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Practical Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

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The gynecologic needs of younger patients are variable and complex

Clinicians are often uncomfortable with the gynecologic concerns of young girls and developing women. How can I put the patient at ease? What are the rights of the patient and her parents? How do I ask the questions in a way that allows her to trust me so that I can better understand her medical and social situation?

In Practical Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, Dr Hillard has designed a new textbook that puts the patient at the center. It follows the patient s life and her changing needs as she matures. An emphasis on effective, patient–friendly encounters is the prelude to a sensitive clinical approach to intimate, potentially awkward, clinical challenges. Short, practical chapters provide guidance on the issues rather than an academic treatise.

This in the office guide to effective patient care is informed by evidence–based practice and backed by a wealth of practical features:

Algorithms and guidelines to most effective approaches

Tips and Tricks boxes so you can improve you clinical outcomes

Caution warning boxes so you can avoid complications

Science Revisited boxes give a quick reminder of the basic science principles

Dr Hillard has assembled an expert group of authors to provide straightforward guidance to caring for and reassuring your younger patients and their parents. If you provide clinical care to girls and young women then Practical Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology is designed for you.

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Preface, xi

Contributors, xiii


Part 1 Introduction

1 Initial assessment, 3Maureen Lynch

Part 2 Prepubertal Girls: Symptoms and Signs

2 Ambiguous genitalia in the neonate and infant, 6Sejal Shah and Avni C. Shah

3 Vaginal discharge and odor, 14Corinne Bazella and Majorie Greenfield

4 Vaginal bleeding, 18Valerie S. Ratts

5 Ovarian masses, 22Julie L. Strickland and Anne–Marie Priebe

Part 3 Prepubertal Girls: Gynecologic Conditions

6 Labial adhesions, 29Jane E. D. Broecker

7 Pediatric vulvovaginitis, 33Sari Kives

8 Sexual abuse, 38Nancy D. Kellogg and James L. Lukefahr


Part 1 External Genitalia

9 Normal hymen and hymenal variations, 45Amy D. DiVasta and Estherann Grace

10 Vulvar signs and symptoms, 49

10.1 Overview of vulvar signs and symptoms, 49Paula J. Adams Hillard

10.2 Vulvar ulcers and aphthosis, 57Helen R. Deitch

10.3 Vulvar tumors, cysts, and masses, 60Meredith Loveless

10.4 Vulvar abscesses, 64Jennie Yoost and S. Paige Hertweck

11 Vulvar lichen sclerosus, 69Paula J. Adams Hillard

12 Accidental trauma, 72Mariel A. Focseneanu and Diane F. Merritt

13 Female genital mutilation, 76Katherine A. Zakhour and Comfort Momoh

Part 2 Puberty

14 Normal puberty, 80Jennifer C. Kelley and Frank M. Biro

15 Precocious puberty, 87Paul B. Kaplowitz

16 Delayed puberty, 91Sara E. Watson, Peter A. Lee and Christopher P. Houk


Part 1 Adolescent Health

17 Initial assessment: consultation with an adolescent girl, 99Paula J. Adams Hillard

18 Confidentiality, 103Janice Bacon and Jennifer A. Greene

19 Legal issues, 108Rebecca Gudeman and Abigail English

20 Adolescent sexuality, 114Linda M. Kollar

21 Adolescent preventive care for healthy teens, 119Kristin L. Kaltenstadler and Corinne Lehmann

22 Weight, 125

22.1 Overweight and obesity and gynecologic conditions, 125Stephanie Crewe and Maria Trent

22.2 Eating disorders, 131Anne Hsii and Neville H. Golden

23 The female athlete, 138James R. Ebert

24 Immunizations, 142Amy B. Middleman

25 Substance abuse: screening and brief intervention, 146Patricia Schram and Sharon Levy

26 Suicidal ideation and self–harm: screening, 151Matthew B. Wintersteen and Christopher V. Chambers

27 Healthcare for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender adolescents, 154Elizabeth B. Erbaugh and Margaret J. Blythe

28 Developmental delay, 158Lisa Allen and Melanie Ornstein

29 Menstrual health, 163

29.1 Tampons and menstrual hygiene products, 163Stephanie Stockburger and Hatim A. Omar

29.2 Normal menses, 166Paula J. Adams Hillard

29.3 Menstrual suppression, 169Kelly Kantartzis and Gina Sucato

30 The gynecologic exam, 174

30.1 When and how to perform a gynecologic exam, 174Paula J. Adams Hillard

30.2 Cervical cytology screening, 180Paula J. Adams Hillard

31 Sexually–transmitted disease screening, 183Michael G. Spigarelli

Part 2 Pregnancy Prevention and Options

32 Unintended pregnancy: options and counseling, 187Kaiyti Duffy and Rachael Phelps

33 Contraceptive counseling, 192

33.1 Contraceptive counseling for healthy teens, 192Stephanie B. Teal

33.2 Contraceptive counseling for teens with medical illness, 197Melissa Gilliam and Amy Whitaker

34 Contraception, 205

34.1 Barrier methods, 205Uri Belkind and Susan M. Coupey

34.2 Oral contraception, 210Emily M. Godfrey and Melissa Kottke

34.3 Transdermal and vaginal combination methods, 217Sherine Patterson–Rose and Paula Braverman

34.4 Intrauterine devices, 222Sophia Yen

34.5 Progestin–only contraception, 226Michelle M. Isley and Andrew M. Kaunitz

34.6 Emergency contraception, 230Kaiyti Duffy and Melanie A. Gold

Part 3 Adolescent Girls: Symptoms and Signs

35 Hirsutism, 234Dianne Deplewski and Robert L. Rosenfield

36 The breast, 241

36.1 Breast concerns, 241Kaylene J. Logan and Eduardo Lara–Torre

36.2 Breast discharge, 246Donald E. Greydanus and Colleen Bryzik Dodich

37 Vaginal discharge, 249Seema Menon, Mandakini Sadhir, and Susan Jay

38 Pelvic masses, 254Noam Smorgick–Rosenbaum and Elisabeth H. Quint

39 Gynecologic pain, 260

39.1 Pelvic and abdominal pain, 260Geri D. Hewitt

39.2 Myofascial (musculoskeletal) pain, 266John Jarrell

40 Amenorrhea, 269Melanie Nathan and Andrea L. Zuckerman

41 Abnormal uterine bleeding, 275Jennifer E. Dietrich and Jennifer L. Bercaw–Pratt

42 Premenstrual syndrome/premenstrual dysphoric disorder and mood disorders, 281Michael Dobbs and Paula Braverman

Part 4 Adolescent Girls: Gynecologic Conditions

43 Vulvovaginal conditions, 285

43.1 Yeast/candida, 285Sofya Maslyanskaya and Elizabeth Alderman

43.2 Bacterial vaginosis, 289Jennifer Louis–Jacques and Rebecca Flynn O Brien

44 Sexually–transmitted diseases, 293

44.1 Genital herpes, 293Terri Warren

44.2 Human papillomavirus and condyloma, 297Lea E. Widdice and Jessica A. Kahn

44.3 Chlamydia, 302Taraneh Shafii and Gale R. Burstein

44.4 Gonorrhea, 307Bree Weaver and J. Dennis Fortenberry

44.5 Trichomonas, 312Samantha E. Montgomery and Jill S. Huppert

44.6 HIV, 315Anita Radix and Donna Futterman

44.7 Other sexually–transmitted diseases, 318Ellen S. Rome

45 Dysmenorrhea, 325Michelle Forcier and Zeev Harel

46 Congenital anomalies, 330Amy M. Vallerie and Lesley L. Breech

47 Ectopic pregnancy, 339Michelle Vichnin

48 The ovaries, 342

48.1 Ovarian cysts, 342Paula J. Adams Hillard

48.2 Ovarian germ cell tumors, 348Claire Templeman

49 Endometriosis, 351Mary Anne Jamieson

50 Polycystic ovary syndrome, 355Samantha M. Pfeifer

51 Pelvic infl ammatory disease, 361Colleen McNicholas and Jeffrey F. Peipert

52 Gonadal dysgenesis, 366Courtney A. Marsh and Yolanda R. Smith

53 Sexual assault and date rape, 371Beth L. Emerson and Kirsten Bechtel

Appendix 1 Essential information, 375

Appendix 2 Useful web resources for adolescents, their parents/caregivers, and clinicians, 389

Index, 391

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Paula J. Adams Hillard
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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