Sustainable Food Systems from Agriculture to Industry

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Sustainable Food Systems from Agriculture to Industry: Improving Production and Processing addresses the principle that food supply needs of the present must be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Responding to sustainability goals requires maximum utilization of all raw materials produced and integration of activities throughout all production-to-consumption stages. This book covers production stage activities to reduce postharvest losses and increase use of by-products streams (waste), food manufacturing and beyond, presenting insights to ensure energy, water and other resources are used efficiently and environmental impacts are minimized.

The book presents the latest research and advancements in efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly food production and ways they can be implemented within the food industry. Filling the knowledge gap between understanding and applying these advancements, this team of expert authors from around the globe offer both academic and industry perspectives and a real-world view of the challenges and potential solutions that exist for feeding the world in the future. The book will guide industry professionals and researchers in ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of food systems.

  • Addresses why food waste recovery improves sustainability of food systems, how these issues can be adapted by the food industry, and the role of policy making in ensuring sustainable food production
  • Describes in detail the latest understanding of food processing, food production and waste reduction issues
  • Includes emerging topics, such as sustainable organic food production and computer aided process engineering
  • Analyzes the potential and sustainability of already commercialized processes and products

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Sustainable Food Production

Renan O. Zocca, Pedro D. Gaspar, Pedro D. da Silva, Jose Nunes, and Luis P. de Andrade

Chapter 2 Elucidating Local Food Production to Identify the Principles and Challenges of Sustainable


Oren Shelef, Jesu´s D. Ferna´ndez-Bayo, Yonatan Sher, Valeria Ancona, Heather Slinn, and Yigal Achmon

Chapter 3 Role of Earthworm in Sustainable Agriculture

Jaswinder Singh

Chapter 4 Evaluating the Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability of Agro-Food Systems

Through Life Cycle Approaches

Giovanni Gulisano, Alfio Strano, Anna I. De Luca, Giacomo Falcone, Nathalie Iofrida, and Teodora Stillitano

Chapter 5 Systems for Sustainability and Transparency of Food Supply Chains

Louise Manning


Chapter 6 Energy Saving Food Processing

Shahin Roohinejad, Oleksii Parniakov, Nooshin Nikmaram, Ralf Greiner, and Mohamed Koubaa

Chapter 7 Drying and Chilling/Freezing of Perishable Foods in the Organic Sector

Gardis J.E. von Gersdorff, Michael Bantle, Oliver Hensel, and Barbara Sturm

Chapter 8 Sustainable Packaging

Valentina Siracusa and Marco D. Rosa

Chapter 9 Sustainable Sanitation in the Food Industry

Maricica Stoica

Chapter 10 Microbial Biosurfactants in Food Sanitation

Deepansh Sharma, Esha Gupta, Joginder Singh, Pratibha Vyas, and Daljeet Singh Dhanjal


Chapter 11 Food Waste Valorization

Semih Otles and Canan Kartal

Chapter 12 Food Waste Recovery: Prospects and Opportunities

Charis M. Galanakis

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Galanakis, Charis Michel
Dr. Galanakis is a dynamic and interdisciplinary scientist with a fast-expanding work that balances between food and environment, industry and academia. His research targets mainly the separation and recovery of functional macro- and micro-molecules from different food by-products, as well as their implementation as additives in food and other products. He is the research & innovation director of Galanakis Laboratories (Chania, Greece) and the coordinator of Food Waste Recovery Group (SIG5) of ISEKI Food Association (Vienna, Austria). He serves as an editorial board member and subject editor of Food and Bioproducts Processing and Food Research International, whereas he has published dozens research articles, reviews, monographs and conference proceedings. He has edited 4 books entitled "Food Waste Recovery" (Academic Press, 2015), "Innovation Strategies in the Food Industry" (Academic Press, 2016), "Nutraceutical and Functional Food Components” (Academic Press, 2017) and "Olive Mill Waste” (Academic Press, 2017).

Follow Dr. Galanakis via Twitter, LinkedIn, ResearchGate or Blog. Join his open discussion forums at the Food Waste Recovery & Innovation 2020 LinkedIn group or the Food Waste Recovery FB Page.

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