Truck Body Manufacturing in North America. Part I: Industry Analysis

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  • Centerline Tank & TraiIer
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This report contains an analysis & evaluation of the size, segmentation, channels, and competitive structure underlying the fabrication and upfit of truck bodies for specialized/vocational applications in North America.

With 284 identified manufacturers/fabricators of truck bodies in North America, this project is the culmination of a formidable market research task that presents an overall industry-wide picture, not available anywhere else in this analytical depth and scope.

The 396-page report analyzes product range differentiators, trends impacting the industry, and future outlook, including key technological innovations. This project began by examining hundreds of companies in virtually all product types and then building on this to arrive at a final list of 284 unique players that have a bona fide capability to fabricate truck bodies in North America.

The final vehicle incorporating the chassis and body can be categorized into two production categories: standardized products and products that are difficult to replicate. Examples of standardized products are dump trucks, van bodies, and service and utility trucks. These standardized products have lower average prices and are not as technologically advanced in their design. On the other hand, the products that are hard to replicate, such as concrete pumpers, concrete mixers, refuse trucks, vacuum tank trucks, and tow trucks, have more engineering in the design of the unit, resulting in a higher average unit price. Quite often the manufacturers of large custom trucks are also chassis manufacturers. By contrast, for standardized vehicles the chassis and body participants are most often separate industries, where the chassis is supplied to the body fabricator to complete the vehicle.

Trucks/bodies covered in this report are as follows:

- Beverage & Vending Bodies
- Service & Utility Bodies
- Concrete Mixer & Pump Bodies
- Street Sweeper Bodies
- Dry & Liquid Tank Bodies
- Tow Trucks & Rollback Carriers
- Dump Bodies
- Vacuum Tank Bodies
- Refuse & Recycling Bodies
- Van Bodies

In this report, each segment has been analyzed individually and then grossed-up into an overall industry overview that includes total market size, market shares, production break-out by region, an overview of profitability, revenue trends of leading public companies in this industry.

A companion report, Truck Body Manufacturing in North America Part II: Profiles of Manufacturers presents profiles on each and every one of the 284 manufacturers included in Part I: Industry Analysis. Part II is available as a separate purchase.

Certain manufacturers have, over the years, acquired companies and added product lines synergistic to existing businesses—either by product technology and design or by application and customer segment—to become dominant players in this industry. Both private equity buyers and strategic investors have been part of this consolidation. Groups discussed in this report include the Alamo Group, Federal Signal Corporation, JB Poindexter & Company, Inc., Oshkosh Corporation and the Godwin Group.

This report cohesively researches, analyzes and puts into a structured format, "who is who" in the business of truck body manufacturing in North America.

This is the only report of its kind on a $4.5 billion+ industry that is difficult to document without prior knowledge and skills in understanding the way a final truck is manufactured from the chassis up. The report can be put to immediate use for strategy, sales and market planning, M&A identification, market size quantification, competitive share analysis, and potential alliances through licensing or technology transfer agreements.
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  • A J R Inc.
  • Centerline Tank & TraiIer
  • General Body & Equipment
  • Klein Products Inc.
  • Pendpac Inc.
  • Stewart-Amos Sweepers
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A.2Scope & Methodology
A.3Executive Summary


B.1Product Types
B.2Industry Structure
B.3Product Mix
B.4Profitability Analysis
B.5Market Analysis: Industry
B.5.1Market Size: Total
B.5.2Market Size: 2006 - 2011
B.5.3Factors Impacting Demand: 2006 - 2011
B.5.5Market Size: By Manufacturer
B.5.6Market Size: By Group
B.5.7Regional Analysis
B.5.7.1Region Classification
B.5.7.2Production Estimates by Region
B.5.8Market Outlook
B.5.8.1Demand Drivers
B.5.8.2Projections: 2012 to 2016


