Marine enzymes and specialized metabolism - Part A, Vol 604. Methods in Enzymology

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Marine enzymes and specialized metabolism - Part A, Volume 604 highlights experimental methods on diverse marine enzymes involved in the construction of bioactive natural product molecules. These detailed protocols are written by experts who actively study and apply marine enzymes in biosynthesis and biotechnology. Comprehensive chapters in this latest release cover Chemoenzymatic synthesis of starting materials and characterization of halogenases requiring acyl carrier protein tethered substrates, Assaying biradical aryl coupling activity of CYP450 enzymes, the Characterization and application of marine microbial omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis, Catalase-related allene oxide synthase: on a biosynthetic route to fatty acid cyclopentenones, Haloalkane dehalogenases from marine microorganisms, and more.

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Section I: Marine Cyanobacteria, Enzymes and Pathways

1. Collection, Culturing, and Genome Analyses of Tropical Marine Filamentous Benthic Cyanobacteria

Nathan A. Moss, Tiago Leao, Evgenia Glukhov, Lena Gerwick and William H. Gerwick

2. PKS-NRPS Enzymology and Structural Biology: Considerations in Protein Production

Meredith A. Skiba, Finn P. Maloney, Qingyun Dan, Amy E. Fraley, Courtney C. Aldrich, Janet L. Smith and W. Clay Brown

3. Terminal Alkyne Biosynthesis in Marine Microbes

Xuejun Zhu and Wenjun Zhang

4. The Biochemistry and Structural Biology of Cyanobactin Biosynthetic Enzymes

Wenjia Gu, Shi-Hui Dong, Snigdha Sarkar, Satish K. Nair and Eric W. Schmidt

5. The Enzymology of Prochlorosin Biosynthesis

Silvia C. Bobeica and Wilfred A. van der Donk

Section II: Biosynthesis by Bacterial Symbionts of Marine Invertebrate Animals

6. Chemoenzymatic Dissection of Polyketide ß-Branching in the Bryostatin Pathway

Samuel T. Slocum, Andrew N. Lowell, Ashootosh N. Tripathi, Vikram V. Shende, Janet L. Smith and David H. Sherman

7. Radical S-Adenosylmethionine Peptide Epimerases: Detection of Activity and Characterization of d-Amino Acid Products

Brandon I. Morinaka, Anna L. Vagstad and Jörn Piel

8. Cobalamin-Dependent C-Methyltransferases From Marine Microbes: Accessibility via Rhizobia Expression

Michael F. Freeman

9. Biosynthetic Insights of Calyculin- and Misakinolide-Type Compounds in "Candidatus Entotheonella sp."

Agustinus R. Uria, Jörn Piel and Toshiyuki Wakimoto

Section III: Natural Product Biosynthetic Enzymology of Marine Bacteria and Fungi

10. Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Starting Materials and Characterization of Halogenases Requiring Acyl Carrier Protein-Tethered Substrates

Hem R. Thapa, Andrew J. Lail, Neha Garg and Vinayak Agarwal

11. Preparation, Assay, and Application of Chlorinase SalL for the Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine and Analogs

Tony D. Davis, Sylvia Kunakom, Michael D. Burkart and Alessandra S. Eustaquio

12. In Vitro Analysis of Cyanobacterial Nonheme Iron-Dependent Aliphatic Halogenases WelO5 and AmbO5

Xinyu Liu

13. Characterization and Biochemical Assays of Streptomyces Vanadium-Dependent Chloroperoxidases

Shaun M.K. McKinnie, Zachary D. Miles and Bradley S. Moore

14. Unusual "Head-to-Torso" Coupling of Terpene Precursors as a New Strategy for the Structural Diversification of Natural Products

Robin Teufel

15. Identification of Enzymes Involved in Sesterterpene Biosynthesis in Marine Fungi

Jingjing Yan, Jingjing Guo, Wei Yuan, Wanying Mai and Kui Hong

16. Assaying Oxidative Coupling Activity of CYP450 Enzymes

Vinayak Agarwal

17. Preparation and Characterization of the Favorskiiase Flavoprotein EncM and Its Distinctive Flavin-N5-Oxide Cofactor

Robin Teufel
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