2016 Africa Special Report

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  • Country Profile
  • Region: Africa
  • 30 pages
  • Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC
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This report reflects the continent’s gradual emergence as a growing market after years of promise. The 30-page report focuses on about 15 countries and 30 companies striving to fulfill Africa’s potential as a classified advertising powerhouse, and investors who are pouring in money to develop that potential.

Inside, readers can find:

A look at the importance of mobile offerings on the continent, diversity of payment systems, and the present state of Africa’s print industry

  • Company profiles of African companies that began as small, private efforts and grew into market leaders
  • An analysis of key investors on Africa, including Naspers, Schibsted and Rocket Internet

“This one of a series of special reports” said Peter M. Zollman, founding principal of AIM Group. “With help from our able Africa team, the special report delivers a snapshot glimpse of companies, developments and opportunities in Africa.”

Of all the emerging markets in the world from a classified advertising perspective, none is more “emerging” than Africa.

It’s a continent of great promise. Great investment. Great opportunity. And great innovation. With the possible exception of Myanmar, no country or region has farther to go and greater development potential than Africa.

Inside this report, discover moves the top companies are making in this region, the latest actions taken by investors, and the technologies both coming out of and moving into Africa.

The 2016 Africa Special Report is a must-read. And as always, it comes with a money-back guarantee.

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Page 7. Classifieds bypass print in Africa, go directly to online.
Page 2. Executive summary.
Page 5.  Responsive mobile sites are growing increasingly important in Africa. 
Page 8. Classifieds in North Africa rely on check payments, while mobile money is largely missing.
Page 10. The joint venture between Ringier and OAM signifies a new era for the continent.
Page 13. Tanzania’s dominant horizontal has made the most of early-mover advantage.
Page 16. Word of mouth and expatriate users helped build Expat-Dakar.com into a regional general giant.
Pages 18-22. Top investors in African classifieds.
Page 23. Surprising news that CareerBuilder is for sale has captivated the recruitment market.
Page 26. Tegna finally discloses Cars.com details prior to IPO.
Page 27. Spanish mobile marketplace Wallapop launched its first paid service.

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