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IoT Platforms and Software – 2nd Edition

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  • Berg Insight AB
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IoT Platform Revenues will Grow to €3 billion Worldwide by 2021


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Increasingly complex IoT solutions require more advanced communication platforms and middleware that facilitate seamless integration of devices, networks and applications. This new 200-page study analyses the latest developments on the M2M connectivity management, device management and application enablement platform markets. The author estimates that total revenues for third party IoT platforms will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.8 percent from € 610 million in 2015 to € 3.05 billion in 2021. Get up to date with the latest trends and information about vendors, products and markets based on a large number of executive interviews.

IoT Platforms and Software is the second strategy report from the author analysing the latest developments on the M2M connectivity management, device management and application enablement platform markets.

This strategic research report provides you with 200 pages of unique business intelligence including 5-year industry forecasts and expert commentary on which to base your business decisions.

Highlights from this report:
- 360-degree overview of the M2M/IoT ecosystem.
- Summary of the latest industry trends and developments.
- Updated in-depth profiles of key players in the M2M/IoT platform market.
- Reviews of the market strategies of leading platform vendors.
- Perspectives on the evolution from vertical M2M solutions to the broader scale and scope of the IoT.
- Extensive global market forecasts lasting until 2021.

This report answers the following questions:
- Which trends and developments are shaping this market?
- What are the benefits of using third par t y M2M/IoT plat forms?
- Who are the leading providers of M2M connectivity, device management and application enablement platforms?
- What are the main drivers behind the adoption of M2M/IoT platforms in major industries?
- What are the key features of the application enablement platforms available today?
- Which mobile operators have deployed M2M connectivity platforms?
- What is the potential market size for third party M2M/IoT platforms?

Who shoud buy this report?
IoT Platforms and Software is the foremost source of information about third party M2M/IoT platforms and related sof t ware for M2M/IoT solutions. Whether you are a device vendor, system integrator, service provider, telecom operator, investor, consultant, or government agency, you will gain valuable insights from our in-depth research.

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  • Actility
  • Bug Labs
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Giesecke & Devrient
  • SAP
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List of Figures

Executive summary

1 The M2M and IoT ecosystem

1.1 Introduction
1.1.1 Evolution of M2M and IoT
1.1.2 IoT interoperability standardisation
1.1.3 Core elements of IoT solutions
1.1.4 IoT platforms and software
1.2 Devices
1.2.1 Chipsets, modules and terminals
1.2.2 Device design and machine integration
1.3 IoT networks and technologies
1.3.1 Cellular technologies
1.3.2 LPWA and satellite technologies
1.3.3 WLAN/WPAN technologies
1.4 Key vertical markets
1.4.1 Automotive
1.4.2 Industrial automation
1.4.3 Smart grids
1.4.4 Smart cities and intelligent traffic systems
1.4.5 Smart homes and building automation
1.4.6 Consumer electronics and small appliances
1.5 Solution providers and system integrators
1.5.1 Device manufacturers
1.5.2 System integrators
1.5.3 Vertical ASPs
1.5.4 B2B/B2C service providers
1.5.5 OEMs

2 Software and IT services

2.1 Embedded software environments
2.1.1 Embedded operating systems
2.1.2 High-level general-purpose programming languages
2.1.3 Scripting languages
2.2 Enterprise IT systems and services
2.2.1 Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions
2.2.2 ERP, CRM, database management systems and analytics systems
2.3 Company profiles and strategies
2.3.1 IBM
2.3.2 Microsoft
2.3.3 PrismTech
2.3.4 Oracle
2.3.5 SAP

3 Device management platforms

3.1 Overview of device management platforms
3.1.1 Market segmentation
3.1.2 IoT module vendors extending offerings into software and services
3.1.3 Leading chipset IP and semiconductor vendors enter IoT platform market
3.2 Company profiles and strategies
3.2.1 Gemalto M2M
3.2.2 Sierra Wireless
3.2.3 Telit
3.2.4 Digi International
3.2.5 Actility
3.2.6 ARM
3.2.7 Arrayent
3.2.8 Ayla Networks
3.2.9 Bug Labs
3.2.10 Capricode
3.2.11 Electric Imp
3.2.12 Eurotech
3.2.13 Intel
3.2.14 InterDigital
3.2.15 Kombridge
3.2.16 Nokia

