2017 Technology Convergence Scenarios

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A Powerful Technology Foresighting Deliverable Built on the ‘Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Spawning Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative’ Research

The ‘2017 Technology Convergence Scenarios’ is a powerful technology foresighting deliverable built on the ‘Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Spawning Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative’ research. Both outputs are offerings of the TechVision group, the global emerging technology, innovation, and convergence-focused practice of.

This deliverable is an indigenous effort at analyzing the Top 50 emerging technologies, and the strength of interconnects between these technologies to potentially combine with each other. The impact of these probable scenarios is underlined by their capability to:

  • Address unmet application/sector/market needs
  • Create new products/services/solutions due to the uniqueness of their combined potential
  • Drive unlikely players from diverse industries to work with each other
  • Accelerate multi-billion dollar market opportunities

It is a unique output aimed to foresee and assess the top technology driven convergence scenarios based on 4 key factors (underlying these factors other softer parameters were also considered):

  • Degree of success probability
  • Degree of impact on applications/markets/sectors
  • Disruptive potential
  • Year/time of impact

For each of the top convergence scenarios profiled (that were picked from a long list of scenarios generated), insights on the following aspects have been generated to appreciate the strength and opportunities behind them:

  • Individual Technologies driving the scenarios and their Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
  • Key Initiatives and Recent Technology Trends
  • Key Funding and Recent Patenting Trends
  • Impact on Applications, Products and Services, Business Models, Industries
  • Point of action for developers
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1. Executive Summary

  • Innovation Engine Kaleidoscope
  • Top 50 Technologies - Selection Methodology
  • Global Top 50 Technologies
  • Top 10 Convergence Scenarios - Selection Methodology
  • Step 1: Identification of Convergence Scenarios
  • Step 2: Evaluation of Ideas
  • Step 3: Finalization of Ideas
  • Contents

2. Baby Mood Tracker and Monitor

  • Growth in the Number of Employed Parents is Driving Demand for Infant/Baby Trackers
  • Today’s Babies are Likely to be the First Generation to Remain Digitally Tracked throughout Their Lives
  • Connected Babies are Seen as Next Frontier for Internet of Things
  • Emerging Business Models Focus on Creating A Healthier Environment for Babies
  • IoT and AI Will Help to Track Pregnancy and Fetus Development
  • Companies are Developing Security Solution to Help Prevent Baby Monitoring Device From Getting Hacked
  • Technologies Such as Natural Language Processing Will Translate Toddler Cries

3. God’s Eye

  • Security Solution Established Using Connectivity
  • Key Driving Factors Encouraging Development of God’s Eye
  • Key Industry Initiatives Supporting the Development of God’s Eye
  • Car cyber security-as-a-service, Car Data Monetization, Customer Sentiment, Analytics-as-a-Service Business Models Drive Adoption of the Scenario
  • Key Factors Determining the Commercialization Potential of the Scenario
  • Key Strategic Questions from CEO’s Perspective

4. Off-Grid Solar Desalination

  • Water Generation with Increased Efficiency through Off-grid Solar Desalination Systems
  • Hybrid Energy Systems Coupled with Corrosion Resistant Alloys Enable High-efficiency Desalination
  • Recent Technology Trends Enable the Smooth Merger of Technologies to Increase Desalination Performance Efficiency
  • Companies Strive Hard to Find Innovative Ways to Merge Several Technologies to Enhance Desalination
  • Partnerships amongst Innovators Is Needed to Develop Sustainable Models that Can Impact Several Industries Dependent on Water
  • Convergence Would Be Highly Effective with Advances in Water Generation and Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Better Technology Synchronization along with Governmental Support Will Have a Huge Impact
  • Adoption of Off-grid Energy Distributed Systems Will Reduce the Operational and Maintenance Costs in a Desalination Plant

