Honeywell - Competitive Benchmarking Analysis

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This report brings to forefront a comprehensive competitive benchmarking analysis of the Honeywell’s business & presents an insightful perspective by stacking the company with two key business competitors in the global aerospace industry namely Rockwell Collins & Goodrich Corporation on key business & industry performance matrices & parameters. The business competitors have been selected based on their relative size, scale of operations & compatibility of services portfolio.

The report includes a comprehensive analysis of

-- Business Structure
-- Business Segments Analysis
-- Shareholding Structure Analysis
-- Competitive Positioning
-- Financial Benchmarking & Comparative Stock Performance Analysis
-- Comparative Analysis of Key Financial Ratios
-- Key Business Strategies & Plans
-- Strategic Initiatives
-- Significant Business Developments
-- SWOT Analysis
-- Business Outlook

The report will be useful for:

-- Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking Exercise
-- Corporate Planning
-- Analyzing Competitive Positioning
-- Strategic Planning & Decision-Making Process
-- Assessment of Strategic Outlook
-- Identifying Areas for Strategic Changes, Realignment & Improvements
-- Identifying Key Industry Trends, Issues, Risk Factors & Outlook

The report will be essential for those having strategic interest in any of these companies & will be especially useful for key decision makers, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry or the company especially in this unpredictably complex time for the industry & the economy.

The report is comprehensive yet concise, built on the PowerPoint platform; thus enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.

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1. Business Overview

-- Founded
-- Headquartered
-- Business Segments
-- Revenues & Break-Up by Business Segments
-- Shareholding Structure & Pattern
-- Market Capitalization
-- Employee - Range
-- Key Executives

2. Business Structure & Segmentation

3. Competitive Positioning

4. Financial Benchmarking 2006-2009

-- Revenues
-- Growth
-- Profitability
-- Cash Flow Analysis

5. Comparative Analysis of Key Financial Ratios

6. Comparative Stock Performance Analysis

7. Significant Business Developments

8. Strategic Initiatives

9. Key Business Strategies & Plans

10. SWOT Analysis

11. Order Backlog Status - Analysis

12. Business Outlook

13. Key Industry Trends, Issues, Risk Factors & Outlook

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