Emerging Areas in Bioengineering. Advanced Biotechnology

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With more than 40 contributions from expert authors, this is an extensive overview of all important research topics in the field of bioengineering, including metabolic engineering, biotransformations and biomedical applications.

Alongside several chapters dealing with biotransformations and biocatalysis, a whole section is devoted to biofuels and the utilization of biomass. Current perspectives on synthetic biology and metabolic engineering approaches are presented, involving such example organisms as Escherichia coli and Corynebacterium glutamicum, while a further section covers topics in biomedical engineering including drug delivery systems and biopharmaceuticals. The book concludes with chapters on computer–aided bioprocess engineering and systems biology.

This is a part of the Advanced Biotechnology book series, covering all pertinent aspects of the field with each volume prepared by eminent scientists who are experts on the topic in question.

Invaluable reading for biotechnologists and bioengineers, as well as those working in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
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Contents to Volume 1

List of Contributors xvii

About the Series Editors xxxiii

Part I Biocatalysis 1

1 Introduction to Emerging Areas in Bioengineering 3Ho Nam Chang

2 Over–Expression of Functionally Active Inclusion Bodies of Enzymes in Recombinant Escherichia coli 21
Wen–Chien Lee and Shao–Yen Hsu

3 Enzymatic Reactions in Ionic Liquids 35Ngoc Lan Mai and Yoon–Mo Koo

4 Enzyme Immobilization on Nanoparticles: Recent Applications 67Cheng–Kang Lee and Ai–Nhan Au–Duong

5 Whole Cell Biocatalysts Using Enzymes Displayed on Yeast Cell Surface 81Kentaro Inokuma, Tomohisa Hasunuma, and Akihiko Kondo

6 Design of Artificial Supramolecular Protein Assemblies by Enzymatic Bioconjugation for Biocatalytic Reactions 93Geisa A.L.G. Budinova, Yutaro Mori, and Noriho Kamiya

7 Production of Valuable Phenolic Compounds from Lignin by Biocatalysis: State–of–the–Art Perspective 105Somchart Maenpuen, Ruchanok Tinikul, Pirom Chenprakhon, and Pimchai Chaiyen

Part II Biofuels and Renewable Energy from Biomass 125

8 Biofuels, Bio–Power, and Bio–Products fromSustainable Biomass: Coupling Energy Crops and OrganicWaste with Clean Energy Technologies 127Serpil Guran, Foster A. Agblevor, and Margaret Brennan–Tonetta

9 Potential Lignocellulosic Biomass Resources in ASEAN Countries 163Shankar Ramanathan, Madihah Md Salleh, Adibah Yahya, Huszalina Hussin, Wan R.Z.Wan Dagang, Shaza E. Mohamad, Zaharah Ibrahim, Rohaya Mohd Noor, Nursyifaaiyah Abdul Aziz, Zulkefflizan Jamaludin, and Syariffah Nuratiqah Syed Yaacob

10 Volatile Fatty Acid Platform: Concept and Application 173Nag–Jong Kim, Seong–Jin Lim, and Ho Nam Chang

11 Biological Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Volatile Fatty Acid Production 191Suraini Abd–Aziz, Mohamad F. Ibrahim, and Mohd A. Jenol

12 Microbial Lipid Production from Volatile Fatty Acids by Oleaginous Yeast 203Gwon W. Park, Nag–Jong Kim, and Ho Nam Chang

13 Gasification Technologies for Lignocellulosic Biomass 215Su J. Jeon, Soo H. Jeong, Beom J. Kim, and Uen D. Lee

14 Separation of Butanol, Acetone, and Ethanol 255Di Cai, Song Hu, Peiyong Qin, and Tianwei Tan

15 Overview of Microalgae–Based Carbon Capture and Utilization 287Ye Sol Shin, Jaoon Y. H. Kim, and Sang Jun Sim

16 Bioengineering of Microbial Fuel Cells: FromExtracellular Electron Transfer Pathway to Electroactive Biofilm 295Yang–Yang Yu, Dan–Dan Zhai, and Yang–Chun Yong

Part III Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering 305

17 Genome Editing Tools for Escherichia coli and Their Application in Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology 307Chandran Sathesh–Prabu and Sung K. Lee

18 Synthetic Biology for Corynebacterium glutamicum: An Industrial Host forWhite Biotechnology 321Han Min Woo

19 Metabolic Engineering of Solventogenic Clostridia for Butanol Production 331Sang–Hyun Lee and Kyoung Heon Kim

20 Metabolic Engineering of Microorganisms for the Production of Lactate–Containing Polyesters 349Yokimiko David, Sang Yup Lee, and Si Jae Park

