North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2018

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North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2018


"North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2018”, is among the latest region specific policy report from the industry analysis specialist that offers comprehensive information on major policies governing renewable energy market in different countries of the region.

The report provides the current and future renewable energy targets and plans along with the present policy framework, giving a fair idea of overall growth potential of the renewable energy industry. The report also provides major technology specific policies and incentives provided in different countries of the region.

The report is built using data and information sourced from industry associations, government websites and statutory bodies. The information is also sourced through other secondary research sources such as industry and trade magazines.

  • The report covers policy measures and incentives used by North and South America to promote renewable energy.
  • The report details promotional measures in North and South America both for the overall renewable energy industry and for specific renewable energy technologies that have potential in the region.
Reasons to buy

The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner.

It will allow you to:
  • Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights about policy decisions being taken for different renewable energy sources.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges in exploiting various renewable technologies.
  • Compare the level of support provided to different renewable energy technologies in the region.
  • Be ahead of competition by keeping yourself abreast of all the latest policy changes.
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1 Table of Contents

2 Executive Summary

3 Introduction
3.1 Renewable Energy Policy
3.2 Report Guidance

4 Renewable Energy Policy, Argentina
4.1 Overview
4.2 Law on Promotion of Renewable Sources of Energy for Electricity Production
4.3 Law on Promotion of Renewable Sources of Energy for Electricity Production
4.4 RenovAr Program
4.5 Macri Government’s Energy Plan 2015-
4.6 Renewable Energy Generation Program
4.7 Financial Incentives and Policy Support for Solar
4.8 Financial Incentives and Policy Support for Wind
4.9 National Strategic Plan for Wind Energy
4.10 The Biofuel Competitiveness Plan
4.11 The Biofuel Law
4.12 National Bioenergy Program
4.13 Energy Efficiency Project
4.14 Energy Efficiency Policies for Appliances
4.15 National Program for Rational and Efficient Use of Energy

5 Renewable Energy Policy, Brazil
5.1 Overview
5.2 Auctions/Tenders
5.3 Local Content Policy
5.4 Brazil National Climate Change Plan
5.5 National Policy on Energy Efficiency
5.6 National Electricity Conservation Program - PROCEL
5.7 National Energy Plan (PNE),
5.8 Brazilian Energy Plan, (PDE)
5.9 Energy Expansion Plan 2010-
5.10 Luz para Todos Electrification Program
5.11 Incentives for Small Hydropower Facilities, Law
5.12 Wind Turbine Component Tax Exemption (Executive Decree 656)
5.13 Inova Energia Program
5.14 National Biodiesel Program
5.15 Net Metering for Distributed Generation
5.16 Distributed Generation Regulation and Tax Incentives
5.17 Grid Access Policies
5.18 National Alcohol Program
5.19 Federal and State Taxes on Ethanol
5.20 Social Fuel Stamp Auction System
5.21 Ethanol Blending Mandate
5.22 Ethanol Export Tax Credit - Special Regime of Reinstatement of Tax Amounts for Exporting Companies - Reintegra
5.23 Spending on Biofuels
5.24 Role of the National Development Bank of Brazil
5.25 Regulated Investments in Energy Efficiency
5.26 The Energy Efficiency Law
5.27 Solar Water Heating Legislation

6 Renewable Energy Policy, Canada
6.1 Overview
6.2 Provincial Incentives
6.3 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Prince Edward Island
6.4 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Manitoba
6.5 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Saskatchewan
6.6 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Northwest Territories
6.7 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Alberta
6.8 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, New Foundland and Labrador
6.9 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, British Columbia
6.10 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Nova Scotia
6.11 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Quebec
6.12 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Ontario
6.13 Industrial Electricity Incentive Program
6.14 SaveONenergy Conservation Programs
6.15 Program of Energy Research and Development
6.16 Clean Energy Innovation Program

7 Renewable Energy Policy, Chile
7.1 Overview
7.2 National Strategy for the Energy Sector
7.3 Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Law (NCRE Law)
7.4 Tenders/Auctions
7.5 Energy 2050 Roadmap
7.6 Energy Program 2014-
7.7 Energy Access Fund
7.8 Support for Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Development Program
7.9 Invest Chile Project
7.10 Carbon Tax
7.11 Program for Rural and Social Energy (PERYS)
7.12 Access for small and non-conventional power producers: Short Law I and II
7.13 Law 19,657 on geothermal energy concessions
7.14 Net Metering/Billing
7.15 Hydroelectricity
7.16 Development of Transmission System
7.17 Plan de Acción Nacional de Cambio Climático (PANCC-II), 2017-
7.18 Developing Interregional Electricity Interconnections
7.19 Energy Efficiency

