Lockheed Martin Corporation-Competitive Benchmarking Analysis

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Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest defence contractor by revenues. The company is a leading aerospace manufacturer and producer of global security and advanced technology systems. Lockheed Martin was formed in 1995 by the merger of Lockheed with Martin Marietta and generated about US$ 42.73 billion as revenues in 2008. It is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland and generates about 83% of its total revenues by selling advanced systems & technologies to the US Government.
This report brings to forefront a comprehensive competitive benchmarking analysis of the Lockheed Martin’s business & presents an insightful perspective by stacking the company with key business competitors in the global aerospace & defence industry on key business performance matrices. The business competitors have been selected based on their relative size, scale of operations & compatibility of products & services portfolio.

The report includes a comprehensive comparative analysis of the

- Business Structure & Overview
- Revenue Share by Business Segments
- Comparative Employee Ranges by Business Segments
- Shareholding Structure
- Mapping Geographic Footprints
- Competitive Positioning
- Product Portfolio Analysis
- Comparative Financial Performance Analysis
- Key Financial Ratios
- Analysis of Key Business Strategies & Plans
- Comparative Analysis of Order Backlog Status
- Comparative SWOT Analysis

The report can be used to analyze competitive positioning & strategy, corporate planning & to identify business trends & opportunities. The report will be useful for decision makers, top management of companies, Suppliers & Vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry or the companies.

The report is comprehensive yet concise; enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.
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1. Business Overview
- Business Structure
- Business Segments
- Shareholding Pattern
- Market Capitalization
- Employee-Ranges
- Key Executives
- Ratings

2. Comparative Product Portfolio Analysis
- Products
- Programs
- Key Technologies

3. Mapping Geographic Footprints

4. Competitive Positioning

5. Financial Benchmarking 2006-2009(Q1 Results)
- Revenue Analysis
- Profitability
- Cash Flow Analysis

6. Comparative Analysis of Key Financial Ratios
- Profitability
- Short Term Solvency
- Efficiency
- Utilization

7. Comparative Stock Performance Analysis
- Stock Earnings Analysis
- Dividends Payout
- Stock Performance Vs. S&P Aerospace & Defence Index-A Comparative Analysis

8. Key Business Strategies & Plans
- Extending focus on adjacent markets business
- Maintaining major business focus on logistics business
- Leverage on augmented shipbuilding capabilities by foraying into commercial shipbuilding space
- Strategically incorporate expertise in the supply chain business into its key platform programs like F-35.
- Branch out further in unrelated platforms as well
- Expansion of PAC 3 missile (Patriot Advanced Capability- 3) production facility in Camden, Arkansas commences in view of the emerging strong interest in the missile system

9. Significant Business Developments (A Total of 15 Business Developments covered in the report)
-- $203Million contract to operate Fort Bragg Field Logistics Readiness Centre
-- GBS transition contract to provide broadcast management
-- 10 year service contract by FBI for biometrics

10. Strategic Initiatives

- Targeted Acquisitions-Inorganic route to growth to
-- Augment & extend strategic delivery capabilities-Acquisition of Aculight corporation
-- Fortify relationships with key agency customers
-- Restructure portfolio for value-addition-Acquisition of Eagle Group
-- Expand global presence-Establishes Australian presence in 2009.

- Corporate restructuring initiatives
-- Stock buyback worth $2.9 billion
-- Reduction in long-term debt

- F-35 Lightning II Combat Aircraft Program-
-- Project Updates & Developments
-- Order Book Status
-- US Government Procurement Plans

- Littoral Combat Ship Program-
-- Project Updates & Developments
-- Order Book Status
-- US Government Procurement Plans

- Medium Extended Air Defence System, MEADS Program
-- Strategic Partners
-- Order Book Status (along with Germany & Italy to be supplied to NATO in the coming years)

11. Order Backlog Status- Comparative Analysis

12. Comparative SWOT Analysis

13. Key Issues, Risk Factors & Industry Trends: A round-up of key factors & trends that impact the companies operating in the aerospace & defence sector directly or indirectly including Government spending, agency budgets, global security challenges & technological developments etc.

List of Charts & Tables:

- Revenue break-up by Business Segments
- Geographic Locations Map
- Shareholding Structure
- Revenue Charts from 2006-2009 Q1
- Net Profit Charts 2006-2009 Q1
- Cash Flow 2006-2009 Q1
- Stock Performance & Comparative Analysis Charts
- Ratio Analysis Tables
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