4 Connectivity management platforms

4.1 IoT connectivity platforms
4.1.1 Mobile operators adopt multi-platform strategies
4.1.2 IoT connectivity platforms become more advanced and differentiated
4.1.3 Device management and application enablement platform integration
4.2 SIM management solutions
4.3 Connectivity platform vendors
4.3.1 Cisco Jasper
4.3.2 Ericsson
4.3.3 Huawei
4.3.4 Amdocs
4.3.5 Asavie
4.3.6 Comarch
4.3.7 NTELS
4.3.8 Telenity
4.4 Proprietary MNO connectivity platforms
4.4.1 China Mobile
4.4.2 Deutsche Telekom
4.4.3 NTT Docomo
4.4.4 Orange
4.4.5 SK Telecom
4.4.6 Telefónica
4.4.7 Verizon Communications
4.4.8 Vodafone
4.5 SIM management solution vendors
4.5.1 Giesecke & Devrient
4.5.2 Oberthur Technologies
4.5.3 Oasis Smart SIM
4.5.4 Safran Identity & Security
4.6 IoT managed service providers
4.6.1 Aeris Communications
4.6.2 KORE Telematics
4.6.3 EMnify
4.6.4 Numerex
4.6.5 Stream Technologies
4.6.6 Wireless Logic

5 Application enablement platforms

5.1 Overview of application enablement platforms
5.1.1 Why use application enablement platforms?
5.1.2 Key functionality and components of AEPs
5.1.3 Acquisitions, partnerships and ecosystems
5.2 Company profiles and strategies
5.2.1 Amazon Web Services
5.2.2 Autodesk SeeControl
5.2.3 BlackBerry
5.2.4 Bosch Software Innovations
5.2.5 Bright Wolf
5.2.6 C3 IoT
5.2.7 Carriots
5.2.8 Concirrus
5.2.9 Connio
5.2.10 Cumulocity
5.2.11 Davra Networks
5.2.12 Device Insight
5.2.14 Exosite
5.2.15 General Electric
5.2.16 MachineShop
5.2.17 M2Mi
5.2.18 Octoblu
5.2.19 PLAT.ONE
5.2.20 PTC
5.2.21 Waylay
5.2.22 Wot.io
5.2.23 Xively

6 Market analysis and forecasts

6.1 Industry analysis
6.1.1 Horizontal versus vertical specialisation strategies
6.1.2 The connectivity platform market is maturing
6.1.3 Can application enablement platforms live up to the high expectations?
6.1.4 Mergers & acquisitions in the M2M and IoT industry
6.2 Market forecasts
6.2.1 Connected things by vertical market
6.2.2 Connected things by network technology standard
6.3 Revenue forecasts
6.3.1 IoT connectivity platform revenues
6.3.2 Device management and application enablement platform revenues


