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Global Infusion Therapy Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis 2024-2030 MedSuite Includes: Infusion Pumps, Intravenous Sets, and 4 more

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  • 393 Pages
  • September 2023
  • Region: Global
  • iData Research
  • ID: 5878630
In 2023, the global infusion therapy market achieved a total valuation of $11.7 billion, marking a 4.5% increase compared to the previous year when it stood at $11.2 billion. Projections indicate that this figure is set to continue its upward trajectory, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7%, ultimately reaching $15.0 billion within the forecasted period. Presently, the global infusion therapy market is chiefly led by industry giants Becton Dickinson (BD) and B. Braun.

In the course of conducting extensive medical market research, we scrutinized more than 45 infusion therapy firms across all seven continents. Employing a comprehensive methodology, we meticulously assessed various market metrics, encompassing unit sales, average selling prices, market values, and growth trends. These analyses facilitated the formulation of precise forecasts. The comprehensive report suite on the global infusion therapy market covers a broad spectrum of products, including infusion pumps, intravenous sets, needleless connectors, stopcocks, intravenous filters, and blood transfusion sets.


  • Unit Sales, Average Selling Prices, Market Value & Growth Trends
  • Forecasts Until 2030, and Historical Data to 2020
  • Market Drivers & Limiters for Each Segment
  • Competitive Analysis with Market Shares for Each Segment
  • Recent Mergers & Acquisitions

COVID-19 Impact

  • Disease Overviews and Demographic Information
  • Company Profiles, Product Portfolios and SWOT for Top Competitors


The global infusion therapy market is currently undergoing a remarkable growth spurt, primarily attributed to the burgeoning accessibility of healthcare services in emerging markets. These regions are witnessing substantial improvements in their healthcare infrastructure and the availability of medical care, a development that is fueling the demand for infusion therapy. This heightened demand is further propelled by the expanding population in these areas and their increasing capabilities in disease management and healthcare delivery.

The enhanced healthcare infrastructure is facilitating wider access to infusion therapy services for a larger portion of the population, resulting in improved patient outcomes and a broader array of treatment options. This dynamic expansion in emerging markets presents significant opportunities for industry stakeholders to meet the surging demand for infusion therapy solutions.


In the year 2023, Becton Dickinson (BD) solidified its position as the dominant force in the global infusion therapy market, securing the top rank in every market segment except for IV filters. BD's exceptional success can be attributed to its robust global brand presence and its extensive range of infusion therapy products, both of which significantly contribute to its overall sales growth.

In close pursuit, B. Braun claimed the second position in the global infusion therapy market. Much like BD, B. Braun boasts a comprehensive product portfolio that encompasses nearly all market segments, with the exception of the IV filter sector. However, one noteworthy distinction for B. Braun lies in its somewhat narrower selection of capital equipment infusion pumps compared to BD.

Apart from BD and B. Braun, several competitors maintained relatively similar market shares, with notable players including Baxter and ICU Medical. These companies typically engage in competition across multiple segments but do not enjoy the same level of brand recognition as BD and B. Braun.


