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Global pay TV revenues peaked in 2016 at $205 billion. Revenues will fall by 11% to $183 billion in 2023, despite the number of pay TV subscribers rising by 9%. Revenues per subscriber are declining as more homes convert to bundles.

“North American revenues will fall by a huge $22 billion between 2017 and 2023. The global decline will be $19 billion, so the other regions will grow overall. Western Europe will lose $2 billion but Asia Pacific will record a $3 billion increase.”

The Global Pay TV Revenue Forecasts report estimates that eight of the top 10 countries will lose pay TV revenues between 2017 and 2023. Revenues will decline in 47 of the 138 countries covered in the report between 2017 and 2023.

Published in April 2018, the Global Pay TV Revenue Forecasts report covers 292 pages in two parts:

  • A 92-page PDF giving a global Executive Summary, comparison tables and rankings. NEW FOR 2018: Profiles for the top 10 countries (Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, UK and USA)
  • An excel workbook providing forecasts (2010-2023) for each of the 138 countries covered, comparison and ranking tables; covering pay TV revenues [subscriptions and on-demand revenues for movies and TV episodes].
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Pay TV subscribers (000)

Revenues (US$ million)
Stand-alone digital cable revs
Double-play dig cable TV revs
Triple-play digital cable TV revs
Digital cable TV subs revenues
Digital cable TV on-demand revs
Digital cable TV revenues
Analog cable TV subs revs
Cable TV revenues
Stand-alone IPTV revenues
Double-play IPTV revenues
Triple-play IPTV revenues
IPTV subscription revenues
IPTV on-demand revenues
IPTV revenues
Satellite TV subscription revs
Satellite TV on-demand revs
Satellite TV revenues
DTT subscription revs
DTT on-demand revenues
DTT revenues
Subscription revenues
On-demand revenues
Total revenues

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU -US$)
Stand-alone digital cable subs
Double-play dig
cable TV subs
Triple-play digital cable TV subs
Ave digital cable (subs & VOD)
Analog cable TV subs
Stand-alone IPTV subs
Double-play IPTV subs
Triple-play IPTV subs
Average IPTV (subs and VOD)
Pay Satellite TV (subs)
Pay Satellite TV (subs and PPV)
Pay DTT (subs)
Pay DTT (subs and PPV)
Average monthly ARPU

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