21 MicrobialMetabolic Engineering for Production of Food Ingredients 359Eun J. Oh, Yong–Su Jin, and Jin–Ho Seo

Contents to Volume 2

List of Contributors xix

About the Series Editors xxxv

Part IV Products 373

22 Application of Lactic Acid Bacteria for Food Biotechnology 375Ling Li and Nam Soo Han

23 Biopolymers Based on Raw Materials from Biomass 399Jonggeon Jegal

24 Bacterial Biofertilizers: High Density Cultivation 429S. Mutturi and Virendra S. Bisaria

25 Current Research in Korean Herbal Cosmetics 441Jun S. Park, Ga Y. Cho, and Sung–Il Park

Part V Biosensing and Nanobiotechnology 463

26 Advanced Genetic Engineering of Microbial Cells for Biosensing Applications 465Do Hyun Kim, Byung Jo Yu, and Moon II Kim

27 Bioelectronic Nose 477Hwi Jin Ko, Eun Hae Oh, and Tai Hyun Park

28 Noninvasive Optical Imaging Techniques in Clinical Application 497Uk Kang and Soo–Jin Bae

29 Advanced Short Tandem Repeat Genotyping for Forensic Human Identification 509Yong T. Kim, Hyun Y. Heo, and Tae S. Seo

30 DNA Microarray–Based Technologies to Genotype Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms 531Jung H. Park, Ye L. Jung, Kyungmee Lee, Changyeol Lee, Batule Bhagwan, and Hyun G. Park

31 Advanced Applications of Nanoscale Measuring Systemfor Biosensors 557Jong M. Kimand Sang–Mok Chang

32 Biosynthesis and Applications of Silver Nanoparticles 579Bipinchandra K. Salunke and Beom Soo Kim

Part VI Biomedical Engineering and Biopharmaceuticals 591

33 Smart Drug Delivery Devices and Implants 593Ki Su Kim, Ho Sang Jung, Hyunsik Choi, Songeun Beack, Hyemin Kim, Jong Hwan Mun,Myeong Hwan Shin, Do Hee Keum, Heebeom Koo, Seok Hyun Yun, and Sei Kwang Hahn

34 Controlled Delivery Systems of Protein and Peptide Therapeutics 607Hwiwon Lee,Minsoo Cho, Jeong Ho Lee, Jong HwanMun, ByungWoo Hwang, Hyemin Kim, and Sei Kwang Hahn

35 Cell Delivery Systems Using Biomaterials 617Youngro Byun and Jee–Heon Jeong

36 Bioengineered Cell–Derived Vesicles as Drug Delivery Carriers 631Vipul Gujrati and Sangyong Jon

37 Advanced Genetic Fusion Techniques for Improving the Pharmacokinetic Properties of Biologics 645Seung R. Hwang and JinW. Park

38 Mussel–Mimetic Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Applications 655Yun Kee Jo, Hyo Jeong Kim, Eun Yeong Jeon, Bong–Hyuk Choi, and Hyung Joon Cha

39 Mass Production of Full–Length IgG Monoclonal Antibodies from Mammalian, Yeast, and Bacterial Hosts 679Sang T. Jung and Dong–Il Kim

40 Recent Advances in Mass Spectrometry–Based Proteomic Methods for Discovery of Protein Biomarkers for Complex Human Diseases 697Sangchul Rho, Hyobin Jeong, Sehyun Chae, Hee–Jung Jung, Sanghyun Ahn, Yun–Hwa Kim, Ju–Young Lee, Soyoung Choi, and Daehee Hwang

Part VII Computer–Aided Bioprocess Design and Systems Biology 713

41 Overview on Bioprocess Simulation 715Shin Je Lee, Dae Shik Kim, JongMin Lee and Chonghun Han

42 Bioprocess Simulation and Scheduling 723Doug Carmichael, Charles Siletti, Alexandros Koulouris, and Demetri Petrides

43 Metabolism–Combined GrowthModel Construction and Its Application to Optimal Bioreactor Operation 761Dong H. Jeong, Jung H. Kim, and JongM. Lee

44 Software Applications for Phenotype Analysis and Strain Design of Cellular Systems 771Meiyappan Lakshmanan, Lokanand Koduru, and Dong–Yup Lee

45 Metabolic Network Modeling for Computer–Aided Design of Microbial Interactions 793Hyun–Seob Song,William C. Nelson, Joon–Yong Lee, Ronald C. Taylor, Christopher S. Henry, Alexander S. Beliaev, Doraiswami Ramkrishna, and Hans C. Bernstein

Index 803

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Ho Nam Chang
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