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The Global Graphite Market 2024-2035

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  • 244 Pages
  • June 2024
  • Region: Global
  • Future Markets, Inc
  • ID: 5663766

The Global Graphite Market 2024-2035 is an extensive and in-depth market research report that provides crucial insights into the graphite industry. This comprehensive study offers a detailed analysis of the global graphite market, covering various types of graphite, their applications, market trends, and future projections across multiple industries.

Report contents include:

  • Market Overview:
    • introduction to graphite, its types (natural and synthetic), and their unique properties.
    • different classifications of natural graphite (flake, amorphous, and crystalline vein) and synthetic graphite (primary and secondary).
    • processing methods and applications.
  • Market Size and Growth Projections:
    • detailed analysis of global graphite production and demand from 2016 to 2035, segmented by graphite type (natural and synthetic) and end-use markets.
    • insights into current market dynamics and future growth prospects.
  • Technology and Innovation:
    • technologies in graphite production, processing, and application, including advancements in spherical graphite and expandable graphite.
    • graphene, its production methods, and potential market impact.
  • Analysis of different cathode chemistries.
  • Market Drivers and Challenges: factors promoting graphite market growth, such as the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy, as well as challenges hindering market expansion, including supply chain issues and environmental concerns.
  • Regional Analysis: Comprehensive breakdown of graphite demand by region, with a focus on key markets such as China, Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and Brazil. The report provides insights into regional market dynamics, production capacities, and consumption patterns.
  • End-use Market Analysis: Detailed examination of major graphite applications, including:
    • Lithium-ion batteries
    • Refractory manufacturing
    • Steel production
    • Electronics
    • Fuel cells
    • Nuclear industry
    • Lubricants
    • Friction materials
    • Flame retardants
    • Solar and wind energy
  • Demand forecasts from the EV and ESS markets and from different car types and battery chemistries.
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Overview of the graphite market supply chain, from mining and processing to end-use applications, highlighting key players at each stage.
  • Pricing Analysis: Historical and current pricing trends for various graphite types and grades. Price forecasts for graphite.
  • Competitive Landscape: Profiles of over 100 key players in the graphite industry, including both natural and synthetic graphite producers, covering their production capacities, market focus, and recent developments. Companies profiled include Black Rock Mining, Evolution Energy, GrafTech International, Gratomic, Graphite India, Leading Edge Materials, NextSource Materials, Nippon Carbon, Reflex Advanced Materials Corp., Renascor Resources, SEC Carbon, SGL Group, Showa Denko, Syrah Resources, Talga Group, Tirupati Carbon & Graphite, Tokai Carbon, and Volt Resources (full list of companies profiled in table of contents).
  • Emerging Trends: Analysis of emerging trends in the graphite market, such as the increasing demand for high-purity graphite in advanced technologies and the growing interest in graphene-based applications.

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Table of Contents

1 Research Methodology
2 Introduction
2.1 Types of graphite
2.1.1 Natural vs synthetic graphite
2.2 Natural graphite
2.2.1 Classification
2.2.2 Processing
2.2.3 Flake Grades Applications Spherical graphite Expandable graphite
2.2.4 Amorphous graphite Applications
2.2.5 Crystalline vein graphite Applications
2.3 Synthetic graphite
2.3.1 Classification Primary synthetic graphite Secondary synthetic graphite
2.3.2 Processing Processing for battery anodes
2.3.3 Issues with synthetic graphite production
2.3.4 Isostatic Graphite Description Markets Producers and production capacities
2.3.5 Graphite electrodes
2.3.6 Extruded Graphite
2.3.7 Vibration Molded Graphite
2.3.8 Die-molded graphite
2.4 New technologies
2.5 Recycling of graphite materials
2.6 Applications of graphite
2.7 Graphite pricing (ton)
2.7.1 Pricing in 2024
2.8 Graphene
2.8.1 CVD Graphene
2.8.2 Graphene nanoplatelets
2.8.3 Graphene oxide and reduced Graphene Oxide
2.8.4 Markets and applications
2.8.5 Prices
2.8.6 Graphene production capacities
2.8.7 Graphene producers