List of Figures
Figure 1.1: Core elements of IoT solutions
Figure 1.2: Cost versus time diagram for wireless technology integration
Figure 1.3: Examples of wireless IoT modules and terminals
Figure 1.4: System architecture for an end-to-end IoT solution
Figure 1.5: Comparison of LTE-family cellular technologies
Figure 1.6: Comparison of LPWA and satellite technologies
Figure 2.1: Examples of embedded operating systems for M2M/IoT devices
Figure 2.2: Enterprise IT systems and cloud service providers
Figure 3.1: Top cellular M2M module vendors, by sales and shipments (World 2015)
Figure 4.1: IoT connectivity platform selection by mobile operator (Q2-2016)
Figure 4.2: Cellular M2M subscribers, by region (World 2013-2016)
Figure 5.1: Application platform and network operator partnerships (Q2-2016)
Figure 5.2: The M2Mi platform
Figure 5.3: The ThingWorx Application Enablement Platform
Figure 6.1: Acquisitions in the M2M/IoT industry (2008-2016)
Figure 6.2: Connected device market forecast, by vertical (World 2015-2021)
Figure 6.3: Cost comparison for IoT connectivity modules (2016)
Figure 6.4: Number of connected devices by technology (World 2015-2021)
Figure 6.5: IoT connectivity platform revenues (World 2015-2021)
Figure 6.6: Device management and AEP platform revenues (World 2015-2021)
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Actility
  • Bug Labs
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Giesecke & Devrient
  • SAP
  • MORE
According to a new research report from the M2M/IoT analyst firm Berg Insight, the global third party Internet of Things (IoT) platform market increased 36 percent to € 610 million in 2015. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.8 percent, revenues are forecasted to reach € 3.05 billion in 2021.

There is a wide range of software platforms available, intended to reduce cost and development time for IoT solutions by offering standardised components that can be shared across many industry verticals to integrate devices, networks and applications. Most IoT platforms available on the market today can be categorised as being a connectivity management platform, a device management platform or an application enablement platform, although there are many products that offer overlapping functionality or other unique features.

Many enterprises and organisations have already been involved in various machine-to-machine (M2M) deployments that have typically been characterised by customised solutions deployed within single industry verticals, or by one company, to improve existing business operations. IoT puts more emphasis on integration of sensors, devices and information systems across industry verticals and organisations to transform operations and enable new business models. “IoT furthermore aims to facilitate a better understanding of complex systems through analytics based on data from diverse sources to assist decision making, improve products and enable entirely new services”, said André Malm, Senior Analyst, Berg Insight. Whereas connectivity and device management platforms have already reached comparatively high adoption, the market for application enablement platforms (AEPs) is in an earlier phase.

AEPs typically provide functionality such as data collection, data storage and analytics. Fully featured platforms also provide tools, frameworks and APIs for creating business applications featuring data management, event processing, automated tasks and data visualisation. Many platforms also provide tools and ready-made libraries and UI frameworks that facilitate modelling and creation of interactive applications, workspaces and dashboards with little or no need for coding. “The AEP segment is seeing considerable activity in terms of acquisitions and new market entrants”, said Mr. Malm. After PTC acquired ThingWorx and Axeda, other major software and IT companies have followed. Examples include Amazon that acquired 2lemetry, Autodesk that acquired SeeControl and Microsoft that acquired Solair.

Other leading IT companies that are extending their service offerings to include IoT platforms – often focusing on analytics and machine learning – include IBM, SAP and Oracle. “As a group, AEP vendors primarily face competition from system integrators and companies that develop similar functionality in-house”, concluded Mr. Malm.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Actility
- Aeris Communications
- Amazon Web Services
- Amdocs
- Arrayent
- Asavie
- Autodesk SeeControl
- Ayla Networks
- BlackBerry
- Bosch Software Innovations
- Bright Wolf
- Bug Labs
- C3 IoT
- Capricode
- Carriots
- China Mobile
- Cisco Jasper
- Comarch
- Concirrus
- Connio
- Cumulocity
- Davra Networks
- Deutsche Telekom
- Device Insight
- Digi International
- EMnify
- Electric Imp
- Ericsson
- Eurotech
- Exosite
- Gemalto M2M
- General Electric
- Giesecke & Devrient
- Huawei
- Intel
- InterDigital
- KORE Telematics
- Kombridge
- M2Mi
- MachineShop
- Microsoft
- NTT Docomo
- Nokia
- Numerex
- Oasis Smart SIM
- Oberthur Technologies
- Octoblu
- Oracle
- Orange
- PrismTech
- SK Telecom
- Safran Identity & Security
- Sierra Wireless
- Stream Technologies
- Telefónica
- Telenity
- Telit
- Verizon Communications
- Vodafone
- Waylay
- Wireless Logic
- Wot.io
- Xively

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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