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5S, an acronym for "sort, set-in-order, shine, standardize, sustain", is a simple yet powerful method for transforming the physical workspace. Frequently applied to busy areas such as nursing stations, operating rooms, supply areas, and emergency wards, 5S helps create an orderly environment to support Leaner processes, while making safer facilities that are pleasant for workers and reassuring for patients.


Lean: 5S Workplace Organization is an interactive, multimedia, eLearning training program. It is intended for managers, technologists, healthcare staff, and trainers in the Healthcare industry who work in, or are transitioning to, a Lean workplace.

Lean: 5S Workplace Organization Training Course Content

- The origin, structure, and benefits of 5S in Healthcare
- The sorting process
- "Red-tagging" to identify and remove unnecessary material from the workplace
- Necessary processes to improve access to materials and equipment
- The role of cleaning in maintaining quality and throughput
- Creation and use of procedures, policies, and job aids associated with 5S activities
- Roles and functions in the monitoring of, and improvements to, 5S processes

Using the Course

- This course is designed to allow participants to learn at a convenient time, and at their own pace. You are free to pursue the course when and where you wish. You will require a broadband Internet connection, and a standard Internet browser with flash plugin.

- The course modules are listed in the most logical order for you to follow. However you can take the course modules in any order you wish.

- You are licensed to use this course for one year. This means that even after you have completed the course it is still available for review purposes. In review mode you can arrow forward and back through the course material to quickly locate specific content for reference, review, or further study.

- Course qualification testing is available. In addition, you can re-take any test if you are not satisfied with your initial result.

We recommend:

- Take the course and complete all modules.
- Take the course test.
- Make notes while taking the test to highlight content that proves difficult.
- Review the course with additional study of this difficult content.
- Retake the test to demonstrate your mastery of the content.

Following this process helps you to achieve greater learning and a more accurate test assessment.

Course Times

The time to complete the course will vary depending on prior knowledge, learning style, and individual differences. The more study and review, the greater the knowledge and understanding, and the higher your mastery test scores. Plan your time accordingly.
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1. Introduction to 5S
2. The Sort Process
3. The Set-In-Order Process
4. The Standardize Process
5. The Shine Process

This course will take approximately 1 hour 15 minutes to complete.
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