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There is not a wide range of shisha tobacco on the Ukrainian market. They, though, differ by ingredients, manufacturers and taste.

There are three types of tobacco for hookah:
  • Tobacco with 70% of honey;
  • Regular tobacco, moisten and put into hookah cup;
  • Mixture of two types.
The main ingredients for the shisha tobacco are tobacco itself, molasses or honey, glycerin flavoring and conservants.

These are the most popular shisha tobacco brands in Ukraine:
  • Al Fakher (UAE);
  • Mazaya (Jordan);
  • Afzal (India);
  • Haze Tobacco (USA);
  • Fantasia (USA);
Ukrainian shisha tobacco market is under the influence of the following factors:

1. Economics. The economic decrease was caused by the loss of part of territory, currency devaluation and high inflation. This year the GDP growth by 1.5-2% is expected while in. The following improvement in economy may cause the increase of shisha tobacco market as the consumption will grow.
2. The income level remains one of the decisive factors in demand growth. Real income of Ukrainians has fallen by 22% in 2015 comparing to 2014. In the first half of 2016 the fall continued by 15% more. With inflation and rapid utility rates growth the entertainment prices have been decreased. This affects prices for shisha tobacco, especially in imports since this market is import oriented.
3. Low activity of local market players. As shisha tobacco advertising in most popular sources is forbidden, main promotion channels are limited by positioning in the stores, online activities and direct communication. As the official market is under control of one large importer, there is almost no competition. And since competition is low and so is the market volume at a whole, the expenditures for marketing are low either.
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1. General market characteristics. Market volume evaluation (production + imports - exports). Shadow market evaluation.

2. State regulation at the shisha tobacco market (certifications, excise payments, import duties)

3. Manufacture and sales in shisha tobacco market in 2015 - 9/2016
3.1. Manufacture in natural measure in 2015 - 9/2016
3.2. Sales in 2015 - 9/2016 (Evaluation based on official and shadow markets and average prices. Sales by regions).

4. Foreign trade
4.1.Exports in 2015-9 months of2016??. (Volume, brand structure, geography, exporters, invoice prices)
4.2. Imports in 2015 - 9 months of 2016 (Volume, TM structure, geography, importers, invoice prices)

5. Prices of shisha tobacco manufacturers (as a result of “potential distributor” enquiry, data volume - based on availability, if manufacturer claims there is an official distributor, distributors prices are provided).

6. Distribution channels (network, non-network companies, online stores). Evaluation of volumes by distribution channels

7. Conclusions and recommendations. Forecasted trends of Ukrainian shisha tobacco market in 2016-2019.

List of Tables
  • Ukrainian shisha tobacco market volume in 2015 - 9 months of 2016 in natural measure, tons
  • Ukrainian shisha tobacco market volume in 2015 - 9 months of 2016 in monetary measure, UAH mln
  • Invoice prices for imported shisha tobacco in Ukraine.
  • Wholesale prices of shisha tobacco manufacturers
  • Current retail prices for shisha tobacco in Ukraine
  • Major distribution channels in shisha tobacco market
List of Charts and Diagrams
  • Structure of Ukrainian shisha tobacco market in 2016 in natural measures,%
  • Average retail prices for shisha tobacco in Ukraine in 2015 - 9/2016
  • Shisha tobacco sales in 2015 - 9/2016, tons
  • Shisha tobacco sales in 2015 - 9/2016, thousand UAH
  • Regional structure of average salary in Ukraine in 2015
  • Regional structure of shisha tobacco consumption in Ukraine.
  • Shisha tobacco export structure by aroma for 9 months of 2016
  • Imports of shisha tobacco to Ukraine in 2015 - 9/2016.
  • Shisha tobacco importers structure in Ukraine in 2015 in natural units
  • Shisha tobacco imported brands structure in 9/2015-9/2016 in natural units, %
  • Shisha tobacco import geography in 2015 - 9/2016
  • Shisha tobacco import structure by aroma in 9/2016 in natural units,
  • Structure of shisha tobacco sales in Ukraine
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