3 Markets for Graphite
3.1 Global production of graphite
3.1.1 The graphite market in 2024 and beyond
3.1.2 China dominance
3.1.3 United States subsidies/loans and tariffs on Chinese imports
3.1.4 Global mine production and reserves of natural graphite
3.1.5 Global graphite production in tonnes, 2016-2023
3.1.6 Estimated global graphite production in tonnes, 2024-2035
3.1.7 Synthetic graphite supply
3.2 Global market demand for graphite by end use market 2016-2035, tonnes
3.2.1 Natural graphite
3.2.2 Synthetic graphite
3.3 Demand for graphite by end use markets, 2023
3.4 Demand for graphite by end use markets, 2035
3.5 Graphite market developments 2020-2024
3.6 Demand by region
3.6.1 China Diversification of global supply and production
3.6.2 Asia-Pacific Synthetic graphite Natural graphite
3.6.3 North America Synthetic graphite Natural graphite
3.6.4 Europe Synthetic graphite Natural graphite
3.6.5 Brazil
3.7 Factors that aid graphite market growth
3.8 Factors that hinder graphite market growth
3.9 Main market players
3.9.1 Natural graphite
3.9.2 Synthetic graphite
3.10 Market supply chain
3.11 Lithium-ion batteries
3.11.1 Gigafactories
3.11.2 Anode material in electric vehicles Properties Market demand
3.11.3 Recent trends in the automotive market and EVs
3.11.4 Higher costs and tight supply
3.11.5 Forecast for EVs
3.11.6 Graphite alternatives for batteries
3.12 Refractory manufacturing (Steel market)
3.12.1 Steel market trends and graphite growth
3.12.2 Carbon Sources for refractories
3.12.3 Electric arc furnaces in steelmaking
3.13 Recarburising
3.14 Graphite shapes
3.15 Electronics
3.15.1 Thermal management
3.16 Electrode materials for fuel cells
3.17 Nuclear
3.18 Lubricants
3.19 Friction materials
3.20 Flame retardants
3.21 Solar and wind turbines

