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Mechanical Engineers' Handbook. 4 Volume Set. 4th Edition

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  • 4224 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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More and more engineers increasingly find themselves in a diverse set of industries covering a wide range of functions. No one engineer can be a specialist in every discipline. The Kutz Mechanical Engineer s Handbook: 4 th Edition offers engineers a thorough, detailed, ready reference on topics that may fall outside their scope of expertise. The four volume set provides a quick guide to specialized areas in the engineering field. The accessible information offers discussions, examples and analyses of each of  the topics covered. The handbook gives access to the basics of each and points you toward trusted resources for further reading.

Everything a mechanical engineering student, researcher or practitioner needs to know

Provides quick guidance to all the specialized areas in the mechanical engineering discipline, giving students, researchers and practitioners access to the information they need to quickly and confidently complete any task. The accessible information offers discussions, examples, and analyses of the topics covered.

4 Thematic Volumes:

Volume One of the Mechanical Engineer s Handbook, Materials and Engineering Mechanics gives you accessible and in–depth access to the most common topics you ll encounter in the discipline: carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, titanium alloys for design, nickel and its alloys, magnesium and its alloys, superalloys for design, composite materials, smart materials, electronic materials, viscosity measurement, and much more.
Volume Two: Design, Instrumentation, and Controls covers electronics, MEMS, and instrumentation and control, giving you accessible and in–depth access to the topics you ll encounter in the discipline: computer–aided design, product design for manufacturing and assembly, design optimization, total quality management in mechanical system design, reliability in the mechanical design process for sustainability, life–cycle design, design for remanufacturing processes, signal processing, data acquisition and display systems, and much more.
Volume Three: Manufacturing and Management covers environmentally benign manufacturing, production planning, production processes and equipment, manufacturing systems evaluation, coatings and surface engineering, physical vapor deposition, mechanical fasteners, seal technology, statistical quality control, nondestructive inspection, intelligent control of material handling systems, and much more are covered in volume three of Mechanical Engineer s Handbook .
Volume 4: Energy and Power covers the essentials of fluids, thermodynamics, entropy, and heat, with chapters dedicated to individual applications such as air heating, cryogenic engineering, indoor environmental control, and more. Readers will find detailed guidance toward fuel sources and their technologies, as well as a general overview of the mechanics of combustion. [external URL]
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Preface ix

Vision for the Fourth Edition xi

Contributors xiii


1. Carbon and Alloy Steels 3
Bruce L. Bramfitt

2. Stainless Steels 39
James Kelly

3. Aluminum Alloys 61
J. G. Kaufman

4. Copper and Copper Alloys 117
Konrad J. A. Kundig and Robert D. Weed

5. A Guide to Engineering Selection of Titanium Alloys for Design 229
Matthew J. Donachie

6. Nickel and Its Alloys 267
Gaylord D. Smith and Brian A. Baker

7. Magnesium and Its Alloys 289
Robert E. Brown

8. A Guide to Engineering Selection of Superalloys for Design 299
Matthew J. Donachie, John Marcin, and Stephen J. Donachie (deceased)

9. Thermoplastics, Thermosets, and Elastomers Descriptions and Properties 353
Edward N. Peters

10. Composite Materials 401
Carl Zweben

11. Smart Materials 439
James A. Harvey

12. Overview of Ceramic Materials, Design, and Application 453
R. Nathan Katz

13. Electronic Materials and Packaging 475
Warren C. Fackler

14. Sources of Material Data 515
J. G. Kaufman

15. Quantitative Methods of Materials Selection 531
Mahmoud M. Farag


16. Stress Analysis 555
Franklin E. Fisher

17. Force Measurement 623
Patrick Collins

18. Resistive Strain Measurement Devices 659
Mark Tuttle

19. An Introduction to the Finite–Element Method 681
Tarek I. Zohdi

20. Failure Models: Performance and Service Requirements for Metals 703
J. A. Collins, G.P. Potirniche, and S. R. Daniewicz

21. Failure Analysis of Plastics 771
Vishu Shah

22. Failure Modes: Performance and Service Requirements for Ceramics 789
Dietrich Munz

23. Viscosity Measurement 809
Ann M. Anderson, Bradford A. Bruno, and Lilla Safford Smith

24. Tribology Measurements 837
Prasanta Sahoo

25. Vibration and Shock 861
Singiresu S. Rao

26. Acoustics 885
Jonathan D. Blotter, Scott D. Sommerfeldt, and Kent L. Gee

27. Acoustical Measurements 953
Brian E. Anderson, Jonathan D. Blotter, Kent L. Gee, and Scott D. Sommerfeldt

Index 997


Preface ix

Vision for the Fourth Edition xi

Contributors xiii


1. Computer–Aided Design 3
Emory W. Zimmers Jr., Charalambos A. Marangos, Sekar Sundararajan, and Technical Staff

2. Product Design for Manufacturing and Assembly 55
Gordon Lewis

3. Design–for–Environment Processes and Tools 75
Daniel P. Fitzgerald, Thornton H. Gogoll, Linda C. Schmidt, Jeffrey W. Herrmann, and Peter A. Sandborn

4. Design Optimization: An Overview 97
A. Ravi Ravindran and G. V. Reklaitis

5. Total Quality Management in Mechanical System Design 125
B. S. Dhillon

6. Reliability in the Mechanical Design Process 149
B.S. Dhillon

7. Product Design and Manufacturing Processes for Sustainability 177
I. S. Jawahir, P. C. Wanigarathne, and X. Wang

8. Life–Cycle Design 207
Abigail Clarke and John K. Gershenson

9. Design for Maintainability 249
O. Geoffrey Okogbaa and Wilkistar Otieno

10. Design for Remanufacturing Processes 301
Bert Bras

11. Design for Manufacture and Assembly with Plastics 329
James A. Harvey

12. Design for Six Sigma: A Mandate for Competitiveness 341
James E. McMunigal and H. Barry Bebb

13. Engineering Applications of Virtual Reality 371
Wenjuan Zhu, Xiaobo Peng, and Ming C. Leu

14. Physical Ergonomics 417
Maury A. Nussbaum and Jaap H. van Dieën


15. Electric Circuits 439
Albert J. Rosa

16. Measurements 565
E. L. Hixson and E. A. Ripperger

17. Signal Processing 579
John Turnbull

18. Data Acquisition and Display Systems 597
Philip C. Milliman

19. Systems Engineering: Analysis, Design, and Information Processing for Analysis and Design 625
Andrew P. Sage

20. Mathematical Models of Dynamic Physical Systems 667
K. Preston White Jr.

21. Basic Control Systems Design 747
William J. Palm III

22. General–Purpose Control Devices 805
James H. Christensen, Robert J. Kretschmann, Sujeet Chand, and Kazuhiko Yokoyama

23. Neural Networks in Feedback Control Systems 843
K. G. Vamvoudakis, F.L. Lewis, and Shuzhi Sam Ge

24. Mechatronics 895
Shane Farritor and Jeff Hawks

25. Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS): Design and Application 943
M. E. Zaghloul