8 Renewable Energy Policy, Colombia
8.1 Overview
8.2 Rural Electrification Fund
8.3 Funds Supporting Investment in Energy Projects
8.4 Efficient Lighting
8.5 Program of Rational and Efficient Use of Energy and Other Forms of Non-conventional Energy
8.6 Policy guideline for the promotion of sustainable biofuels production in Colombia (Conpes 3510)
8.7 Law 939 to promote the production and commercialization of biodiesel
8.8 Law 1665 (2013)
8.9 Law 1715 (2014)
8.10 Renewable Energy Indicative Action Plan
8.11 Electric Coverage Expansion Plan, 2016-
8.12 National Energy Plan
8.13 Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan 2015-

9 Renewable Energy Policy, Mexico
9.1 Overview
9.2 Electricity Industry Law
9.3 Universal Power Service Fund
9.4 National Energy Strategy
9.5 Energy Transition Law (Ley de Transición Energética, LTE)
9.6 General Law of Climate Change (Ley General de Cambio Climático)
9.7 Special Program for the Use of Renewable Energy
9.8 Net-Metering/Net Billing
9.9 Auction Mechanism
9.10 National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy
9.11 Large-Scale Renewable Energy Development Project
9.12 Teaching Environmental Responsibility Program
9.13 Accelerated Depreciation
9.14 Wheeling Service Agreement for Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources
9.15 Fund for energy transition and sustainable electricity use
9.16 Methodology to Establish Service Charges for the Transmission of Renewable Electricity
9.17 Resolution on transmission charges for renewable energy generators
9.18 Grid Interconnection Contract for Renewable Energy
9.19 Renewable Energy Promotion-PromovER
9.20 Integrated Energy Services Project, 2007-
9.21 Light in the House Program (Luz en Casa Oaxaca)
9.22 Light for Mexico Program
9.23 Financial Incentives and Policy Support for Wind
9.24 Resolution on Interconnection of large hydro plants
9.25 Geothermal Energy Act
9.26 Law for the Promotion and Development of Bioenergy
9.27 Sustainable Rural Development Project for the Promotion of Alternative Energy Sources in Agribusiness
9.28 Value Added Agribusiness Risk Sharing Schemes
9.29 Program for Financing of Electric Energy Saving
9.30 Guidelines establishing and issuing Clean Energy Certificates
9.31 Law for the Sustainable Use of Energy (Ley para el Aprovechamiento Sustentable de la Energía, LASE)
9.32 Law for Sustainable Use of Energy and the National Program for the Sustainable Use of Energy (PRONASE)
9.33 Green Mortgage Program
9.34 Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement (COP21)

10 Renewable Energy Policy, Peru
10.1 Overview
10.2 Electric Concession Law
10.3 Legislative Decree
10.4 Law
10.5 Tenders/Auctions
10.6 The Electric Social Compensation Fund (FOSE)
10.7 Accelerated depreciation benefits
10.8 Biofuel Production and Commercialization Law
10.9 Energy Efficiency Development
10.10 National Energy Plan, 2010-
10.11 National Rural Electrification Plan, 2013-
10.12 Decree
10.13 General Law for Rural Electrification
10.14 Organic Law on Geothermal Resources
10.15 Energy Efficiency Targets
10.16 Renewable Portfolio Standards

11 Renewable Energy Policy, US
11.1 Overview
11.2 Implications of Donald Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement
11.3 Federal Initiatives
11.4 Federal Initiatives for Solar Power
11.5 Federal Initiatives for Wind Power
11.6 Federal Initiatives for Biopower and Biofuels
11.7 State-Level Incentives
11.8 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Iowa
11.9 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Minnesota
11.10 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Washington
11.11 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Colorado
11.12 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Texas
11.13 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, California
11.14 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Nevada
11.15 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, New Jersey
11.16 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Oklahoma
11.17 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Illinois
11.18 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, North Carolina
11.19 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, New York
11.20 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Arizona

