Fluorine in Life Sciences: Pharmaceuticals, Medicinal Diagnostics, and Agrochemicals. Progress in Fluorine Science

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Fluorine in Life Sciences: Pharmaceuticals, Medicinal Diagnostics and Agrochemicals, Volume Four in Alain Tressaud's Progress in Fluorine Science series, presents a critical, multidisciplinary overview of the contributions of fluorinated products to solve important global issues in various life science fields, particularly in medicinal chemistry, molecular imaging techniques and agriculture. Edited by recognized experts, this book provides unique coverage of the wide-ranging uses and implications of fluorine and fluorinated compounds. Topics include medicinal monitoring and diagnosis, 19F MRI in medicine and in vivo cell tracking, 18F-labeled radiopharmaceuticals, brain imaging and neurology, risk assessment of reactive metabolites in drug discovery, and more.

Edited by Alain Tressaud, past Chair and founder of the CNRS French Fluorine Network, each book in the collection also includes the work of highly-respected volume editors and contributors from both academia and industry who bring valuable and varied content to this active field.

- Covers a wide range of topics - from organic and physical chemistry, to pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and medical diagnostics - Describes major modern syntheses and unique reaction mechanisms yielding fluorine compounds in these diverse life science settings - Features contributions from a wealth of global experts- Acts as the fourth volume in Alain Tressaud's Progress in Fluorine Science
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Medicinal Aspects 1. Review on fluorine in Medicinal Chemistry 2. Microbial fluorination/18F-labeling 3. Risk Assessment of reactive metabolites in drug discovery 4. Bioisosteres in Drug Design 5. Fluorinated Mechanism-Based Inhibitors 6. Fluorine in the Pharmaceutical Industry / Bio-relevant Fluorinated N-Heterocycles 7. Polyfluorinated groups in Medicinal Chemistry 8. Application of Fluorine in Med Medicinal Chemistry 9. Physico-Chemical Properties and Biological Activity Of Fluorinated Compounds 10. Fluorinated GABA Analogues 11. Fluorinated Amino Acids In Protein Analytics, Photodynamic Cancer Therapy; Advanced Building Blocks for Drug Discovery 12. Fluorine effects in Drug Design 13. Hydrogen bonding in Drug Discovery / Fluorine local environment: from screening to drug design 14. Fluorosugars as Inhibitors of Bacterial Enzymes 15. Fluorinated Antibiotics 16. Antiimflamatory And Antimicrobial Agents 17. Late Stage Fluorination Applied In Drug Discovery 18. Fluorine in Drug Design (Anisols)

Agricultural Aspects 19. Fluorine in Modern Crop Protection 20. Alpha,alpha-Difluorosulfonylisoxazoline Herbicides 21. Value of Fluorine in Agriculture 22. Biodegradation vs. Biotransformation of Fluorosubstituted Aromatics (agro-chemicals)

Molecular Imaging Aspects 23. 19F MRI in medicine 24. 19F MRI for in vivo Cell Tracking 25. 18F 26. PET, Medical Imaging, Radiotracers 27. Integrin receptor imaging 28. Brain imaging, Neurology, 18F metabolite analysis 29. 18F-labeled Radiopharmaceuticals; Current Status of F-18-Trifluoroborate- and F-18-SiFA-Based Radiopharmaceuticals in PET 30. 18F-PET in Neuroimaging

Bioorthogonal labelling of medicinally relevant structures

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Haufe, Gunter
Günter Haufe, Professor at Münster Univ., Germany is one of the top leading European scientists in the field of the synthesis of new active molecules in Bioorganics and to their applications in Medical Sciences. His researches are mainly devoted to the discovery of new and selective molecules, active against various illnesses, including cancer, heart arrhythmia, neurological diseases (more than 250 papers in peer-referred journals). He is Editor for Europe, Africa & Australia of the Journal of Fluorine Chemistry. He edited the book: "Fluorine and Health: Molecular Imaging, Biomedical Materials and Pharmaceuticals”, Elsevier, Amsterdam (2008). He is Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (Brussels).
Leroux, Frederic
Frederic Leroux is CNRS Research Director at the University of Strasbourg. He is Director of the joint CNRS-Bayer laboratory of organofluorine chemistry and deputy director of the molecular chemistry department (LCM) at the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Material Sciences. His research is published in >95 peer-reviewed papers, 16 patents, 6 book chapters and presented by invitation at >80 (inter)national conferences. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC). He is also a member of the International Scientific Committee of the Moissan Prize (Fluorine Chemistry) and Coordinator of the French Fluorine Network.
His scientific interest covers various fields, based on a fruitful interplay of several objectives (a) the synthesis of biologically relevant molecules, (b) asymmetric methodologies using organic and organometallic chemistry, (c) organofluorine chemistry and (d) application of the objectives to industrial problems, which led to strong industrial collaborations.
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