4 Company Profiles
4.1 Aben Resources
4.2 Alba Mineral Resources plc
4.3 Anovion Technologies
4.4 Anson Resources
4.5 Armadale Capital
4.6 Ashbury Carbons
4.7 Black Rock Mining Ltd
4.8 Blencowe Resources
4.9 BTR New Material Group Co., Ltd
4.10 Buxton Resources Limited
4.11 Canada Carbon Inc
4.12 Carbonscape
4.13 Ceylon Graphite Corp
4.14 China Minmetals Group (Heilongjiang) Graphite Industry Co
4.15 China Steel Chemical Corporation
4.16 Cocan (Hubei) Graphite Mill Inc
4.17 Doncarb Graphite LLC (EM Group)
4.18 Eagle Graphite
4.19 EcoGraf Limited
4.20 Evolution Energy Minerals
4.21 Extrativa Metalquimica SA Grafite do Brasil,
4.22 Evion Group Pty. Ltd
4.23 Fangda Carbon New Material Co., Ltd
4.24 First Graphene
4.25 Five-star New Material Technology Co., Ltd
4.26 Focus Graphite
4.27 FunktioMat Oy
4.28 Grafintec Oy
4.29 GrafTech International
4.30 Graphex Technologies LLC
4.31 Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH
4.32 Graphite COVA GmbH
4.33 Graphite India Limited (GIL)
4.34 Graphite One, Inc
4.35 Graphjet Technology
4.36 Gratomic, Inc
4.37 Green Battery Minerals
4.38 Green Graphite Technologies
4.39 Greenwing Resources
4.40 HEG Limited
4.41 Heilongjiang Guangshengda New Material Technology Co., Ltd
4.42 Heilongjiang Aoyu Energy
4.43 Hexagon Energy Materials Ltd
4.44 Hubei Hengda Graphite Shareholding
4.45 Ibiden
4.46 Infinity Stone Ventures Corporation
4.47 International Graphite Ltd
4.48 ITech Minerals Ltd
4.49 JFE Chemical Corp
4.50 Jixi Northeast Asia Mineral Resources Co., Ltd
4.51 Jixi Puchen Graphite Co., Ltd
4.52 Kaifeng Carbon
4.53 Leading Edge Materials
4.54 Lomiko Metals
4.55 Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd
4.56 Mason Graphite, Inc
4.57 Mersen SA
4.58 Metals Australia Ltd
4.59 Mineral Commodities Ltd
4.60 Nacional de Grafite
4.61 Nantong Yangzi Carbon
4.62 NeoGraf Solutions, LLC
4.63 NextSource Materials Inc
4.64 Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd
4.65 Northern Graphite Corporation
4.66 Nouveau Monde Graphite, Inc
4.67 Novonix Limited
4.68 Perpetuus Carbon Group
4.69 POSCO Future M
4.70 Power Metal Resources
4.71 Qingdao Black Dragon Graphite Group
4.72 Qingdao Freyr Graphite Co., Ltd
4.73 Qingdao GR-TAIDA Carbon Co., Ltd
4.74 Qingdao Haida Graphite
4.75 Quantum Graphite
4.76 Qingdao Taihelong New Energy Co., Ltd
4.77 Reflex Advanced Materials Corp
4.78 Renascor Resources Ltd
4.79 Sarytogan Graphite Ltd
4.80 SEC Carbon
4.81 SGL Carbon SE
4.82 Shanshan Science & Technology Co., Ltd
4.83 Showa Denko K.K
4.84 South Star Battery Metals
4.85 Sovereign Metals Limited
4.86 SRG Mining
4.87 Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd
4.88 Superior Graphite
4.89 Syrah Resources Limited
4.90 Talga Resources
4.91 Tirupati Graphite plc
4.92 Tokai Carbon
4.93 Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd
4.94 UP Catalyst
4.95 Vianode
4.96 Volt Resources Ltd
4.97 Walkabout Resources Ltd
4.98 Westwater Resources, Inc
4.99 Xincheng Graphite Co. Ltd
4.100 Zentek Ltd
4.101 Zhanjiang Juxin New Energy Co., Ltd

5 References
List of Tables
Table 1. Selected physical properties of graphite
Table 2. Characteristics of natural and synthetic graphite
Table 3. Comparison between Natural and Synthetic Graphite
Table 4. Classification of natural graphite with its characteristics
Table 5. Applications of flake graphite
Table 6. Amorphous graphite applications
Table 7. Crystalline vein graphite applications
Table 8. Characteristics of synthetic graphite
Table 9: Main markets and applications of isostatic graphite
Table 10. Current or planned production capacities for isostatic graphite
Table 11. Main graphite electrode producers and capacities (MT/year)
Table 12. Markets and applications of graphite
Table 13. Classification, application and price of graphite as a function of size
Table 14. Pricing by graphite type, 2020-2024
Table 15. Properties of graphene, properties of competing materials, applications thereof
Table 16. Types of graphene and typical prices
Table 17. Applications of GO and rGO
Table 18. Markets, benefits and applications of graphene
Table 19. Graphene types and cost per kg
Table 20. Main graphene producers by country, annual production capacities, types and main markets they sell into
Table 21. Graphene producers
Table 22. Estimated global mine Production of natural graphite 2020-2023, by country (tons)
Table 23. Global production of graphite 2016-2023, MT
Table 24. Estimated global graphite production in tonnes, 2024-2035, by type
Table 25. Graphite market developments 2020-2024
Table 26. Demand for synthetic graphite in Asia-Pacific 2016-2035, tonnes
Table 27. Demand for natural graphite in Asia-Pacific 2016-2035, tonnes
Table 28. Demand for synthetic graphite in North America 2016-2035, tonnes
Table 29. Demand for natural graphite in the USA 2016-2035, tonnes
Table 30. Demand for synthetic graphite in Europe 2018-2035, tonnes
Table 31. Demand for natural graphite in Europe 2016-2035, tonnes
Table 32. Main natural graphite producers
Table 33. Main synthetic graphite producers
Table 34. Key minerals in an EV battery
Table 35. Current and planned gigafactories
Table 36. Overview of thermal management materials
Table 37. Next Resources graphite flake products

