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The Global Crucibles Market 2024-2034

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  • 92 Pages
  • November 2023
  • Region: Global
  • Future Markets, Inc
  • ID: 5864344

Crucibles are versatile, high-temperature containers utilized in applications ranging from metallurgy to chemistry laboratories. Their refractory properties allow them to withstand heat needed for melting, fusing, decomposing, or reacting materials. Key material types are ceramic, graphite, and specialty metal. Asia-Pacific is the largest market for crucibles market, with high demand from industrial sectors in China and India driving market growth.

Ceramic crucibles are the dominant material segment due to their high heat resistance and inertness to most molten metals. Melting crucibles are the main manufacturing process and are widely used in foundries and metal fabrication industries. Key end-use industries for crucibles include metallurgy and foundries, glass and ceramics production and the chemical industry. Competitive factors in this market include product innovation, quality, and pricing. There has also been a market shift towards developing eco-friendly and sustainable crucibles. 

The Global Crucibles Market 2024-2034 is an in-depth industry analysis report providing a comprehensive global overview of the crucibles market spanning from definition, key materials, manufacturing processes, prices, product innovations, competitive environment evaluation across major regions, and profiles of over 40 leading manufacturers including Morgan Advanced Materials, Rauschert and more.

The global crucibles industry has entered a sustained growth phase buoyed by heavy industrialization driving production of metals, glass, ceramics, chemicals and movements towards high efficiency induction melting technologies propagating uptake. Heightened materials quality benchmarks have furthered adoption of more sophisticated engineered ZrO2/SiC/mullite formulations.

Spanning 92 pages with 24 figures & tables, the report examines historic 2018-2021 trends while forecasting 2022-2034 size, segmentation and future advancements related to specialization and precision manufacturing. Competitive forces including concentration, rivalry intensity, threats from new low-cost Asian entrants, technologies disruption along with supply/demand conditions are assessed across market tiers ranging from mass market clay graphite mixes to cutting edge custom offerings.

Featured measurement metrics across this leading crucibles industry report include:

  • Granular revenue/sales breakdowns by 10 major geographic markets encompassing North America, APAC, Europe, MEA and Latin America
  • Segmentation by 15 ceramic/metal input materials & 6 end-use sector demand drivers from metal foundries to aerospace R&D

Report contents include:

  • Definition and overview of crucibles by material types and manufacturing processes
  • Comparative analysis of ceramic, graphite, clay-graphite, metal, and advanced composite crucibles
  • High temperature manufacturing techniques for melting, annealing, assaying utilizing crucibles
  • Crucibles industry drivers, challenges, latest market size, trends, pricing factors
  • Analysis of key materials used for crucible manufacturing and comparative analysis. Materials covered include:
    • Ceramic crucibles
    • Graphite crucibles
    • Metal crucibles
    • Clay-Graphite
    • Silicon Carbide
    • Quartz
    • Platinum
    • Tungsten
    •  Zirconium
    • Molybdenum
    • Tantalum
    • Pyrolytic carbon
    • Beryllium oxide
    • Induction crucibles
    • Disposable crucibles 
    • Metal-matrix crucibles 
  • Crucibles industry drivers, challenges, latest market size, trends, pricing factors
  • Supply chain mapping from raw materials to end-use markets
  • SWOT analysis of global crucibles market strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
  • Sustainability initiatives and new product innovations in the crucibles space
  • Recent developments and innovations.
  • Granular historic and segment growth forecasts to 2034 by region, material type, end industry
  • End-use market analysis. Markets covered include:
    • Metals and Foundries
    • Glass
    • Ceramics
    • Chemical industry
    • Power generation
    • Electronics
    • Nuclear.
  • Evaluation of competitive landscape dynamics across market tiers from Asia commodity to tech ceramics
  • In-depth profiling of over 40 leading crucible manufacturers including Corona Cadinhos LTDA, Morgan Advanced Materials, MAMMUT-WETRO Schmelztiegelwerk GmbH, Rauschert GmbH, and Vesuvius. 

