John Deere & Co. - Strategy Dossier - 2015 - Key Strategies, Plans, SWOT, Trends & Strategic Outlook

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Introduction, Industry Backdrop & Report Overview :

The report provides comprehensive insights into the Strategic Positioning, Strategic Priorities, Strategic Responsiveness and Key Strategies & Plans for John Deere & Co. based on a holistic assessment as well as comprehensive analysis of Business Activities, Strategic Initiatives, Strategic Measures, Business & Strategic Developments and Strategic Moves against the backdrop of an evolving industry landscape with the Global Agriculture Industry facing significant, near term pressures emanating from record harvest for corn & soyabean across North America, Europe & Latin America regions in 2014 that have plummeted crop prices & have subsequently impacted farm incomes; projected to contract by 14% in the U.S. for 2014; and ultimately demand & purchase decisions for agriculture machinery. Further, recent surge in U.S. Dollar against most key global currencies which has impacted competitiveness of U.S. agricultural exports, significant increase in corn planting acreage across key regions globally, ongoing correction in farm land prices in the U.S. & proposed easing of existing ethanol fuel mandates across the U.S. & EU over near term paint a grim picture for the industry over near term despite strong, long-term fundamentals & demand drivers.

The global agriculture equipment industry is driven by strong, long-term industry fundamentals with the global agricultural output required to double itself by 2050 in order to match the rate of global population growth. Diminishing natural resources make the need for precision farming more urgent. The farm sizes across traditional markets have been increasing with ongoing consolidation generating demand for larger & more powerful machinery delivering enhanced efficiency. The emerging markets, on the other hand, derive a sizeable chunk of their annual GDP from the agriculture sector besides employing a substantial proportion of their workforce and are investing significantly towards mechanization of their agriculture sectors for enhanced efficiency & crop yield.

The global agriculture equipment industry is in the midst of a technology-driven evolution phase involving incorporation & integration of a host of ICT technologies onto product platforms that has augmented the capabilities of these machines tremendously by delivering enhanced operating efficiency through detailed performance monitoring & assessment, improved operating economics, focus on prognostics and remote machinery tracking as well as diagnostics. Further, new product development efforts underway across key global OEMs have a significant focus as well as emphasis on technological innovations capable of delivering & translating into performance & productivity enhancements.

Scope of Analysis:

The report provides Key Insights into Strategies & Plans being conceived, implemented & pursued by John Deere & Co. for the medium term horizon. This report on John Deere & Co. also includes an insightful SWOT framework analysis on the company; which is used extensively for an assessment of the internal as well as external business environment of an organization as part of the strategic planning process. The framework generates a snapshot of the company’s inherent strengths & weaknesses as part of the internal environment assessment and outlines potential growth opportunities as well as threats as part of the external environment assessment.

The report concludes by providing comprehensive insights into the key industry trends, issues, challenges, risk factors besides identifying key driving & restraining forces & assessing their potential degree of impact through a force field analysis followed by industry outlook for 2015.

Relevance & Usefulness:

The report provides insights & inputs to be incorporated into the broader strategic planning & decision making processes and will be essential from a competitive analysis standpoint as well.

The report will be useful for:

-- Competitive Assessment as well as Comprehensive Strategic Business Analysis
-- Assessment of degree of environmental responsiveness as well as strategic orientation
-- Gaining access to Key Inputs for Strategic Planning & Decision-Making Process
-- Identification of opportunities which could be capitalized upon
-- Identification of potential threats in the business environment
-- Analysis of and Insights into key Strategies & Plans being pursued by the company
-- Identifying & highlighting areas for Strategic Changes, Adjustments & Realignment
-- Gaining a Strategic Perspective on the Business & Strategic Outlook for 2015
-- Access to Key Industry Trends, Issues & Challenges, Risk Factors & Industry Outlook for 2015

For Whom:

The report is a niche, key & vital resource on the Business Strategy Domain given its unique disposition & strategy focus. The report would be quintessential for those having strategic interest in the Company & the Global Agriculture Industry & will be especially useful for Key Decision-Makers, Top Management of Companies, OEMs, Suppliers, Distributors, Vendors and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain as well as existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists & all those associated with the Global Agriculture Industry.

Report Highlight:

The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time; is custom-built for meetings & presentations with visual representation & orientation based on a slide architecture, being built on the Microsoft PowerPoint platform; in addition, to being a ready self-reckoner as well as a quick reference guide driving, enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making. This PowerPoint architecture based report provides high readability & ease of navigation besides generating significant time savings by saving the end-user the effort of sifting through voluminous pages of text, in addition, to enhancing the scope of retention, immediate utilization & application of analysis through visual representation and incorporation of relevant images to support & supplement the analysis.
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Section - 1

Business Structure & Snapshot

a) Founded
b) Headquartered
c) Business Segments
d) Employees
e) Revenues
f) Market Capitalization/Ownership Structure
g) Key Executives
h) Shareholding/Ownership Pattern & Structure

Section – 2

Financial Performance Snapshot – Q1-Q3 FY 2014 Vs. Q1-Q3 FY 2013 & 2013 Vs. 2012

- Sales Revenues Growth Trend
- Gross Earnings & Margin Trend
- Operating Earnings & Margin Trend
- Profitability Growth Trend
- Cash Flow from Operations

Section – 3

SWOT Analysis

- Sources of Strengths which could be Leveraged
- Areas of Improvements to Ameliorate & Offset
- Opportunities to Capitalize Upon
- Threats to Mitigate, Negate & Overcome

Section – 4

Key Strategies & Plans

-- Product Portfolio Strategies & Plans
-- Service Level Strategies & Plans
-- Technological and R&D Strategies & Plans
-- Market Specific Strategies & Plans - Traditional & Emerging Markets
-- Corporate Strategies & Plans
-- Sales, Marketing & Branding Strategies and Plans
-- Manufacturing/Production Strategies & Plans
-- Business Growth Strategies & Plans - Organic & Inorganic
-- Financial Strategies & Plans

Section – 5

Force Field Analysis – Global Agriculture Industry

--Driving Forces
--Restraining Forces

Section – 6

Key Industry Trends

Section – 7

Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors

Section – 8

Strategic Outlook
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