Index 955


Preface ix

Vision for the Fourth Edition xi

Contributors xiii


1. Organization, Management, and Improvement of Manufacturing Systems 3
Keith M. Gardiner

2. Environmentally Benign Manufacturing 29
William E. Biles

3. Production Planning 53
Bhaba R. Sarker, Dennis B. Webster, and Thomas G. Ray

4. Production Processes and Equipment 115
Magd E. Zohdi, William E. Biles, and Dennis B. Webster

5. Manufacturing Systems Evaluation 183
Walter W. Olson

6. Metal Forming, Shaping, and Casting 195
Magd E. Zohdi and William E. Biles

7. Coatings and Surface Engineering: Physical Vapor Deposition 235
Allan Matthews and Suzanne L. Rohde

8. Mechanical Fasteners 255
Murray J. Roblin and Updated by Anthony Luscher

9. Seal Technology 283
Bruce M. Steinetz

10. Statistical Quality Control 325
Magd E. Zohdi

11. Computer–Integrated Manufacturing 339
William E. Biles and Magd E. Zohdi

12. TRIZ 361
James E. McMunigal, Steven Ungvari, Michael Slocum, and Ruth E. McMunigal

13. Data Exchange Using STEP 391
Martin Hardwick

14. Achieving Enterprise Goals with New Process Technology 397
Steve W. Tuszynski

15. Nondestructive Inspection 441
Robert L. Crane and Giles Dillingham

16. Materials Handling System Design 497
Sunderesh S. Heragu and Banu Ekren


17. Intelligent Control of Material Handling Systems 515
Kasper Hallenborg

18. Managing People in Engineering and Technology 559
Hans J. Thamhain

19. Engineering Economy 581
Kate D. Abel

20. Evaluating and Selecting Technology–Based Projects 605
Hans J. Thamhain

21. Lean Management 617
Eric H. Stapp and Cynthia M. Sabelhaus

22. Total Quality Management for Mechanical Engineers 635
Alan Kemerling

23. Registrations, Certifications, and Awards 667
Cynthia M. Sabelhaus and Eric H. Stapp

24. Safety Engineering 691
Jack B. ReVelle

25. What the Law Requires of the Engineer 749
Alvin S. Weinstein and Martin S. Chizek

26. Patents 773
David A. Burge and Benjamin D. Burge

27. Online Information Resources for Mechanical Engineers 805
Robert N. Schwarzwalder, Jr.

28. Sources of Mechanical Engineering Information 823
Fritz Dusold and Myer Kutz

Index 831


Preface ix

Vision for the Fourth Edition xi

Contributors xiii


1. Thermophysical Properties of Fluids 3
Peter E. Liley

2. Mechanics of Incompressible Fluids 41
Egemen Ol Ogretim and Wade W. Huebsch

3. Thermodynamics Fundamentals 135
Adrian Bejan

4. Exergy Analysis, Entropy Generation Minimization, and the Constructal Law 157
Adrian Bejan

5. Heat Transfer Fundamentals 183
G. P. Peterson

6. Temperature Measurement 247
Peter R. N. Childs

7. Heat Flux Measurement 285
T. E. Diller

8. Furnaces 313
Carroll Cone

9. Heat Exchangers, Vaporizers, and Condensers 375
Joseph W. Palen

10. Heat Pipes 415
Hongbin Ma

11. Air Heating 443
Richard J. Reed

12. Cooling Electric Equipment 451
Allan Kraus, Avram Bar–Cohen, and Abhay A. Wative

13. Refrigeration 499
Dennis L. O Neal

14. Cryogenic Engineering 543
J. G. Weisend II

15. Indoor Environmental Control 577
Jelena Srebric

16. Thermal Systems Optimization 599
Vikrant C. Aute


17. Combustion 635
Eric G. Eddings

18. Gaseous Fuels 673
Richard J. Reed

19. Liquid Fossil Fuels from Petroleum 683
Richard J. Reed

20. Coals, Lignite, and Peat 703
James G. Keppeler

21. Clean Power Generation from Coal 719
James W. Butler and Prabir Basu

22. Biofuels for Transportation 767
Aaron Smith, Cesar Granda, and Mark Holtzapple

23. Solar Energy Measurements 805
Tariq Muneer and Yieng Wei Tham

24. Geothermal Resources and Technology: Introduction 839
Peter D. Blair

25. Pumps, Fans, Blowers, and Compressors 857
Keith Marchildon and David Mody

26. Gas Turbines 901
Harold E. Miller and Todd S. Nemec

27. Wind Power Generation 955
Todd S. Nemec

28. Cogeneration 963
Jerald A. Caton

29. Hydrogen Energy 991
E. K. Stefanakos, D. Y. Goswami, and S. S. Srinivasan

30. Steam Turbines 1029
William W. Peng

31. Fuel Cells 1055
Matthew M. Mench and Feng–Yuan Zhang

32. Fluid Power Systems 1089
Andrew Alleyne

Index 1123

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Myer Kutz
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown