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Innovations in Titanium Technology

  • Book
  • 284 Pages
  • May 2010
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • ID: 1370495
This publication addresses the latest developments and breakthroughs in all areas of science and engineering of titanium technology that aim to reduce the cost of titanium for end users. The broad areas covered include:
  • Extractive Metallurgy
  • Melting
  • Casting and Refining Practices
  • Powder Processing and Handling
  • Deformation Processing
  • Alloy Development
  • Microstructure and Property Enhancement Through Secondary Processing
  • Emphasis is given to those processes that are under development and/or emerging as well as innovative

A collection of papers from the 2007 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition held in Orlando, Florida, February 25-March 1, 2007.

Table of Contents




Cost Affordable Materials and Processing.

Cost Affordable Titanium – An Update (Francis Froes, Mehmet Gungor, and M.A. Imam).

Low Cost Materials and Processing.

Low Cost Fabrication of Titanium Alloy Components Directly from Sponge (James Withers, Roger S. Storm, and Raouf O. Loutfy).

Development of Cost Effective Blended Elemental Powder Metallurgy Ti Alloys (Fusheng Sun, and Kuang–O (Oscar) Yu).

A Novel Process for Cost Effective Production of TiAl based Titanium Alloy Powders (Gorgees Adam, D.L. Zhang, and Jing Liang).

Flowformed Ti–6Al–4V (Mehmet Gungor, Lawrence Kramer, Ibrahim Ucok, Hao Dong, and Wm. Troy Tack).

Novel Materials and Processes I.

Development of the FFC Cambridge Process for the Production of Titanium and Its Alloys (Richard Dashwood, Martin Jackson, Kevin Dring, Kartik Rao, Rohit Bhagat, and Douglas Inman).

Operation of Electrolysis Cells for the Direct Production of Ferrotitanium from Solid Oxide Precursors (Kevin Dring, Odd–Arne Lorentsen, Eirik Hagen, and Christian Rosenkilde).

Synthesis and Enrichment of Titanium Subchlorides in Molten Salts (Osamu Takeda, and Toru Okabe).

Production of Ti–Al Alloys Using Ionic Liquid Electrolytes at Low Temperatures (Debabrata Pradhan, and Ramana Reddy).

Precipitation of Rutile (TiO2) Nano–sized Particles via Forced Hydrolysis of a Titanium Tetrachloride (TiCl4) Solution (Cecile Charbonneau, and George P. Demopoulos).

Producing Titamium by Titania Electrolysis in a 5KA Cell (Huimin Lu, and Huanqing Han).

Novel Materials and Processes II.

Processing Routes to Produce Titanium from TiO2 (James Withers, John Laughlin, and Raouf O. Loutfy).

The Production of Titanium from a Composite Anode (James Withers, John Laughlin, and Raouf O. Loutfy).

A Fundamental Investigation on Recovery of Titanium from Titanium–Bearing Blast Furnace Slag (Haigang Dong, Tao Jiang, Yufeng Guo, and Guanghui Li).

Effect of Al2O3 Content on the Electro–Winning of Ti in DC–ESR Operation (Masahiro Kawakami, Toshihide Takenaka, Takahiro Kawabata, and Akihiro Matsuyama).

A Novel Recycling Process of Titanium Metal Scraps by Using Chloride Wastes (Haiyan Zheng, and Toru Okabe).

Advances in Materials Processing.

Advances in Titanium Metal Injection Molding (Francis Froes).

Advances in Alloy Development.

Processing and Property Improvements in Rolled Plates and Sheets of Ti–6Al–4V + 0.1 wt% B (Mats Bennett, Raghavan Srinivasan, and Sesh Tamirisa).

Effect of Al Content on Phase Constitution and Tensile Properties of Ti–13mass%Cr–1mass%Fe–Al Alloys (Michiharu Ogawa, Tetsuya Shimizu, Toshiharu Noda, and Masahiko Ikeda).

Microstructure and Properties I.

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti–6Al–4V Investment Castings (Ibrahim Ucok, Lawrence Kramer, Kevin Klug, Hao Dong, Mehmet Gungor, and Wm. Troy Tack).

Dental Titanium Casting at Baylor College of Dentistry – Update (Mari Koike, Toru Okabe, and Kwai Chan).

Mechanical Properties of α+β Type Titanium Alloys Fabricated by Metal Injection Molding with Targeting Biomedical Applications (Mitsuo Niinomi, Toshikazu Akahori, Masaaki Nakai, Kazuma Ohnaka, Yoshinori Itoh, Kenji Sato, and Tomomi Ozawa).

Mechanical Properties and Structural Superplasticity in Ultrafine–Grained α–Titanium/TixMey–Intermetallic Ti–8Fe–4Al, Ti–10Co–4Al and Ti–10Ni–4Al Alloys (Georg Frommeyer).

Dislocations in Ambient Temperature Creep of HCP Metals (Tetsuya Matsunaga, Eiichi Sato, and Kazuhiko Kuribayashi).

Microstructure and Properties II.

High Temperature Oxidation of Ti3Al–4at%Nb Alloy in Pure Oxygen(Chris Williams, D. Mantha, and Ramana Reddy).

Evaluation of TiN Coatings Poduced via Different Techniques (Ali Arslan Kaya, Selda Ucuncuoglu, and Kerim Allahverdi).

Some Engineering Aspects of Thermohydrogen Treatment of Large Complex Titanium Alloy Castings (Guoping Cao, Hai Nan, and Chengmu Xie).

Flame Spray Welding of NiCrBSi Powder Alloy on Titanium Alloy Substrate (Xiaojing Xu).

Author Index.

Subject Index.


Mehmet N. Gungor M. Ashraf Imam F. H. (Sam) Froes