our original market research to additional consumers. We look forward to our continued partnership.

Justin Waters , Manager Research & Analytics, Health Industry Distributors Association

Research and Markets is an extremely efficient and professional publishing partner and Kelly Scientific has found all of its team a pleasure to work with. The company has provided significant access to sales and clients over the five years we have partnered with them. Among all our publishing partners, we consider Research and Markets one of the best.

Deirdre Kelly , Managing Director Kelly Scientific

Research and Markets has been a trusted partner for Digital Vector's market research reports in the Animation industry space for the past several years. During this time Research and Markets team has helped us grow our revenues on a consistent basis and has demonstrated a good grasp of the domain and the market. It has been a pleasure doing business with Research and Markets and we look forward to many more years of partnership.

Kalpana Thyagarajan Digital Vector

Research and Markets are our trusted and valued business partner since 2009. They have qualified and professional sales team and networks which help us reach more clients. We are glad to recommend our clients to Research and Markets for report searching.

Tim Lee China Research & Intelligence

R&M is really capable of providing an international exposure for any given market report or journal. They are huge assets in this business vertical and I hope for the same level of progress in the coming years.

Ratan Agharwal Hoovers

We are happy with the level of professionalism and work ethic of Research and Markets and would be keen on taking this association to a greater height with time. I can certainly say that they are one of the best in their industry.

Ritesh Gandecha Stratview

We have been working with Research and Markets for many years and, as a publisher of specialist market reports in certain verticals, the partnership has been really helpful in extending the reach and sales of our titles. We look forward to a continued fruitful relationship with their professional and helpful team

David Mort IRN Research

Since the beginning of our partnership, the Research and Markets team have been reliable, helpful, friendly and very professional.

Oskar Volkland SNS Research

Research and Markets has been our partner from the commencement of our company. This partnership has proven to be synergistic for us. They have proven their prowess in developing new clients for us and their contribution in the company's expansion has been extraordinary. They are the stakeholders in our growth as an organisation. We express our heartfelt gratitude for such a fruitful partnership and look forward to reach new heights for our mutual benefit.

Dhwipal Shah , Director Bonafide Research

It’s really amazing working with "Research and Markets". They have always been one of the most essential and best-performing partners. They have got a vast audience reach across more than 30 industries like BFSI, HR, life science industries (medical device, pharma, biotech, clinical), Trade, Food, FMCG and so forth. The team is very prompt and clear on their communications, and their web portal is very robust with good presence on search engines. Thanks to the team for being such a valuable partner.

Harshit Choudhary , Manager Compliance Online

Research and Markets have been a high-powered partner for DelveInsight and its reports. Their sales model has been beneficial for DelveInsight's growth. Marketing our reports to the right people has increased our outreach and has also created new ways for us to reach our audience, other than the dated ways. We are happy to be associated with them.

Shruti Thakur Delve Insight

Research and Markets have done an excellent job in promoting The Business Research Company's reports and customised services across a wide range of markets and geographies. Their strong reach and good client relationships have helped customers in many leading blue chip companies to access our market leading research.

Oliver Guirdham The Business Research Company

Williams & Marshall Strategy has been working with Research and Markets for a few years already. They have proven to be a reliable and highly efficient partner, professional and knowledgeable. Their platform is very popular globally and our reports get great traction. Working with them is a real pleasure and we strongly recommend it.

Petar Reshovski Williams & Marshall Strategy

Research and Markets has been a very valuable partner of OnlineCompliance Panel for the last two years. We have seen a great response from them for selling our training programs. Very professional and a great team; they are a joy to work with. I strongly recommend their services to market to new clients and promote your programs. Look forward to continuing this successful relationship ahead as well.

David Moses Online Compliance Panel

The Research and Markets team is highly professional and we are very delighted to be on board. The team has helped us significantly in terms of selling our reports and reaching new clients. And, we will continue to recommend Research and Markets to new publishers.

Adarsh Raj , Research Director New Era MarketMonitor Consultancy

We are very thankful to Research & Markets who is our leading distributor. We really appreciate your unique, significant role to sale our all published as well as upcoming reports from various domain. All the team members from Research & Markets are very supportive and enthusiastic and we feel very pleased to appreciate your genuine efforts to boost our sales. We look forward to have strong and healthy business relationship for the long-term.

Dhananjay Potle Allied Market Research

Research & Markets is a trusted channel partner to Mobile Market Development. In terms of sales support, we value their customer responsiveness, particularly when it comes to prospective customer enquiries.

Liam Mimnagh , Market Analyst Mobile Market Development

Partnering with Research and Markets was the right choice made by Mordor Intelligence (MI) LLP around 2 years back. They have been an immense support and co-operative throughout the time and continue to be the same even after 2 years. They are efficient, professional and MI certainly appreciates the extra revenue. It is always a pleasure to work with such people and company.

Apurva Singh Mordor Intelligence

Research and Markets has been a partner of CCM since 2007 and our relationship has been mutually beneficial. Research and Markets is quite astute at distributing research and they always respond quickly to publisher and client requests. Their numerous distribution channels will maximize exposure for your research.

Myra Chen CCM

Partnering with Research and Markets has turned out to be a great decision for Meticulous Research. The team is very professional, polite, proactive, supportive, and responsive which made it easier for us to work collaboratively. We wish to continue this alliance in the future and hope the best for our esteemed distributor.

Pramod Pethe VP- Global Sales & Marketing

R&M is purely professional and target oriented. Speed and friendly customer service are their major strengths. They are not just the world’s largest market research store but also the world’s leading market research store in terms of number of clients. They are our valuable business partner.

Swapna Patil , Partner Accuray Group LLP

We have been working with Research and Markets for quite a while now, we are indebted to R&M for the support they have given us and contributed to our growth in the market research industry. The content administrator and sales support team have always been to our support as and when required. Research and Markets is one of the best reseller partners we have been working with and look forward to work with.

Shrikant Athavale , Principle Analyst and Founder Infinium Global Research

It’s been nearly a decade of partnership with Research and Markets and they have been very consistent in generating revenue for us for all these years. We also appreciate the people at Research and Markets for their professionalism and courteous service.

Swapna Reddy and Komati Reddy , Managing Director Industry Experts

Partnership with Research and Markets has provided Azoth Analytics a superior channel to showcase its comprehensive research reports that are created through extensive primary and secondary research. The team at Research and Markets are skilled and efficient and are backed by a robust online customer relationship platform.

Matloob Hasan , Director Azoth Analytics

Partnering with Research and Markets was an excellent strategic decision for Roots Analysis’ business research vertical. They do an excellent job in reaching out to the clients across the globe through their press releases and other marketing efforts, which contributes considerably to the sales of our market intelligence reports. Another good feature of Research and Markets is their easy-to-navigate website; it is very easy for a user to search for publications on a specific topic. In addition, the team at Research and Markets is always cooperative, highly professional and easy-to-reach out to

Nidhi Chhetri , Sales Manager Roots Analysis

Research & Markets has been one of our premier partners over the past year. They have helped in opening new avenues for us through their consistent and excellent marketing efforts. They offer one of the most efficient services and bring a lot of potential clients to connect and offer extended research offerings.

Ankit M Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence LLP

Research and Markets has been a valued partner to us. Over the last few years, our association has strengthened, with their experienced and dedicated team working as an extension of our own operations. Dedicated sales and PR efforts, along with prompt support when needed, make Research and Markets stand out as a leading player in the market. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration in the years to come as well.

Urvashi Upadhyay , Director Smart Research Insights

We have been working with Research and Markets for over a year now. Despite Avalon being new to syndicated research space, R&M successfully sold our research products to some of the world’s best institutions. Thanks to its online platform, we now have a global reach and a good shelf life for our research titles. We are quite satisfied with R&M’s services.

Radhakrishnan R Avalon Global Research

It's been close to a decade we are associated with Research and Markets who have helped our business grow. They are an excellent team with a strong knowledge of market. We as a publisher very much appreciate their quick reactivity, cooperation and tremendous support. They are very much focused on every process, be it listing of reports or providing post purchase assistance to clients. They create a wonderful channel between publishers and customers; providing good service at both the ends. We look forward to many more years of our successful collaboration.

Priyank Tiwari , Reseller BU Head Markets and Markets

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