12 Renewable Energy Policy, Venezuela
12.1 Overview
12.2 Development Plan for the National Electric System, 2013-
12.3 Electric Service Law
12.4 Electricity Law
12.5 2009 Pilot Plan for Wind Power Generation
12.6 Law of Rational and Efficient Use of Energy
12.7 Renewable Energy Development
12.8 National Renewable Energy Registry
12.9 Sowing Light Program (Sembrando Luz)
12.10 Energy Efficiency

13 Appendix
13.1 Market Definitions
13.2 Abbreviations
13.3 Bibliography
13.4 Methodology
13.5 Coverage
13.6 Contact
13.7 Disclaimer

List of Tables
Table 1: Renewable Energy Policy, North and South America
Table 2: Argentina: Renewable Energy Targets, 2018-
Table 3: Argentina: Allocated Projects, Auctions, Round
Table 4: Argentina: Allocated Projects, Auctions, Round 1.
Table 5: Argentina: Allocated Projects, Auctions, Round
Table 6: Argentina: Target Share for Electric Sector, 2015-
Table 7: Brazil, Renewable Energy Auctions, 2007-
Table 8: Brazil, Hydropower Plant Auction, Winners, September
Table 9: Brazil, Biodiesel and Mineral Diesel, Federal Taxes
Table 10:Canada, Key Regulatory Authorities
Table 11: Canada, Renewable Energy Targets
Table 12: Alberta, Renewable Energy Auctions,
Table 13: Ontario, Feed-in Tariffs,
Table 14: Ontario, Feed-in Tariffs,
Table 15: Ontario, Additional Price Incentives on Feed-in Tariff,
Table 16: Ontario, Additional Price Incentives on Feed-in Tariff,
Table 17: Ontario, Wind Power Auctions,
Table 18: Ontario, Solar Power Auctions,
Table 19: Mexico, Auction 1 , Winners, March
Table 20: Mexico, Auction 2 , Winners, September
Table 21: Mexico, Auction 3 , Winners, November
Table 22: Peru Renewable Policy, Auctions, Volume Contracted, 2009-
Table 23: Renewable Energy Market, US, Production Tax Credit ($/kWh),
Table 24: Renewable Energy Market, US, Investment Tax Credit
Table 25: Renewable Energy Market, US, Green Power Purchasing Goal (%), 2018-
Table 26: Renewable Power, US, Renewable Portfolio Standards, State Targets
Table 27: Renewable Power, Minnesota, Solar Power Incentives ($/kWh),
Table 28: Renewable Energy Market, Washington, Member-Owned Renewable Energy Program Rate ($/kWh), 2010-
Table 29: Renewable Energy Market, Colorado, Capital Cost Threshold Rates
Table 30: Renewable Energy Market, Texas, Rebates for Energy Efficiency Products ($/unit)
Table 31: Renewable Energy, Feed-in Tariffs, Marin County - California
Table 32: Renewable Energy, Feed-in Tariffs, Los Angeles - California,
Table 33: Renewable Energy, Feed-in Tariffs Multiplier, Los Angeles - California,
Table 34: Renewable Energy, Electric Energy Reduction Standard (TWh), California, 2012-
Table 35: Renewable Energy, Annual Electric Demand Reduction Standard (MW), California, 2012-
Table 36: Renewable Energy, ReMAT Tariffs ($/MWh), California
Table 37: Renewable Energy Market, California, Go Solar Campaign Program Components, 2007-
Table 38: Renewable Energy Market, California, California Solar Initiative Program Budget ($m), 2007-
Table 39: Renewable Energy Market, California, California Solar Initiative Rebate Levels by Incentive Step and Rebate Type,
Table 40: Renewable Energy Market, California, California Solar Initiative, Details by Incentive Type,
Table 41: Solar Alternative Compliance Payment ($/MWh), New Jersey, 2008-
Table 42: Renewable Energy Market, Oklahoma, Production Tax Credit ($/kWh), 2007-
Table 43: Renewable Energy Market, Illinois, Requirements and Carve-outs for Various Technologies for Investor-owned Utilities (%), 2009-
Table 44: Renewable Energy Market, Illinois, Requirements and Carve-outs for Various Technologies for Alternate Renewable Electricity Suppliers (%), 2009-
Table 45: Renewable Energy Market, Arizona, Compliance Schedule
Table 46: Abbreviations
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