List of Tables
Figure 1. Structure of graphite
Figure 2. Comparison of SEM micrographs of sphere-shaped natural graphite (NG; after several processing steps) and synthetic graphite (SG)
Figure 3. Overview of graphite production, processing and applications
Figure 4. Flake graphite
Figure 5. Flake graphite production
Figure 6. Amorphous graphite
Figure 7. Vein graphite
Figure 8: Isostatic pressed graphite
Figure 9. Global market for graphite EAFs, 2018-2035 (MT)
Figure 10. Extruded graphite rod
Figure 11. Vibration Molded Graphite
Figure 12. Die-molded graphite products
Figure 13. Price of fine flake graphite 2022-2024
Figure 14. Price of spherical graphite, 2022-2024
Figure 15. Graphene layer structure schematic
Figure 16. Illustrative procedure of the Scotch-tape based micromechanical cleavage of HOPG
Figure 17. Graphite and graphene
Figure 18. Types of CVD methods
Figure 19. Schematic of the manufacture of GnPs starting from natural graphite
Figure 20. Global production of graphite 2016-2023 MT
Figure 21. Estimated global graphite production in tonnes, 2024-2035, by type
Figure 22. Global market demand for natural graphite by end use market 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 23. Global market demand for synthetic graphite by end use market 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 24. Consumption of graphite by end use markets, 2023
Figure 25. Demand for graphite by end use markets, 2035
Figure 26. Global consumption of graphite by type and region, 203
Figure 27. Consumption of synthetic graphite in Asia-Pacific 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 28. Consumption of natural graphite in Asia-Pacific 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 29. Demand for synthetic graphite in North America 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 30. Demand for natural graphite in the USA 2018-2035, tonnes
Figure 31. Consumption of synthetic graphite in Europe 2015-2035, tonnes
Figure 32. Consumption of natural graphite in Europe 2015-2035, tonnes
Figure 33. Graphite market supply chain (battery market)
Figure 34. Graphite battery market demand, by type 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 35. 2 Graphite: Content and share of total cell weight, for common types of lithium-ion cells for battery-powered electric vehicles
Figure 36. Graphite as active anode material in lithium-ion cell
Figure 37. Global electric car sales and share of global car sales, 2010-2023
Figure 38. Graphite market demand for refractories, by type 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 39. Schematic illustration of an EAF
Figure 40. Graphite electrodes demand 2018-2035 in EAFs (million MT)
Figure 41. Graphite market demand for recarburising, by type 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 42. Graphite market demand for recarburising, by type 2016-2035, tonnes
Figure 43. Graphite market demand for friction products by type 2016-2035, tonnes

Executive Summary

Graphite is used across multiple industries such as automotive, steel-making, powder metallurgy, fuel cells, and flame retardants. Graphite is a critical raw material for the green transition and demand is increasing in markets including electric vehicles and green energy storage. Huge growth in the electric vehicle sector has driven the industry’s graphite requirements as various widely-used lithium-ion batteries - from LFP to NCM cathodes - use graphite anodes. Both natural and synthetic graphite play a key role in the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage system (ESS) markets. Each battery anodes contains 50-100kg, with both synthetic and natural graphite. Synthetic graphite dominates this market, but in recent years non-Chinese product developers have been altering chemistries in an bid to lower emissions and meet tighter ESG standards. Desirable properties of graphite include:

  • good conductor of heat and electricity.
  • high regular stiffness and strength.
  • maintains firmness and strength up to temperature more than 3600 °C
  • highly lubricating material with chemical inertness and corrosion resistance.

