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Global Telecoms Trends - The Big Picture 2018 - Key Industry Statistics

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In 2018 the global telecommunications market continues its transformation into the industry underpinning the digital, sharing and interconnected economy. This evolution is mainly driven by the ongoing innovations and technological developments that are taking place and the industry is working hard to keep up with these rapid changes.
The underlying trends of M2M, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and the over-arching Internet of Things continues to grow from strength to strength.
Telcos are focused more heavily on customer retention and churn in the face of dwindling revenues brought about market saturation and the disruptive rise of the OTT players. Many operators are improving mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure with an eye to the future. Some operators are also looking at the vertical markets offered by developments in Internet, TV and video-streaming to boost revenue streams and others are expanding regionally or internationally. Bundling of services has been a growing trend over the past ten years or so and many countries around the world have embraced this service model.

4G LTE deployment and network upgrades are is a key trend around much of the world and in appropriate markets there is also a keen investment in fixed broadband based on fibre. 5G developments have gained pace and will continue to be a key area of focus in 2018 and beyond.

This report provides a summary of key trends for the global telecoms sector for 2018 and beyond. This valuable report also includes recent and current key statistics for the overall global telecoms industry as well as statistics for the mobile, mobile broadband, Internet, satellite and fixed broadband sectors. It includes a ranking of the top 15 public Telcos as well as global telecoms CAPEX and revenue. For further statistics and trends on the global mobile market, see separate reports.
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1. Synopsis

2. The global telecoms industry in 2018
2.1 Triple-play and multi-play trends
2.1.1 Bundling around the world

3. Global mobile market key statistics

4. Global mobile broadband subscriber statistics

5. Global Internet users key statistics

6. Fixed broadband market key statistics

7. Global telecommunications capex and mobile revenue

8. Global IP traffic

9. Satellite services
9.1 Satellite industry revenue
9.2 Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)

10. Ranking of top carriers

11. Related reports

List of Tables
Table 1 Global telecom statistics at a glance 2018
Table 2 Regional mobile broadband penetration 2014 - 2017
Table 3 Global unique mobile subscribers 2009 - 2018
Table 4 Regional - mobile subscriptions 2009 2017
Table 5 Global active mobile broadband subscriptions 2014 - 2018
Table 6 - Regional Active mobile broadband subscriptions 2014 - 2017
Table 7 Global - Internet users and annual change 2010 - 2018
Table 8 Global - fixed broadband subscribers 2005 - 2018
Table 9 Regional fixed broadband subscriptions 2017
Table 10 Global - broadband market share by access technology 2013; 2016
Table 11 Global telecoms CAPEX 2008 - 2019
Table 12 Global - mobile revenue 2017; 2020; 2025
Table 13 Global total satellite industry revenue 2008 - 2016
Table 14 Global - satellite services revenue 2003 - 2016
Table 15 Global top 15 public telecoms operators by revenue 2016; 2017

List of Charts
Chart 1 Mobile broadband penetration developed versus developing markets 2014 - 2017

List of Exhibits
Exhibit 1 Highlighted trends for the global telecoms sector in 2018/2019
Exhibit 2 Global content delivery ecosystem
Exhibit 3 Major global fixed satellite service operators
Exhibit 4 2nd Generation satellites
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