While this global report suite contains all global infusion therapy market data. This allows you to get access to only the infusion therapy market research that you need.
  • Infusion Pumps Market | Global | 2024-2030 | MedCore - The market analysis is further broken down into segments by:
  • Large-volume infusion pumps, syringe infusion pumps, patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) infusion pumps, electronic ambulatory infusion pumps and disposable ambulatory infusion pumps.
  • Intravenous Sets Market | Global | 2024-2030 | MedCore - The chapter contains the market analysis which is categorized by:
  • Pump sets, secondary sets, gravity sets and extension sets.
  • Needleless Connectors Market | Global | 2024-2030 | MedCore - The market is broken down by:
  • Hospital NLCs and non-hospital NLCs.
  • Stopcocks Market | Global | 2024-2030 | MedCore - The research includes an in-depth analysis of the global stopcock market;
  • Intravenous Filter Market | Global | 2024-2030 | MedCore - The research includes an in-depth analysis of the global IV filter market;
  • Blood Transfusion Sets Market | Global | 2024-2030 | MedCore - The research includes an in-depth analysis of the global blood transfusion market.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Global Infusion Therapy Device Market Overview
Competitive Analysis
Market Trends
Market Developments
Markets Included
Regions Included
Key Report Updates
Version History
Research Methodology
Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection
Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research
Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design
Step 4: Performing Primary Research
Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates
Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis
Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities
Step 8: Final Review and Market Release
Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring
2. Impact of Covid-19 on the Global Infusion Therapy Device Market
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Regional Profiles
2.3 Analysis by Market Segment
2.3.1 Worst Case Scenario
2.3.2 Base Case Scenario
2.3.3 Best Case Scenario
3. Disease Overview
3.1 Disease Treatment and Diagnostic
3.1.1 Cancer
3.1.2 Congestive Heart Failure
3.1.3 Crohn's Disease
3.1.4 Hemophilia
3.1.5 Multiple Sclerosis
3.2 Patient Demographics
3.2.1 Congestive Heart Failure
3.2.2 Crohn's Disease
3.2.3 Hemophilia
3.2.4 Multiple Sclerosis
3.2.5 Cancer Breast Cancer Colon and Rectum Leukemia Lungs and Bronchus Pancreas
4. Product Assessment
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Product Portfolios
4.2.1 Infusion Pump
4.2.2 Intravenous Sets Pump Sets Gravity Sets Secondary Sets Extension Sets
4.2.3 Needleless Connectors Split Septum and Blunt Cannula Mechanical Valves Negative Displacement Mechanical Valves Positive Displacement Mechanical Valves Neutral Displacement Mechanical Valves Anti-Reflux Neutral Displacement Mechanical Valves Antimicrobial Needleless Connectors
4.2.4 Intravenous Filters
4.2.5 Stopcocks
4.2.6 Blood Transfusion Devices
4.3 Regulatory Issues and Recalls
4.3.1 Infusion Pump
4.3.2 Intravenous Sets
4.3.3 Needleless Connector
4.3.4 Stopcocks
4.3.5 Blood Transfusion Devices
4.4 Clinical Trials
4.4.1 Infusion Pump
4.4.2 Needleless Connectors
4.4.3 Blood Transfusion Devices
5. Global Infusion Therapy Device Market Overview
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Overview & Trend Analysis
5.2.1 by Segment
5.2.2 by Region
5.3 Drivers and Limiters
5.3.1 Market Drivers
5.3.2 Market Limiters
5.4 Competitive Market Share Analysis
5.5 Mergers and Acquisitions
5.6 Company Profiles
5.6.1 Avanos Medical
5.6.2 B. Braun
5.6.3 Baxter
5.6.4 Becton Dickinson
5.6.5 Belmont Medical
5.6.6 Codan
5.6.7 Fresenius
5.6.8 Gvs Group
5.6.9 Icu Medical
5.6.10 Vygon
5.7 SWOT Analysis
5.7.1 Avanos Medical
5.7.2 B. Braun
5.7.3 Baxter
5.7.4 Becton Dickinson
5.7.5 Belmont Medical
5.7.6 Codan
5.7.7 Fresenius
5.7.8 Gvs Group
5.7.9 Icu Medical
5.7.10 Vygon
6. Infusion Pump Market
6.1 Executive Summary
6.1.1 Global Infusion Pump Market Overview
6.1.2 Competitive Analysis
6.1.3 Markets Included
6.1.4 Regions Included
6.2 Introduction
6.3 Market Overview
6.3.1 by Segment
6.3.2 by Region
6.4 Market Analysis and Forecast
6.4.1 Total Infusion Pump Market
6.4.2 Large-Volume Infusion Pump Market Hospital Large-Volume Infusion Pump Market Non-Hospital Large-Volume Infusion Pump Market
6.4.3 Syringe Infusion Pump Market Hospital Syringe Infusion Pump Market Non-Hospital Syringe Infusion Pump Market
6.4.4 Patient-Controlled Analgesia Infusion Pump Market Hospital Patient-Controlled Analgesia Infusion Pump Market Non-Hospital Patient-Controlled Analgesia Infusion Pump Market
6.4.5 Electronic Ambulatory Infusion Pump Market
6.4.6 Disposable Ambulatory Infusion Pump Market
6.5 Drivers and Limiters
6.5.1 Market Drivers
6.5.2 Market Limiters
6.6 Competitive Market Share Analysis
7. Intravenous Set Market
7.1 Executive Summary
7.1.1 Global Intravenous Set Market Overview
7.1.2 Competitive Analysis
7.1.3 Markets Included
7.1.4 Regions Included
7.2 Introduction
7.3 Market Overview
7.3.1 by Segment
7.3.2 by Region
7.4 Market Analysis and Forecast
7.4.1 Total Intravenous Set Market
7.4.2 Pump Set Market Hospital Pump Set Market Non-Hospital Pump Set Market
7.4.3 Gravity Set Market Hospital Gravity Set Market Non-Hospital Gravity Set Market
7.4.4 Secondary Set Market Hospital Secondary Set Market Non-Hospital Secondary Set Market
7.4.5 Extension Set Market Hospital Extension Set Market Non-Hospital Extension Set Market
7.5 Drivers and Limiters
7.5.1 Market Drivers
7.5.2 Market Limiters
7.6 Competitive Market Share Analysis
8. Needleless Connector Market
8.1 Executive Summary
8.1.1 Global Needleless Connector Market Overview
8.1.2 Competitive Analysis
8.1.3 Regions Included
8.2 Introduction
8.3 Market Overview
8.3.1 by Segment
8.3.2 by Region
8.4 Market Analysis and Forecast
8.4.1 Total Needleless Connector Market by Care Setting
8.4.2 Hospital Needleless Connector Market
8.4.3 Non-Hospital Needleless Connector Market
8.5 Drivers and Limiters
8.5.1 Market Drivers
8.5.2 Market Limiters
8.6 Competitive Market Share Analysis
9. Intravenous Filter Market
9.1 Executive Summary
9.1.1 Global Intravenous Filter Market Overview
9.1.2 Competitive Analysis
9.1.3 Regions Included
9.2 Introduction
9.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
9.4 Drivers and Limiters
9.4.1 Market Drivers
9.4.2 Market Limiters
9.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis
10. Stopcock Market
10.1 Executive Summary
10.1.1 Global Stopcock Market Overview
10.1.2 Competitive Analysis
10.1.3 Regions Included
10.2 Introduction
10.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
10.4 Drivers and Limiters
10.4.1 Market Drivers
10.4.2 Market Limiters
10.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis
11. Blood Transfusion Device Market
11.1 Executive Summary
11.1.1 Global Blood Transfusion Device Market Overview
11.1.2 Competitive Analysis
11.1.3 Regions Included
11.2 Introduction
11.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
11.4 Drivers and Limiters
11.4.1 Market Drivers
11.4.2 Market Limiters
11.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis
12. Abbreviations

Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Actimed
  • Ivenix
  • AmbIT
  • Kimal
  • Ambu
  • Leventon
  • Amsino
  • Macropharm
  • Applied Medical
  • Mediplast
  • Acromed
  • Mindray
  • Argon Medical
  • Mircel
  • Aries
  • Moog
  • Avanos Medical
  • Multimedical
  • B. Braun
  • Nexus Medical
  • Baxter
  • Nipro Medical
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Nordson Medical
  • Bexen Medical
  • NP Medical
  • BMS Critical Care
  • Promed
  • Qosina
  • CoMedical
  • Rymed Technologies
  • Crest Medical
  • Samtronic
  • Elcam
  • Sanitas
  • Ferrari L. Medical Devices
  • Smiths Medical
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Teleflex
  • Halkey Roberts
  • Terumo
  • Hospital Service
  • Vygon
  • ICU Medical
  • Walkmed Infusion
  • IMS Euro
  • Woo Young Medical
  • Iradimed
  • Zyno Medical