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Table of Contents

1              INTRODUCTION
1.1          Definition and applications of crucibles
1.2          Key materials used for crucible manufacturing
1.2.1      Comparative analysis
1.2.2      Use of advanced materials
1.2.3      Ceramic crucibles
1.2.4      Graphite crucibles
1.2.5      Metal crucibles
1.2.6      Clay-Graphite
1.2.7      Silicon Carbide
1.2.8      Quartz
1.2.9      Platinum
1.2.10    Tungsten
1.2.11    Zirconium
1.2.12    Molybdenum
1.2.13    Tantalum
1.2.14    Pyrolytic carbon
1.2.15    Beryllium oxide
1.2.16    Induction crucibles
1.2.17    Disposable crucibles
1.2.18    Metal-matrix crucibles
1.3          High temperature manufacturing process overview
1.3.1      Melting
1.3.2      Calcination
1.3.3      Annealing
1.3.4      Sintering
1.3.5      Casting
1.3.6      Crystal Growth
1.3.7      Assaying
1.3.8      Advanced manufacturing techniques   Isostatic Pressing   Automated Precision Micromachining   Custom Coatings   Composites Components Joining   3D Printing

2.1          Market drivers
2.2          Market challenges
2.3          Current market size and trends
2.4          Supply chain
2.5          SWOT Analysis
2.6          Sustainability
2.7          Recent developments and innovations
2.8          Pricing
2.8.1      Factors influencing prices
2.8.2      Typical price ranges
2.9          End-use markets
2.9.1      Metals and Foundries   Market overview   Market size   Trends   Competitive landscape   Outlook
2.9.2      Glass   Market overview   Market size   Trends   Competitive landscape   Outlook
2.9.3      Ceramics   Market overview   Market size   Trends   Competitive landscape   Outlook
2.9.4      Chemical industry   Market overview   Market size   Trends   Competitive landscape   Outlook
2.9.5      Power generation   Market overview   Market size   Trends   Competitive Landscape   Outlook
2.9.6      Electronics   Market overview   Market Size   Trends   Competitive Landscape   Outlook
2.9.7      Nuclear   Market overview   Market Size   Trends   Competitive Landscape   Outlook
2.10        Global market revenues 2018-2034
2.10.1    By region                North America                Europe                Asia Pacific                Latin America                Middle East & Africa
2.10.2    By materials
2.10.3    By end-use industry
2.11        Competitive landscape
2.11.1    Market Concentration
2.11.2    Competitive factors
2.11.3    Market segmentation
2.11.4    Industry rivalry
2.11.5    Threat of new entrants
2.11.6    Threat of substitution
2.11.7    Supplier power
2.11.8    Buyer power

3              COMPANY PROFILES4              REFERENCES
List of Tables
Table 1. Comparison of key materials for crucible manufacturing.
Table 2. High temperature manufacturing processes and the role of crucibles.
Table 3. Market drivers for crucibles.
Table 4. Market challenges for crucibles.
Table 5. Recent developments and innovations in the crucibles market.
Table 6. Typical crucible price ranges.
Table 7. Markets for crucibles.
Table 8. Global crucibles market 2018-2034, by region (millions USD).
Table 9. Global crucibles market 2018-2034, by materials (millions USD).
Table 10. Global crucibles market 2018-2034, by end-use industry (millions USD).

List of Figures
Figure 1. Ceramic crucibles.
Figure 2. Graphite crucibles.
Figure 3. Clay-graphite crucibles.
Figure 4. Crucibles market supply chain.
Figure 5. SWOT analysis: crucibles market.
Figure 6. Global crucibles market 2018-2034, by region (millions USD).
Figure 7. Crucibles market in North America 2018-2034, (millions USD).
Figure 8. Crucibles market in Europe 2018-2034, (millions USD).
Figure 9. Crucibles market in Asia Pacific 2018-2034, (millions USD).
Figure 10. Crucibles market in Latin America 2018-2034, (millions USD).
Figure 11. Crucibles market in Middle East & Africa 2018-2034, (millions USD).
Figure 12. Global crucibles market 2018-2034, by materials (millions USD).
Figure 13. Global crucibles market 2018-2034, by end-use industry (millions USD).
Figure 14.  ENERTEK and DURATEK crucibles.

Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Corona Cadinhos LTDA
  • Morgan Advanced Materials
  • MAMMUT-WETRO Schmelztiegelwerk GmbH
  • Rauschert GmbH
  • Vesuvius