5. Chronic Pain Killer Patch

  • Developing a Disposable, Low-cost Wearable Neuromodulation Patch for Chronic Pain Disorders
  • The Chronic Pain Killer Patch is Designed to be Offered Over-the-Counter (OTC), Boosting Adoption
  • The Cost of Fabricating a Wearable Pain Killer Patch is High
  • Fits within the Diversification and Product Development Strategies of OEMs
  • The Role of Polypyrrole in Fabrication of Wearables is Well Explored through Clinical Studies
  • High Growth in the Global IP Landscape Since 2014 Steers Scope for Newer Solutions to Treat Chronic Pain
  • Current Funding Initiatives Are Focused on Continuous Product Development
  • High Market Potential in the Short-term for Offering Neuromodulation-as-a-Homecare Service
  • Peer Care Referrals Provide Great Value to Targeted Customer Segments
  • The Convergence Is Poised for Commercial Success in the Short-to-Medium Term
  • The period 2017-2019 Considered to Be a Realistic Timeline to Venture into Developing a Chronic Pain Killer Patch

6. Autonomous Drive Correction

  • Brain Control Interface, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G Network Empowering Autonomous Vehicles
  • Key Driving Factors Enabling Research and Development for Human Brain-controlled Autonomous Vehicles
  • Realization of Drive Correction Feature in Cars can be Realized Sooner with Major Tier Companies Pushing Technology Developments in 5G, AI, and BCI
  • Collaborative Work Culture and Payment-on-the-go Business Models Drive the Adoption of Scenario
  • Human Brain-controlled Autonomous Cars are Expected by 2020
  • Key Strategic Questions from CEO’s Perspective

7. Advanced Precision Cancer Surgery

  • Need for Precise Surgery and Improved Decision-making is Driving Innovations in Surgical Robots
  • Leveraging Emerging Sensor and Information Technologies Increase Probability of Success
  • Research Initiatives in the Field of Robotics Give Confidence to Out-of-Box Convergence Scenarios
  • Surgical Robotics is Pumped with Private Investments and is Backed by MedTech Giants
  • Multi-pronged Innovation Focus of the Surgical Robotics Industry Augurs Well for Technology Convergence
  • Adoption of Cutting-edge Technologies into Surgical Robots Must Align with Cost and Product Design Considerations

8. Future of Microgrid Management

  • DER-based Microgrid Management through Advanced Energy Management Systems
  • Smarter Machine Learning and AI-based EMS Solutions Are the Future
  • Government Funding Activities toward Grid Modernization Significant in the US and Europe
  • DER Management Is An Active Sector with Significant Private Contribution
  • Convergence Would Be Highly Effective with Advances in Energy Modeling and Communication Techniques
  • Better Resource Interoperability and Integrated Energy Management Will Have a Huge Impact
  • Energy Management Solutions Can Help Automate Monitoring and Controlling of DERs

9. Wearable Active Wound Therapy

  • Sensor-integrated Bandages can Augmented Wound Healing
  • Probability of Smart Bandages is High, Considering Maturity of Wearables and Biosensor Technologies
  • Research Initiatives in Wound Care Convergence Scenarios
  • Convergence of Digital Technologies with Wound Care Attracts VC Funding
  • Technology Convergence Indicating a Positive Shift Toward Regenerative, Personalized, and Standardized Wound Care
  • Collaborative Research is Key to Technology Convergence in Wound Care

10. Aware

  • Optimization-focused Energy Assets Management through Next Generation Data and Computing Platform
  • Increased Trends Has Been Observed for Integration of AI with Energy Management
  • Delivering Results at Real-Time Will be the Major Challenge in This Convergence
  • Cloud-based Services and Data Analytics Concepts Will Redefine the Energy Management Landscape
  • Collaboration among Innovators is Needed to Develop Prototypes toward Quick Demonstration
  • Business Models Will be Disrupted with Advances in Energy Modeling and Communication Techniques
  • Diverse Applications and Services Will be Vital for Success in Engaging Commercial Customers

11. Nanoformulation as a Service-NaaS

  • Partner and build technology platform for creating growth opportunities
  • Generating interest through funding and research initiatives to facilitate developmental efforts
  • NaaS can help build robust theranostic frameworks with reliable performance and dynamic pricing
  • NaaS - A Game Changing Scenario with Hurdles to Cross
  • Unifying technology forces key to Successful deployment
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown