Global Top 6 Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers - Strategy Focus & Comparative SWOT Framework Analysis - 2015-2018 - John Deere, CNH, AGCO, CLAAS, Same Deutz-Fahr, Kubota

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  • AGCO Corporation
  • CLAAS Group
  • CNH Industrial N.V.
  • John Deere & Co.
  • Kubota Corporation
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The Global Agriculture Equipment market is driven by robust fundamentals & strong, long-term demand & growth drivers linked directly to a rapidly growing global population besides growing demand from the bio-fuel industry for agriculture sources based feedstock. The global agricultural output is required to double itself by 2050 as against the present level, in order, to match the rate of global population growth, as per projections, amid diminishing natural resources, thus, highlighting & underscoring the imminent & urgent need for tremendously enhancing efficiency & productivity through precision farming. The current & near term view of the industry is, however, dominated by continued, significant pressures on farm incomes & profitability emanating from an altered supply side economics with record crop production for 2014 across key geographic regions impacting crop prices & farm incomes directly & significantly which is likely to have a significant bearing on agriculture machinery sales over near term. The multitude of pressures on top line growth have necessitated & rendered competitiveness as crucial to protecting profitability across industry OEMs which have been working towards optimizing & aligning their cost base & industrial footprint with emerging demand scenario.

The global agriculture equipment industry also is in the midst of a technology-driven evolution phase involving incorporation & integration of a host of ICT technologies onto product platforms that has augmented the capabilities of these machines tremendously by delivering enhanced operating efficiency through detailed performance monitoring & assessment, improved operating economics, focus on prognostics and remote machinery tracking as well as diagnostics. Further, new product development efforts underway across key global OEMs have a significant focus as well as emphasis on technological innovations capable of delivering & translating into performance & productivity enhancements.

Against this backdrop, the report provides a comprehensive & insightful Comparative SWOT Framework Analysis and Analyzes the Near to Medium Term Strategy Focus for the Global Top 6 Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers. The report analyzes the Strengths & Weaknesses of leading industry players from a standalone as well as relative perspective based on a detailed analysis of their Internal & External environment respectively focusing on key, strategic parameters, which include: analysis of overall cost base & structure, resources & key competencies, profitability & profit sources, product portfolio analysis & its strategic positioning, key competitor analysis & degree of competitive intensity, competitive market positioning across key global markets, analysis of key strategies & plans, overall strategy focus & orientation, R&D capabilities & key programs being pursued. The framework after analyzing strategic positioning of industry players analyzes their overall strategic fit & the degree of strategic responsiveness to external environmental factors, which include:- Near to Medium term demand projections light, medium & heavy jet segments, prevailing market dynamics, emerging market & technology trends, issues, challenges & potential risk factors to be able to assess their ability to derive further business growth by capitalizing on potential growth opportunities effectively while mitigating threats simultaneously over near to medium term.

Relevance & Usefulness: The report will be useful for:-

- Strategic Planning & Decision-Making process

- Identification of & Insights into Potential Growth Opportunities & Avenues

- Competitor Analysis & Comparative Analysis of OEMs

- Analysis of Near to Medium Term Strategy Focus and Key Strategies & Plans for all OEMs

- Assessing potential impact of emerging Market Trends & Developments

- Contingency planning for current Strategies & Programs

- Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential Strategic Changes, Adjustments & Realignment

For Whom: Key Decision-Makers across Industry Value Chain

The report will be essential for those having strategic interest in the global agriculture equipment market. The report will be especially useful for Key Decision-Makers, Program Managers, Procurement Managers, Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies, Industry OEMs, Suppliers, Vendors, Sales & Distribution Channels, Technology Solutions Providers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain. The report will also be useful for existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists, Financing & Leasing Companies, Researchers and all those associated with the industry or any of these companies.

Features, Benefits & Reasons to Procure:-

- Provides Macro View and Big Picture Quickly
- Blend of Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
- Significant Time Savings
- Visual Representation enables Easy Comprehension
- Meetings & Presentation Ready Format
- Superior & Enriched User Experience with Incorporation of Relevant Images
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  • AGCO Corporation
  • CLAAS Group
  • CNH Industrial N.V.
  • John Deere & Co.
  • Kubota Corporation
  • MORE
1. Top 6 Industry OEMs - Profiles & Product Portfolio Snapshot

a) Founded
b) Headquartered
c) Business Segments
d) Product Portfolio and Key Competitors
e) Revenues
f) Market Capitalization
g) Key Executives
h) Shareholding/Ownership Structure

2. Financial Performance Analysis – Charts & Analysis for each Company:

1. Revenue Base & Growth Trend
2. Revenues Split by Key Segments
3. Revenues Split by Key Geographic Markets & Regions
4. Gross Earnings & Margin Trend
5. Operating Earnings & Operating Margin Trend
6. Return on Sales Trend
7. Profitability Growth Trend
8. Cash Flow from Operations
9. R&D Expenditure Trend
10. CAPEX Trend

3. Strategic Positioning & SWOT Analysis – For Each OEM

- Strengths to be Leveraged
- Weaknesses to be worked on
- Opportunities to be capitalized upon
- Threats to be mitigated

4. Comparative SWOT Framework Analysis

- John Deere & Co.
- CNH Industrial N.V.
- AGCO Corporation
- CLAAS Group
- SAME Deutz-Fahr Group S.p.A.
- Kubota Corporation

5. Strategy Focus across OEMs – Near to Medium Term - Top 6 Industry OEMs

- John Deere & Co.
- CNH Industrial N.V.
- AGCO Corporation
- CLAAS Group
- SAME Deutz-Fahr Group S.p.A.
- Kubota Corporation

6. Key Strategies & Plans for Industry OEMs

Analysis Coverage:

- Product Portfolio Strategies & Plans
- Market Specific Strategies & Plans
- R&D Strategies & Plans
- Growth Strategies & Plans
- Business and Corporate Strategies & Plans
- Sales & Marketing Strategies & Plans
- Production/Manufacturing Strategies & Plans
- Financial Strategies & Plans
- Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances & JVs
- Other Strategies & Strategic Initiatives

7. Global Agriculture Equipment Market - Force Field Analysis - Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics

-Driving Forces
-Restraining Forces

8. Key Trends

-Market Trends
-Technology Trends

9. Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors

10. Strategic Market Outlook
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- AGCO Corporation
- CLAAS Group
- CNH Industrial N.V.
- John Deere & Co.
- Kubota Corporation
- SAME Deutz-Fahr Group S.p.A.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown