Eurasian Payment Card Statistical Yearbook

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Russia and the countries of Central Asia are some of the world’s fastest-growing card markets, showing rates of growth similar to those of Central and Eastern Europe 17 years ago.

Cards are firmly embedded as the retail payment of choice and are a strategic area of development for banks and governments across the region. While levels of development vary across Eurasia, there is now on average, one card per capita for the regions covered in this Yearbook which is two-thirds of the EU level.

ATM's per capita are also reaching a similar level to Europe where numbers are starting to decline. The biggest opportunity is in expanding POS terminal networks, which are currently only 21% of Europe's in per capita terms.

Compared with Europe, Russia and Central Asia seem like bandit country to many people. To guide readers through this unfamiliar terrain,  the Fifth edition of this Yearbook covers Russia, the CIS and Georgia, following the format of the long-established European Payment Cards Yearbook.

The core of the Eurasian Payment Cards Yearbook is the series of profiles of the card markets of the CIS country by country, which include information and data on the following subjects:

Key statistics:

  • The banking sector - size and ownership
  • Recent M&A activity
  • International expansion
  • Market infrastructure
  • Market size and dynamics
  • Cards in issue and card usage
  • Debit, delayed debit/charge and credit cards
  • Major card issuers
  • Cards in comparison to other cashless payments
  • Mobile payments initiatives
  • E-commerce statistics
  • Fraud

In addition to the country profiles, the Yearbook includes regional statistics:

  • Regional overview, covering banking trends, bank ownership, investment by western banks, cross-border investment by CIS banks, other private investment, multilateral banks and agencies, and CIS growth prospects.
  • Payment cards overview, including cards issued, number of payments per country, expenditure on cards by country and a variety of per capita figures.
  • Acquisition and acceptance, a section reviewing POS and ATM statistics.

New for 2016-17:

  • Updated - The presence of international card schemes in Europe
  • Card fraud in Europe and by individual country
  • Remote payments on the internet - Cards & More, leading PSPs
  • Updated - B2C e-commerce value by individual country
  • Updated - Online-payment mix by individual country
  • Updated - Mobile payments overview by county
  • Updated - Mobile payment Initiatives by individual country
  • List of the major issuers by country with the card brands issued
  • List of the major acquirers by country with the card brands accepted
  • Highlighting the new trends in the payment industry by individual country:
    • e.g. contactless, HCE NFC, SIM SE NFC, QR-codes, BLE, MPOS terminals and tablets,
    • e.g. display cards, contactless ATMs, biometric authentication,
    • e.g. digital wallets, mobile in-app payments, mobile in-store payments

Reasons to buy the Eurasia Payment Card Statistical Yearbook:

  • You will receive a comprehensive statistical and analytical publication covering the whole of the Eurasian region
  • Analysis of the latest card business and payment trends, incl. Eurasian overview
  • 10 individual country reports plus a pan-regional section with cross-country statistics
  • 150+ statistical tables providing data for the 5 years up to and including 2015
  • Year-on-year and 5 year compound annual growth rates
  • Country KPI’s - cards per capita, payments value per card, ATV per ATM/POS transaction
  • A broad banking sector overview of each country with details of key banks, including internet and mobile banking initiatives
  • Market Infrastructure section for each country covering: card processing, acquiring, ATM and POS terminals, e-money, card and internet payments, mobile payment initiatives and a list of the major acquirers and their accepted card brands
  • Market Size and Dynamics section for each country giving cards issued and card use, key performance indicators together with a full description of card issuers, the breakdown of cashless payments and a list of the major issuers and their issued brands
  • An appendix which describes the history of the market and significant events such as M&A and regulation issues
  • Insight regarding new trends in the payment industries, e. g. contactless, NFC, QR-codes, MPOS terminals, display cards, contactless ATMs.
  • Affordable and annually updated, the yearbook is an ongoing essential office tool for all financial industry executives, card managers, acquirers, processors, e-money institutions, payment service providers, business development managers and market intelligence departments.
  • Ideal for specific in-depth projects and broad regional insight.
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Each country report comprises the following sections:


  • Payments overview
  • Banking structure
  • Market Infrastructure
  • Market Dynamics
  • Cash-less Payments.

Card Products:

  • Prepaid cards
  • Debit cards
  • Charge cards
  • Credit cards.

Card Issuing:

  • Cards brands issued
  • Contactless cards
  • Issuer processors
  • Major issuers

Card Statistics:

  • Card numbers
  • Card Use
  • POS Payments
  • ATM withdrawals.

Card Acquiring:

  • Merchant processors
  • Major acquirers
  • Detailed acquirer table
  • ATMs
  • ATM networks
  • POS terminals
  • POS networks.

B2C E-commerce:

  • Remote card Payments
  • Advanced payments
  • Mobile payments
  • M-payment initiatives.
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