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Alumina Chemicals. Science and Technology Handbook. Edition No. 1

  • Book

  • 640 Pages
  • March 2006
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • ID: 2178392
The world's experts on alumina are united in this effort to provide a comprehensive reference on the science and technology of alumina chemicals.
Fifty-seven authors, representing 34 industrial firms, government agencies and universities, contributed to this book. This book covers the entire gamut of subjects relating to alumina from fundamental chemistry and material properties to applications and future uses. It includes a glossary and brief biographies of each author, detailing their experiences with alumina.

Table of Contents

History of Alumina Chemicals (L.D. Hart).
World Production and Economics of Alumina Chemicals (L.H. Baumgardner).

Fundamental Properties of Alumina Chemicals.
Nomenclature, Preparation, and Properties of Aluminum Oxides, Oxide Hydroxides, and Trihydroxides (K. Wefers).
Mechanical Properties of Alumina (R.C. Bradt and W.D. Scott).
Colloidal Properties of Alumina (A. Bleier).
Phase Equilibria of Alumina (L.P. Cook).

Current Commercial Production Processes, Products, and Applications.
Production Processes, Properties, and Applications for Aluminum-Containing Hydroxides (L.L. Musselman).
Production Processes, Properties, and Applications for Activated and Catalytic Aluminas (K.P. Goodboy and J.C. Downing).
Production Processes, Properties, and Applications for Calcined and High-Purity Aluminas (T.J. Carbone).
Production Processes, Properties, and Applications for Tabular Alumina Refractory Aggregates (G. MacZura).
Production Processes, Properties, and Applications for Calcium Aluminate Cements (J.E. Kopanda and G. MacZura).
Gallium (A. Pearson and C.N. Cochran)
Analytical Procedures for Alumina Chemicals -Editor's Note.

State of the Art Assessments in Applications Utilizing Alumina Chemicals.
Alumina Chemicals as Additives for Paper, Dentrifices, Paints, Coatings, Rubbers, and Plastics with Emphasis on Fire-Retardant Products (L.L. Musselman).
Activated Alumina Desiccants (R.D. Woosley).
Selective Adsorption Processes (H.L. Fleming and K.P. Goodboy).
Water-Treatment Products and Processes (H.L. Fleming).
Claus Catalysts and Alumina Catalyst Materials and Their Application (J.C. Downing and K.P. Goodboy).
Monolithic Catalyst Systems (I.M. Lachman).
Pelleted Catalyst Systems (W.S. Briggs).
Electrical Properties of Alumina Ceramics (R.H. Insley).
Electronic Ceramics (B. Schwartz).
Alumina Usage in Electric Power Generation and Storage (W.T. Bakker).
Alumina in Electrical Porcelain (R.H. Lester).
Dinnerware Manufacture and Use in the United States (R.J. Beals).
Advanced Ceramics Involving Alumina (J.B. Wachtman Jr. and R.A. Haber).
Alumina as a Biomedical Material (J.W. Boretos).
Alumina in Coatings (L.A. Ketron).
Alumina as a Composite Material (G. Fisher).
Alumina in Glasses and Glass-Ceramics (J.F. MacDowell).
Alumina Powder Production by Aerosol Processes (T.T. Kodas and A. Sood).
Refractory Ceramic Fiber (R.D. Smith).
Fused Alumina-Pure and Alloyed-as an Abrasive and Refractory Material (P. Cichy).
High-Alumina Refractories for Steelmaking in Europe (M. Koltermann).
High-Alumina Refractories for Iron- and Steelmaking in Japan (N. Nameishi and T. Matsumura).
Use of High-Alumina Refractories in the U.S. Steel Industry (D.H. Hubble).
Petroleum and Petrochemical Applications for Refractories (M.S. Crowley and R.E. Fisher).
Refractories Used for Aluminum Processing (G.E. Graddy Jr. and D.A. Weirauch Jr.).
The Use of Alumina in Refractories for Melting Glass (E.A. Thomas).
Refractories Used for Investment Casting of High-Temperature Alloys (M.Guerra Jr.).
Alumina in Monolithic Refractories (L.P. Krietz and R.E. Fisher).
Space Vehicle Thermal Protection (D.B. Leiser).

Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology of Alumina Chemicals.
The Aluminas and Health (B.D. Dinman).

Long-Range Future Technology-The Role of Alumina Chemicals.
The Future of Alumina Chemicals in Europe (P. Rothenbuehler, Y. Lazennec and L.D. Hart).
Long Range Future Trends: The Role of Alumina Chemicals-The Japanese Viewpoint (H. Yanagida).
The Future Role of Alumina in Ceramics Technology (M.J. Cima and H.K. Bowen).
Long-Range Technology-The Role of Alumina Chemicals as Seen from the Japanese Viewpoint (S. Kazama).
Present Situation and Future Technology of Alumina Chemicals in Japan (K. Yamada).
A View of the Future for Alumina Chemicals (J.P. Starr).

A Glossary of Terms Most Frequently Used in Alumina Technology (S.C. Carniglia and B.J. Beadle).


LeRoy D. Hart