C.1Beverage & Vending Truck Bodies
C.1.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.1.1.1Beverage Truck Bodies
C.1.1.2Vending Truck Bodies
C.1.2Segment Overview
C.1.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.1.2.2Alternative Fuel
C.1.2.3Industry Structure
C.1.2.4M&A Activity, Realignment & Consolidation
C.1.3Market Analysis
C.1.3.1Market Size
C.1.3.2Market Shares
C.1.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Beverage Truck Bodies
C. Vending Truck Bodies
C.1.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.1.4Market Outlook
C.1.4.1Demand Drivers
C.1.4.2Projected Market Size
C.2Concrete Mixer & Pump
C.2.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.2.1.1Rear Discharge Concrete Mix Trucks
C.2.1.2Front Discharge Concrete Mix Trucks
C.2.1.3Concrete Boom Pump Trucks
C.2.1.4Volumetric Mixer Trucks
C.2.2Segment Overview
C.2.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.2.2.2Product Innovation
C.2.2.3Industry Structure
C.2.2.4M & A Activity, Consolidation & Realignment
C.2.3Market Analysis
C.2.3.1Market Size
C.2.3.2Market Shares
C.2.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Rear Discharge Mixers
C. Front Discharge Mixers
C. Concrete Pump Trucks
C. Volumetric Mixers
C.2.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.2.4Market Outlook
C.2.4.1Demand Drivers
C.2.4.2Projected Market Size
C.3Dry/Liquid Tank Bodies
C.3.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.3.1.1Bulk Feed Truck Bodies
C.3.1.2Liquid Tank Truck Bodies
C. Aviation Refuelers
C. LPG Bobtails
C. Petroleum Tank Truck Bodies
C. Sewer Jetters
C. Water Tank Truck Bodies
C.3.2Segment Overview
C.3.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.3.2.2Industry Structure
C.3.2.3M&A Activity, Consolidation & Realignment
C.3.3Market Analysis
C.3.3.1Market Size
C.3.3.2Market Shares
C.3.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Bulk Feed Tank Truck Bodies
C. Liquid Tank Truck Bodies
C. Aviation Refuelers
C. LPG Bobtails
C. Petroleum Tank Truck Bodies
C. Sewer Jetters
C. Water Tank Truck Bodies
C.3.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.3.4Market Outlook
C.3.4.1Demand Drivers
C.3.4.2Projected Market Size
C.4Dump Bodies
C.4.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.4.1.1Light-Duty Dump Truck Bodies
C.4.1.2Medium-Duty Dump Truck Bodies
C.4.1.3Heavy-Duty Dump Truck Bodies
C.4.2Segment Overview
C.4.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.4.2.2Industry Structure
C.4.3Market Analysis
C.4.3.1Market Size
C.4.3.2Market Shares
C.4.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Light-Duty Dump Truck Bodies
C. Medium-Duty Dump Truck Bodies
C. Heavy-Duty Dump Truck Bodies
C.4.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.4.4Market Outlook
C.4.4.1Demand Drivers
C.4.4.2Projected Market Size
C.5Refuse/Recycling Bodies
C.5.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.5.1.1Front Loader Refuse Trucks
C.5.1.2Automated Side Loader Refuse Trucks
C.5.1.3Manual/Semi-Automated Side Loader Trucks
C.5.1.4Rear Loader Refuse Trucks
C.5.1.5Recycling Trucks
C.5.2Segment Overview
C.5.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.5.2.2Product Innovation
C.5.2.3Alternative Fuel
C.5.2.4Industry Structure
C.5.2.5M&A Activity, Consolidation & Realignment
C.5.3Market Analysis
C.5.3.1Market Size
C.5.3.2Market Shares
C.5.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Front Loaders
C. Automated Side Loaders
C. Manual/Semi-Automated Side Loader
C. Rear Loaders
C. Recycling Trucks
C.5.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.5.4Market Outlook
C.5.4.1Demand Drivers
C.5.4.2Projected Market Size
C.6Service/Utility Bodies
C.6.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.6.1.1Open Service Truck Bodies
C.6.1.2Enclosed Service Van Bodies
C.6.1.3Utility Truck Bodies
C.6.2Segment Overview
C.6.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.6.2.2Industry Structure
C. Service Bodies
C. Utility Truck Bodies
C.6.3Market Analysis
C.6.3.1Market Size
C.6.3.2Market Shares
C.6.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Open Service Truck Bodies
C. Enclosed Service Van Bodies
C. Utility Truck Bodies
C.6.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.6.4Market Outlook
C.6.4.1Demand Drivers
C.6.4.2Projected Market Size
C.7Street Sweepers
C.7.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.7.1.1Mechanical Broom Sweepers
C.7.1.2Regenerative Air Sweepers
C.7.1.3Vacuum Sweepers
C.7.2Segment Overview
C.7.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.7.2.2Product Innovation
C.7.2.3Industry Structure
C.7.2.4M&A Activity, Consolidation & Realignment
C.7.3Market Analysis
C.7.3.1Market Size
C.7.3.2Market Shares
C.7.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Mechanical Broom Sweepers
C. Regenerative Air Sweepers
C. Vacuum Sweepers
C.7.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.7.4Market Outlook
C.7.4.1Demand Drivers
C.7.4.2Projected Market Size
C.8Tow & Rollback Carriers
C.8.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.8.1.1Tow Truck Bodies
C. Light-Duty Tow Truck Bodies
C. Medium-Duty Tow Truck Bodies
C. Heavy-Duty Tow Truck Bodies
C.8.1.2Rollback Carriers
C. Light-Duty Rollback Carriers
C. Medium-Duty Rollback Carriers
C. Heavy-Duty Rollback Carriers
C.8.2Segment Overview
C.8.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.8.2.2Product Innovation
C.8.2.3Industry Structure
C.8.2.4M&A Activity, Consolidation & Realignment
C.8.3Market Analysis
C.8.3.1Market Size
C.8.3.2Market Shares
C.8.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Tow Truck Bodies
C. Rollback Carriers
C.8.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.8.4Market Outlook
C.8.4.1Demand Drivers
C.8.4.2Projected Market Size
C.9Vacuum Tank Bodies
C.9.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.9.1.1Coded Vacuum Tank Truck Bodies
C.9.1.2Hydro Excavators
C.9.1.3Industrial Vacuum Loaders
C.9.1.4Portable Toilet Service Units
C.9.1.5Septic Tank Truck Bodies
C.9.1.6Sewer Cleaner Truck Bodies
C.9.2Segment Overview
C.9.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.9.2.2Product Innovation
C.9.2.3Alternative Fuel
C.9.2.4Industry Structure
C.9.2.5M & A Activity, Consolidation & Realignment
C.9.3Market Analysis
C.9.3.1Market Size
C.9.3.2Market Shares
C.9.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Coded Vacuum Tank Truck Bodies
C. Hydro Excavators
C. Industrial Vacuum Loaders
C. Portable Toilet Service Units
C. Septic Tank Truck Bodies
C. Sewer Cleaner Truck Bodies
C.9.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.9.4Market Outlook
C.9.4.1Demand Drivers
C.9.4.2Projected Market Size
C.10Van Bodies
C.10.1Scope & Product Definitions
C.10.1.1Curtainside Van Bodies
C.10.1.2Cutaway Van Bodies
C.10.1.3Dry-Freight Van Bodies
C.10.1.4Refrigerated Van Bodies
C.10.1.5Step-Van Bodies
C.10.2Segment Overview
C.10.2.1Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
C.10.2.2Product Innovation
C.10.2.3Alternative Fuel
C.10.2.4Industry Structure
C.10.2.5M & A Activity, Consolidation & Realignment
C.10.3 Market Analysis
C.10.3.1Market Size
C.10.3.2Market Shares
C.10.3.3Market Analysis by Product Type
C. Curtainside Van Bodies
C. Cutaway Van Bodies
C. Dry-Freight Van Bodies
C. Refrigerated Van Bodies
C. Step-Van Bodies
C.10.3.4Analysis by Geographic Region
C.10.4 Market Outlook
C.10.4.1Demand Drivers
C.10.4.2Projected Market Size

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- A J R Inc.
- A&A Truck & Auto Center
- Acro Trailer Company
- Advance Engineered Products
- Air-Flo Mfg., Co.
- Alfab, Inc.
- Alfred Industries
- Algoods Truck Bodies Inc.
- Alliance Concrete Pump Inc.
- Allianz Madvac
- Allied Tank
- Allvan Corp.
- Allweld Mfg.
- Almac Tank International
- Altec Industries
- Alumi-Bunk Corp.
- Alum-Line Inc.
- American Cargo LLC
- AMREP Inc.
- Amthor International
- Arrow Tank and Engineering
- Astoria Industries
- B & B Industries
- B. H. Workman & Sons, Inc.
- B.M. Clark Co., Inc.
- Badger Daylighting Ltd.
- Bay Bridge Mfg., Inc.
- Beall Corp.
- Beau-Roc Inc.
- Beck Industrial
- Best Enterprises, Inc.
- Bibeau Enterprises Inc
- Bosserman Aviation Equipment Inc.
- Boston Steel & Mfg. Co.
- Boyd Service Inc.
- BrandFX Body Co.
- Brandon Truck Equipment
- Bridgeport Truck Mfg.
- Brown Cargo Van, Inc.
- Bulk Mfg., of Florida
- Bulk Truck & Transport Service
- California Truck Equipment
- Cancade Company Ltd.
- Carlinville Truck Equipment
- CASECO. Mfg., Inc.
- CEI Equipment Co., Inc.
- Cemen Tech, Inc.
- Centerline Tank & TraiIer
- Central Truck Body Co. Ltd.
- Challenger Mfg
- Charlotte Tank Trucks Inc.
- Clement Industries
- Collins Mfg. Co. Ltd.
- Columbia Body Mfg. Co.
- Concord Concrete Pumps
- Con-Tech
- Continental Mfg. Co., Ltd.
- Courtney Berg Industries Ltd.
- Crysteel Mfg. Co.
- Cusco-Wastequip, Inc.
- Dakota Bodies Inc.
- Danco Products
- Davis Trailer & Truck Equipment Inc.
- Delta-Waseca, Inc.
- Dependable Truck & Tank
- Determan Brownie, Inc.
- Diamond Truck Body Mfrs.
- Diversified Fabricators Inc.
- Double A Body Builders
- Douglass Truck Bodies Inc.
- Drake Truck Bodies
- Dual-Tech
- Dueco Inc.
- Durabody Industries
- DuraClass
- Dynamic Towing Equipment & Mfg. Inc.
- Dynamic Truck Bodies
- Dyna-Vac Equipment, Inc.
- E.D. Etnyre & Co.
- East Mfg. Corp.
- Elgin Sweeper Co.
- Elkin Mfg. Inc.
- Engine & Accessory, Inc.
- Equipment Innovators
- Equipment Technology Inc.
- Erickson Tank & Pump
- E-Z Pack Holdings LLC
- FMI Truck Sales & Service
- Fort Worth Fabrication Inc.
- Fuel Tech Inc.
- G & H Mfg. Ltd.
- Galion-Godwin Truck Body
- GapVax Inc
- Garsite Progress LLC
- General Body & Equipment
- General Transervice Inc.
- General Truck Body Inc.
- George Heiser Body Co., Inc.
- George I Reitz & Sons Inc.
- Glendale Welding Co.
- Global Sweeping Solutions
- Godwin Mfg. Co.
- Goldec Hamms Mfg., Ltd.
- Grainmaster Mfg. Ltd.
- Ground Force
- Group Hesse
- GSP Marketing Inc.
- Guzzler Manufacturing Inc.
- Hackney USA
- Harbor Truck Bodies
- Haul All
- Heil Environmental
- Heller Truck Body Corp.
- Henderson Mfg.
- Hensley Fabricating & Equipment Co., Inc.
- Hercules Mfg. Co. Henderson
- Hewitt-Lucas Body Co., Inc.
- High Country Proco, Inc.
- Highway Equipment Co.
- Highway Products
- Hi-Vac Corp./Aquatech Corp.
- Holcombe Mixer
- Hutchinson Industries
- Imperial Industries Inc.
- Indiana Phoenix Inc.
- Intercontinental Truck Body (Canada)
- Intercontinental Truck BodyMontana, Inc.
- International Mixers
- Iowa Molding Tool Co.
- IPS Equipment Inc.
- ITI Trailers & Truck Bodies
- J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers
- Jarco Inc.
- Jasper Tank
- Jerr-Dan Corp.
- Johnson Truck Bodies
- Jomac
- Kann Mfg. Corp.
- Keehn Service Corp.
- Keith Huber, Inc.
- Kidron Inc./Hackney
- Kilar Manufacturing Inc
- Kimble Mixer Co.
- Klein Products Inc.
- Knapheide Mfg. Co.
- Kovatch Corp.
- Labrie Environmental Group
- Lazer Inox
- Ledwell & Son
- Lely Manufacturing Inc
- Lin's Propane Trucks Corp.
- Liquip International USA
- Loadmaster Corp.
- Lodal Inc.
- M. H. Eby Inc.
- Marathon Industries Inc.
- Marion Body Works, Inc.
- Marsh Industrial
- Masco Sweepers
- McLellan Equipment Inc.
- McNeilus Mixers
- McNeilus Refuse
- Metro Truck Body, Inc.
- Mickey Truck Bodies, Inc.
- Midland Mfg. Ltd.
- Mid-State Tank Co., Inc.
- Miller Industries, Inc
- Minoru Truck Bodies Ltd.
- Mississippi Tank Co.
- Monroe Custom Utility Bodie
- Monroe Truck Equipment
- Morgan Corp.
- Morgan Olson
- Multivans Inc.
- New Centennial, Inc.
- New Progress, LLC
- Nilfisk Advance
- Nite-Hawk Sweepers
- Nortruck Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd.
- NRC Industries
- Ohnsorg Truck Bodies Mfg.
- Oilmen's Truck Tanks Inc.
- Omaha Standard Inc.
- Ox Bodies
- Pacific Truck Equipment Inc.
- PAK-MOR Ltd.
- Parkhurst Mfg. Co., Inc.
- Pendpac Inc.
- Perry Aviation Refueling
- Pik Rite Inc.
- PK Welding and Fabricators
- Poudrier Frères Ltd.
- Presvac Systems Ltd.
- Pride Bodies Ltd.
- Pro-Par (1978) Inc.
- Proton Towing Equipment
- Putzmeister America
- Python Mfg
- Quality Truck Bodies & Repair Inc.
- R/S-Godwin Truck Body Co.
- Ransome Mfg.
- Reading Truck Body Inc.
- Reed Mfg.
- Reimer International
- Reiten Inc.
- Reliance Trailer Co. Inc.
- Remtec Inc.
- RKI Inc.
- Robica-Forman Tank Ltd.
- Rocket Supply Corp.
- Rogers Mfg. Co. Inc.
- Rogue Truck Body LLC
- Rowe Truck Equipment Inc.
- Royal Truck Body Inc.
- Rugby Mfg. Co.
- Sany America
- Satellite Industries Inc.
- Schwarze Industries
- Schwing America Inc.
- Scorpion Sweepers
- Scranton Mfg. Co./New Way
- Seneca Tank
- Service Trucks International
- Sewer Equipment Co. of America
- Shortstop Concrete Mixers
- Shu-Pak Equipment Inc.
- Simonsen Industries
- SK Sweepers
- Skavinjer Street Sweepers
- Smith Metal Works of Newark Inc.
- Smith Tank & Equipment Co.
- STAHLCo./Scott Fetzer Co.
- Steelweld Equipment Co. Inc
- Stewart-Amos Sweepers
- Strong Industries Inc.
- Sudenga Industries
- Summit Body & Equipment
- Summit Trailer Sales Inc.
- Super Products Corp.
- Superior Trailer Works
- Supervac
- Supreme Corp.
- TAFCO Equipment Co.
- Terex Advance
- Terex Utilities
- The Reading Group
- Tornado Hydrovacs
- Trans-Tech Industries, Inc.
- Transway Systems Inc.
- Trinity Containers LLC
- Triple-B Truck Body Co.
- Truck Equipment & Service
- TruckCraft Corp.
- Tymco International
- Unicell Ltd.
- United Recovery Industries
- United Truck & Equipment
- Universal Handling Equipment
- US Truck Body (Mid America Truck Corp.)
- Utilimaster Corp.
- Vacall Industries Inc.
- Vac-Con, Inc.
- Vactor Mfg.
- Vacutrux Ltd.
- Valew Welding & Fabrication
- Victory Sweepers
- Virginian Metal Products Co.
- Walinga Inc.
- Warner Bodies
- Warren Inc.
- Wausau-Everest LP
- Wayne Sweepers
- Wayne Engineering Corp.
- Weld-Built Body Co. Inc.
- Westech Vac Systems Ltd.
- West-Mark
- Westmor Industries, LLC.
- Wilcox Bodies Ltd.
- Williamsen Mfg.
- Wiltsie Truck Bodies
- Youngs Tank
- Zimmerman Industries Inc.
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown