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Evolutionary neuroscience is an interdisciplinary research field that studies the evolution of brains and cognition. Drawing on both neuroscience and biology, evolutionary neuroscientists work across species in order to better understand how biology builds minds, and how this informs our scientific understanding of the human brain. The Wiley Handbook of Evolutionary Neuroscience unifies these two linked aspects of the field, embedding them in a strong theoretical framework in order to create a comprehensive reference for advanced students and researchers. 

Chapters provide a thorough overview of brain structure and development, an exploration of how brains change through evolution and experience, and a discussion of how brains interact. The text also offers a balanced view of brain anatomy, looking beyond higher vertebrates to reveal the common mechanisms that govern computation and behavior across widely disparate species. Combining a broad focus with authoritative coverage, The Wiley Handbook of Evolutionary Neuroscience is a rigorous introduction to an active and important field.

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1 The Brain Evolved to Guide Action 1Michael Anderson and Anthony Chemero

2 The Evolution of Evolutionary Neuroscience 21Suzana Herculano ]Houzel

3 Approaches to the Study of Brain Evolution 38Jon H. Kaas

4 Intraneuronal Computation: Charting the Signaling Pathways of the Neuron 49Jorge Navarro, Raquel del Moral, and Pedro C. Marijuán

5 The Evolution of Neurons 88Robert W. Meech

6 The First Nervous System 125Nadia Riebli and Heinrich Reichert

7 Fundamental Constraints on the Evolution of Neurons 153A. Aldo Faisal and Ali Neishabouri

8 The Central Nervous System of Invertebrates 173Volker Hartenstein

9 Nervous System Architecture in Vertebrates 236Mario F. Wullimann

10 Neurotransmission Evolving Systems 279Michel Anctil

11 Neural Development in Invertebrates 307Roger P. Croll

12 Forebrain Development in Vertebrates: The Evolutionary Role of Secondary Organizers 350Luis Puelles

13 Brain Evolution and Development: Allometry of the Brain and Arealization of the Cortex 388Diarmuid J. Cahalane and Barbara L. Finlay

14 Comparative Aspects of Learning and Memory 410Michael Koch

15 Brain Evolution, Development, and Plasticity 422Rayna M. Harris, Lauren A. O Connell, and Hans A. Hofmann

16 Neural Mechanisms of Communication 444Julia Sliwa, Daniel Y. Takahashi, and Stephen V. Shepherd

17 Social Coordination: From Ants to Apes 478Anne Böckler, Anna Wilkinson, Ludwig Huber, and Natalie Sebanz

18 Social Learning, Intelligence, and Brain Evolution 495Sally E. Street and Kevin N. Laland

19 Reading Other Minds 514Juliane Kaminski

Index 526

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Stephen V. Shepherd
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