2016 Real Estate Annual Report

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Real estate classifieds have long become big business, overshadowing other verticals in many markets across the globe. The insatiable appetite for property in urban hubs and emerging markets — driven by new developments, improved access to mortgages and rising average incomes — is driving more users to online platforms in search of a profitable housing transaction.

In the rapidly shifting property landscape, we are witnessing three major trends involving both horizontal players pushing into real estate and vertical players carving out their market share.

The first is expansion, expansion and further expansion. In a race for global and regional growth, multinational classified specialists such as Australia’s REA Group, UAE-based Propertyfinder Group and One Africa Media are investing into new territories through acquisitions or greenfield projects. The opening up of new markets, such as Cuba and Iran, is fuelling this further yet.

In turn, existing smaller players are trying to survive this capitalintensive gold rush, such as U.S. rentals specialist Zumper protecting its inter- ests against a possible acquisition attempt by market major Zillow.

Some markets of course provide less room for growth than others. Virtual monopolies held by Rightmove in the U.K. and Sahibinden in Turkey, for example, ensure rivals see a small share of the property pie. This situation is driving another global trend — agent revolts.

As dominant players continue to hike up their listing fees, real estate agents are forming protest movements and even their own verticals in a bid to combat what they see as aggressive market control. This is certainly a challenging prospect in a business where existing consumer preference dictates success.

The final trend, and perhaps the most influential, is the impact of new technology on a sector that has already been transformed by the internet. As proptech tools emerge — such as 3D floor plans, VR showrooms, drone flyovers and geolocation analysis — question marks remain on whether the major platforms can evolve quickly enough or is it more likely that major tech companies will leapfrog existing players and rollout classifieds with the next generation of marketing tools.

You will find further insights inside, including coverage of the top three real estate players in more than 30 countries, analysis of around 50 exciting start-ups, and much more. We hope you find it informative and enjoyable.

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  • Ekaya
  • Flipkart
  • Mourjan
  • Propertyfinder
  • realo
  • TrueCar
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Page Numbers:

Page 4. Surging REA Group considers expanding into U.S., Southeast Asia.
Page 7. As virtual reality goes mainstream, the classified property business will have to adapt.
Page 10. Rental site Zumper hopes to use acquisitions and background checks to stay independent.
Page 13. Thaw in U.S. relations may expend web access, e-commerce in Cuba.
Page 15. Australia’s Juwai presents properties to wealthy Chinese investors.
Page 17. South African start-up Ekaya sees opportunity in underserviced rental market.
Page 19. Real estate agents protest Sahibinden’s fee increases.
Page 21. Demand for rental properties entices well-funded start-ups in the U.K.
Page 23. Colombia thrives despite a devalued peso.
Page 25. Verticals come up with creative strategies to boost sales amid India’s housing slump.
Page 27. Ouestfrance-immo.com conquers rivals in western France.
Page 29. Belgian start-up vertical realo.be making waves.
Page 32. Rivals’ merger has done little to hurt Etuovi.com.
Page 34. Propertyfinder and Mourjan survive booms, busts.
Pages 36-72. Top 3 real estate classifieds by country.
Pages 73-89. Top real estate start-ups by country.
Page 90. TrueCar CEO vows to reboot site.
Page 93. African classified sites shape region’s landscape.
Page 95. Rivals wary as Flipkart adds vehicle sales.
Pages 97-98. More news, analysis
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- Sahibinden
- TrueCar
- Zumper

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