Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences. Edition No. 2

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While there are many books available on statistical analysis of data from experiments, there is significantly less available on the design, development, and actual conduct of the experiments. Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences summarizes how to design and conduct scientifically sound experiments, be they from surveys, interviews, observations, or experimental methods. The book encompasses how to collect reliable data, the appropriate uses of different methods, and how to avoid or resolve common problems in experimental research. Case study examples illustrate how multiple methods can be used to answer the same research questions and what kinds of outcome would result from each methodology.  Sound data begins with effective data collection. This book will assist students and professionals alike in sociology, marketing, political science, anthropology, economics, and psychology.

  • Provides a comprehensive summary of issues in social science experimentation, from ethics to design, management, and financing
  • Offers "how-to" explanations of the problems and challenges faced by everyone involved in social science experiments
  • Pays attention to both practical problems and to theoretical and philosophical arguments
  • Defines commonalities and distinctions within and among experimental situations across the social sciences
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Part I
Designing and Conducting Experiments

Chapter 1
Why Do Experiments?

Chapter 2
Ethics and Experiments

Chapter 3
Logical and Philosophical Foundations of Experimental Research in the Social Sciences

Chapter 4
Training Interviewers and Experimenters

Chapter 5
Human Participants in Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences

Chapter 6
Developing Your Experiment

Chapter 7
Common Problems and Solutions in Experiments

Part II
Experiments Across the Social Sciences

Chapter 8
Laboratory Experiments in Sociology

Chapter 9
Experiments on Exchange Relations and Exchange Networks in Sociology

Chapter 10
Social Dilemma Experiments in Sociology, Psychology, Political Science and Economics

Chapter 11
Hypotheses, Operationalizations, and Manipulation Checks

Chapter 12
The Standardized Experimental Situation in Expectation States Research: Notes on History, Uses, and Special Features

Chapter 13
Experimental Political Science

Chapter 14
Voting and Agenda Setting in Political Science and Economics

Chapter 15
Economic Games for Social Scientists

Chapter 16
Solving Coordination Problems, Experimentally

Chapter 17
Experimental Studies of Media Stereotyping Effects

Chapter 18
Judgment and Decision-Making

Chapter 19
Experiments in Organizational Behavior

Part III
Applied Research and Proposals

Chapter 20
Conducting Applied Experimental Research

Chapter 21
Funding Experiments, Writing Proposals
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