China is the world's number one producer and consumer of graphite, accounting for 60% of global natural flake supply, 99% of uncoated spherical graphite and over 90% of natural anode, but the United States is making major funding available for graphite production in the US.

Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Aben Resources
  • Alba Mineral Resources plc
  • Anovion Technologies
  • Anson Resources
  • Armadale Capital
  • Ashbury Carbons
  • Black Rock Mining Ltd
  • Blencowe Resources
  • BTR New Material Group Co., Ltd
  • Buxton Resources Limited
  • Canada Carbon Inc
  • Carbonscape
  • Ceylon Graphite Corp
  • China Minmetals Group (Heilongjiang) Graphite Industry Co
  • China Steel Chemical Corporation
  • Cocan (Hubei) Graphite Mill Inc
  • Doncarb Graphite LLC (EM Group)
  • Eagle Graphite
  • EcoGraf Limited
  • Evion Group Pty. Ltd
  • Evolution Energy Minerals
  • Extrativa Metalquimica SA Grafite do Brasil,
  • Fangda Carbon New Material Co., Ltd
  • First Graphene
  • Five-star New Material Technology Co., Ltd
  • Focus Graphite
  • FunktioMat Oy
  • Grafintec Oy
  • GrafTech International
  • Graphex Technologies LLC
  • Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH
  • Graphite COVA GmbH
  • Graphite India Limited (GIL)
  • Graphite One, Inc
  • Graphjet Technology
  • Gratomic, Inc
  • Green Battery Minerals
  • Green Graphite Technologies
  • Greenwing Resources
  • HEG Limited
  • Heilongjiang Aoyu Energy
  • Heilongjiang Guangshengda New Material Technology Co., Ltd
  • Hexagon Energy Materials Ltd
  • Hubei Hengda Graphite Shareholding
  • Ibiden
  • Infinity Stone Ventures Corporation
  • International Graphite Ltd
  • ITech Minerals Ltd
  • JFE Chemical Corp
  • Jixi Northeast Asia Mineral Resources Co., Ltd
  • Jixi Puchen Graphite Co., Ltd
  • Kaifeng Carbon
  • Leading Edge Materials
  • Lomiko Metals
  • Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd
  • Mason Graphite, Inc
  • Mersen SA
  • Metals Australia Ltd
  • Mineral Commodities Ltd
  • Nacional de Grafite
  • Nantong Yangzi Carbon
  • NeoGraf Solutions, LLC
  • NextSource Materials Inc
  • Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd
  • Northern Graphite Corporation
  • Nouveau Monde Graphite, Inc
  • Novonix Limited
  • Perpetuus Carbon Group
  • POSCO Future M
  • Power Metal Resources
  • Qingdao Black Dragon Graphite Group
  • Qingdao Freyr Graphite Co., Ltd
  • Qingdao GR-TAIDA Carbon Co., Ltd
  • Qingdao Haida Graphite
  • Qingdao Taihelong New Energy Co., Ltd
  • Quantum Graphite
  • Reflex Advanced Materials Corp
  • Renascor Resources Ltd
  • Sarytogan Graphite Ltd
  • SEC Carbon
  • SGL Carbon SE
  • Shanshan Science & Technology Co., Ltd
  • Showa Denko K.K
  • South Star Battery Metals
  • Sovereign Metals Limited
  • SRG Mining
  • Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd
  • Superior Graphite
  • Syrah Resources Limited
  • Talga Resources
  • Tirupati Graphite plc
  • Tokai Carbon
  • Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd
  • UP Catalyst
  • Vianode
  • Volt Resources Ltd
  • Walkabout Resources Ltd
  • Westwater Resources, Inc
  • Xincheng Graphite Co. Ltd
  • Zentek Ltd
  • Zhanjiang Juxin New Energy Co., Ltd