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Global Dialysis Market, Size, Forecast 2023-2028, Industry Trends, Growth, Share, Outlook, Impact of Inflation, Opportunity Company Analysis

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  • 160 Pages
  • September 2023
  • Region: Global
  • Renub Research
  • ID: 4833263

Global Dialysis Market Size was valued at US$ 102.09 Billion in 2022

Global Dialysis Market size is projected to surpass round US$ 141.26 Billion by 2028, in line with Renub Research. Dialysis is a treatment used to take away waste merchandise from the blood, which includes urea and creatinine, resulting from defective kidney feature, and is often essential for people stricken by chronic renal failure. End-level renal disease (ESRD) and kidney transplantation both of them are handled with dialysis treatment. Throughout the procedure, the blood is wiped clean, extra fluid and toxins are removed, and electrolyte balance is restored.The increasing prevalence of hypertension and diabetes in global populace is surging the risk of growing kidney disease and kidney failure worldwide.

Chronic kidney sickness is a modern situation that impacts >10% of the general populace internationally, amounting to >800 million individuals. In 2021, the expected global prevalence of diabetes amongst human beings 20-79 years of age became 11%, which is predicted to grow to 12% via 2045. More than 1 in 7 US adults-about 35.5 million human beings or 14% are expected to have CKD. For instance, in line with the 2022 statistics published by the International Diabetes Federation inside the 10thedition of 2021, in Spain, 5,141.3 thousand people are living with diabetes, in 2021. In addition, as in step with the equal supply, this range is projected to reach 5.58 Million via 2030 and 5.65 Million by 2050. Also, with the same source, in 2021, 6.20 Million people are living with diabetes in Germany. In addition, as per the identical supply, this wide variety is projected to attain 6.52 Million by 2030. CKD is common in people aged 65 years or older (34%) than in human’s elderly 45-64 years (12%) or 18-44 years (6%) in the United States.

Global Dialysis Market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 5.56% throughout the forecast duration (2022-2028)

Two forms of dialysis exist: Peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. Waste materials which included urea are extracted greater corporeally from the patient's blood at some stage in hemodialysis. The peritoneum within the stomach is utilized for dialysis in peritoneal dialysis. The growth within the number of diabetic and hypertensive patients, the spike in financing for the improvement of recent drugs, and the upward thrust in the number of give up level renal ailment (ESRD) patients are all contributing to market growth. Furthermore, dialysis is desired over kidney transplantation that is projected to power dialysis market enlargement. Moreover, a growth in the older population, healthcare spending, and disposable income is expected to drive the dialysis market expansion.

As the global population is aging with time, the human beings with kidney failure are expected to increase. The market increase is attributed to the growth in variety of diabetic and high blood pressure patients, surge in investment for the development of latest merchandise, and an upward population of end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. However, lack of understanding about kidney illnesses, product keep in mind, and discount in reimbursements for dialysis are expected to avoid the market boom. Global Dialysis Market Size was valued at US$ 102.09 Billion in 2022.

Hemodialysis market dominates the dialysis industry

By Type, Global Dialysis Market is segmented into peritoneal dialysis and Hemodialysis. Hemodialysis has the dominant market share in the dialysis industry. Renowned for its effectiveness in treating end-stage renal disorder (ESRD), this technique employs superior machines to successfully cleanse a patient's blood of waste and extra fluids. Its large accessibility through devoted facilities and hospitals contributes drastically to its prominence. With long-standing development and refinement of hemodialysis technology have engendered trust among healthcare providers and patients alike. Furthermore, the giant coverage it enjoys ensures its endured stronghold within the dialysis zone. While market dynamics can shift through the years, hemodialysis stays a cornerstone of renal alternative remedy.

Equipment is emerging because the fastest-developing segment within the dialysis industry

By Product & Services, Global Dialysis Market is divided into Services, Equipment, Consumables and Drugs. Equipment is experiencing amazing increase in the dialysis industry. This surge is attributed to ongoing technological improvements and the growing demand for contemporary dialysis machines and associated devices. These innovations are enhancing remedy precision, patient comfort, and typical performance. The dialysis device section is witnessing heightened investments and studies, ensuing in a numerous array of sophisticated gear designed to enhance the best of care for individuals with kidney-associated situations. As the industry keeps evolving, the speedy growth of dialysis devices highlights its pivotal role in revolutionizing renal cures, in the end promising better effects for patients and healthcare carriers inside the years to come.

In-center dialysis keeps holding a strong foothold market percentage in the dialysis industry

By End User, Global Dialysis Market is classified into In-center dialysis and Home dialysis. In-center dialysis maintains to preserve a dominant market in the dialysis industry. Renowned for its accessibility and comprehensive care, this modality thrives as a cornerstone in the treatment of end-level renal ailment (ESRD) and excessive kidney disorder. In committed dialysis centers or hospitals, patients benefit from professional supervision, rigorous monitoring, and the assurance of high-quality care. Furthermore, its massive recognition within insurance coverage policies makes it a desired significant patient demographic. While alternative opportunities like home dialysis are gaining traction, in-center dialysis remains the gold standard, underscoring its enduring importance and pivotal function in renal healthcare.

Healthy China 2030 objective is to improve the general health of the Chinese populace and growth in healthcare services

By Countries, Global Dialysis Market is split into United States, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Rest of World. The dialysis industry in China has witnessed vast increase and transformation in current years. With the rise in older population and a growing prevalence of persistent kidney ailment (CKD), the demand for renal alternative cures has surged. China's healthcare infrastructure has responded by expanding dialysis services and making an investment in advance system and technology. Public and personal partnerships have caused the status of numerous dialysis facilities across the country, enhancing accessibility for patients. The Chinese government has additionally been actively concerned in regulating and standardizing dialysis practices to ensure quality care. Furthermore, Chinese companies have made sizable strides in production dialysis device, contributing to domestic supply and global export. As the demand for renal care maintains to upward thrust, China's dialysis industry is poised for in addition enlargement and innovation.

Key Player

Baxter International Inc, Fresenius Medical Care, DaVita Inc., Medtronic Plc and Asahi Kasei Corporation are the primary companies operating within the global dialysis industry.

The report 'Global Dialysis Market, Forecast By Type (Hemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis), Product & Services (Services, Equipment, Consumables and Drugs), End-Users (In-center dialysis and Home dialysis), Countries (United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, China, India, Japan, Australia, Saudi-Arabia, Israel, South Africa, and Rest of the World), Companies (Baxter International Inc., Fresenius Medical Care, DaVita Inc., Medtronic Plc and Asahi Kasei Corporation)' provides a detailed analysis of Global Dialysis Industry.

Type - Global Dialysis Market has been covered from 2 viewpoints:

1. Hemodialysis
2. Peritoneal dialysis

Product & Services - Global Dialysis Market has been covered from 4 viewpoints:

1. Services
2. Equipment
3. Consumables
4. Drugs

End-Users - Global Dialysis Market has been covered from 2 viewpoints:

1. In-center dialysis
2. Home dialysis

Countries - Global Dialysis Market has been covered from 5 viewpoints:

1. North America

1.1 United States
1.2 Canada

2. Latin America

2.1 Argentina
2.2 Brazil
2.3 Mexico

3. Europe

3.1 France
3.2 Germany
3.3 United Kingdom
3.4 Italy
3.5 Netherland
3.6 Spain
3.7 Switzerland
3.8 Belgium
3.9 Turkey

4. Asia Pacific

4.1 China
4.2 India
4.3 Japan
4.4 Australia

5. Middle East & Africa

5.1 Saudi-Arabia
5.2 Israel
5.3 South Africa

6. Rest of the World

Company Insight:

  • Overview
  • Recent Development
  • Revenue

Company Covered:

1. Baxter International Inc.
2. Fresenius Medical Care
3. DaVita Inc.
4. Medtronic Plc
5. Asahi Kasei Corporation

Table of Contents

1. Introduction2. Research & Methodology3. Executive Summary
4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.2 Challenges
5. Global Dialysis Market
6. Market Share - Global Dialysis
6.1 By Type
6.2 By Product & Services
6.3 By End User
6.4 By Countries
7. By Type - Global Dialysis Market
7.1 Peritoneal Dialysis
7.2 Hemodialysis
8. By Product & Services - Global Dialysis Market
8.1 Services
8.2 Equipment
8.3 Consumables
8.4 Drugs
9. By End User - Global Dialysis Market
9.1 Home Dialysis
9.2 In center Dialysis
10. Countries - Global Dialysis Market
10.1 North America
10.1.1 United States
10.1.2 Canada
10.2 Latin America
10.2.1 Argentina
10.2.2 Brazil
10.2.3 Mexico
10.3 Europe
10.3.1 France
10.3.2 Germany
10.3.3 United Kingdom
10.3.4 Italy
10.3.5 Netherland
10.3.6 Spain
10.3.7 Switzerland
10.3.8 Belgium
10.3.9 Turkey
10.4 Asia Pacific
10.4.1 China
10.4.2 India
10.4.3 Japan
10.4.4 Australia
10.5 Middle East & Africa
10.5.1 Saudi-Arabia
10.5.2 Israel
10.5.3 South Africa
10.6 Rest of the World
11. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis - Global Dialysis Market
11.1 Bargaining Power of Buyers
11.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
11.3 Degree of Rivalry
11.4 Threat of New Entrants
11.5 Threat of Substitutes
12. SWOT Analysis - Global Dialysis Market
12.1.1 Strength
12.1.2 Weakness
12.1.3 Opportunity
12.1.4 Threat
13. Key Players
13.1 Baxter International Inc.
13.1.1 Overview
13.1.2 Recent Development
13.1.3 Revenue
13.2 Fresenius Medical Care
13.2.1 Overview
13.2.2 Recent Development
13.2.3 Revenue
13.3 DaVita Inc.
13.3.1 Overview
13.3.2 Recent Development
13.3.3 Revenue
13.4 Medtronic Plc
13.4.1 Overview
13.4.2 Recent Development
13.4.3 Revenue
13.5 Asahi Kasei Corporation
13.5.1 Overview
13.5.2 Recent Development
13.5.3 Revenue
List of Figures
Figure 01: Global - Dialysis Market (Billion US$), 2018-2022
Figure 02: Global - Forecast for Dialysis Market (Billion US$), 2023-2028
Figure 03: Type - Peritoneal Dialysis Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 04: Type - Forecast for Peritoneal Dialysis Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 05: Type - Hemodialysis Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 06: Type - Forecast for Hemodialysis Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 07: Product & Service - Services Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 08: Product & Service - Forecast for Services Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 09: Product & Service - Equipment Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 10: Product & Service - Forecast for Equipment Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 11: Product & Service - Consumables Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 12: Product & Service - Forecast for Consumables Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 13: Product & Service - Drugs Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 14: Product & Service - Forecast for Drugs Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 15: End User - Home Dialysis Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 16: End User - Forecast for Home Dialysis Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 17: End User - In center Dialysis Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 18: End User - Forecast for In center Dialysis Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 19: United States - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 20: United States - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 21: Canada - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 22: Canada - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 23: Argentina - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 24: Argentina - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 25: Brazil - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 26: Brazil - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 27: Mexico - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 28: Mexico - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 29: France - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 30: France - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 31: Germany - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 32: Germany - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 33: United Kingdom - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 34: United Kingdom - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 35: Italy - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 36: Italy - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 37: Netherland - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 38: Netherland - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 39: Spain - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 40: Spain - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 41: Switzerland - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 42: Switzerland - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 43: Belgium - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 44: Belgium - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 45: Turkey - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 46: Turkey - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 47: China - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 48: China - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 49: India - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 50: India - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 51: Japan - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 52: Japan - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 53: Australia - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 54: Australia - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 55: Saudi-Arabia - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 56: Saudi-Arabia - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 57: Israel - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 58: Israel - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 59: South Africa - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 60: South Africa - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 61: Rest of the World - Market (Million US$), 2018-2022
Figure 62: Rest of the World - Forecast for Market (Million US$), 2023-2028
Figure 63: Baxter International Inc. - Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2018-2022
Figure 64: Baxter International Inc. - Forecast for Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2023-2028
Figure 65: Fresenius Medical Care - Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2018-2022
Figure 66: Fresenius Medical Care - Forecast for Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2023-2028
Figure 67: DaVita Inc. - Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2018-2022
Figure 68: DaVita Inc. - Forecast for Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2023-2028
Figure 69: Medtronic Plc - Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2018-2022
Figure 70: Medtronic Plc - Forecast for Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2023-2028
Figure 71: Asahi Kasei Corporation - Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2018-2022
Figure 72: Asahi Kasei Corporation - Forecast for Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2023-2028
List of Tables
Table 01: Global - Dialysis Market Share by Type (Percent), 2018-2022
Table 02: Global - Forecast for Dialysis Market Share by Type (Percent), 2023-2028
Table 03: Global - Dialysis Market Share by Product & Services (Percent), 2018-2022
Table 04: Global - Forecast for Dialysis Market Share by Product & Services (Percent), 2023-2028
Table 05: Global - Dialysis Market Share by End-User (Percent), 2018-2022
Table 06: Global - Forecast for Dialysis Market Share by End-User (Percent), 2023-2028
Table 07: Global - Dialysis Market Share by Countries (Percent), 2018-2022
Table 08: Global - Forecast for Dialysis Market Share by Countries (Percent), 2023-2028

Companies Mentioned

  • Baxter International Inc.
  • Fresenius Medical Care
  • DaVita Inc.
  • Medtronic Plc
  • Asahi Kasei Corporation


In this report, for analyzing the future trends for the studied market during the forecast period, the publisher has incorporated rigorous statistical and econometric methods, further scrutinized by secondary, primary sources and by in-house experts, supported through their extensive data intelligence repository. The market is studied holistically from both demand and supply-side perspectives. This is carried out to analyze both end-user and producer behavior patterns, in the review period, which affects price, demand and consumption trends. As the study demands to analyze the long-term nature of the market, the identification of factors influencing the market is based on the fundamentality of the study market.

Through secondary and primary researches, which largely include interviews with industry participants, reliable statistics, and regional intelligence, are identified and are transformed to quantitative data through data extraction, and further applied for inferential purposes. The publisher's in-house industry experts play an instrumental role in designing analytic tools and models, tailored to the requirements of a particular industry segment. These analytical tools and models sanitize the data & statistics and enhance the accuracy of their recommendations and advice.

Primary Research

The primary purpose of this phase is to extract qualitative information regarding the market from the key industry leaders. The primary research efforts include reaching out to participants through mail, tele-conversations, referrals, professional networks, and face-to-face interactions. The publisher also established professional corporate relations with various companies that allow us greater flexibility for reaching out to industry participants and commentators for interviews and discussions, fulfilling the following functions:

  • Validates and improves the data quality and strengthens research proceeds
  • Further develop the analyst team’s market understanding and expertise
  • Supplies authentic information about market size, share, growth, and forecast

The researcher's primary research interview and discussion panels are typically composed of the most experienced industry members. These participants include, however, are not limited to:

  • Chief executives and VPs of leading corporations specific to the industry
  • Product and sales managers or country heads; channel partners and top level distributors; banking, investment, and valuation experts
  • Key opinion leaders (KOLs)

Secondary Research

The publisher refers to a broad array of industry sources for their secondary research, which typically includes, however, is not limited to:

  • Company SEC filings, annual reports, company websites, broker & financial reports, and investor presentations for competitive scenario and shape of the industry
  • Patent and regulatory databases for understanding of technical & legal developments
  • Scientific and technical writings for product information and related preemptions
  • Regional government and statistical databases for macro analysis
  • Authentic new articles, webcasts, and other related releases for market evaluation
  • Internal and external proprietary databases, key market indicators, and relevant press releases for market estimates and forecasts


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