2018 World LNG Plants Map

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This Map Represents the Latest Status and Project Type (land-based or offshore) of 140+ World-Class LNG Plants

Map Features:

  • Unprecedented Make-to-Order mapping technology enables your maps to be exported directly from our daily-updated database. This helps you to get the latest project situation exactly on the day your order is placed;
  • The map represents the latest status and project type (land-based or offshore) of 140+ world-class LNG plants (the exact project number is subject to the date your map is tailor-made);
  • Super large size (250x150cm) of the map allows more details which show the exact project locations so that the map would not be again a bunch of unrecognized dots and lines;
  • 17 inset maps help to further amplify the most key areas and enable readers to view the locations of different trains for some LNG plants;
  • Subscriber’s company name will be added into the map, right below the map's name title

The Latest Project Database:

World LNG Plants Database will appear in the map (in the format of tables). The content includes each project’s:

  1. Location (Continent)
  2. Location (Nation)
  3. Location (Province)
  4. Project Status
  5. Production Start Year
  6. Designed Capacity (Current)
  7. Designed Capacity (Planned Next Phase Growth)
  8. Designed Capacity (Planned Long Term Growth)
  9. No. of Trains (Current)
  10. No. of Trains (Planned Next Phase Growth)
  11. No. of Trains (Planned Long Term Growth)
  12. Consortium Participants

Industry Statistics Tables:

  1. 2001-2016 World LNG Export and Import Database Table introduces annual LNG export and import volume for world's 50 regions/nations
  2. 2001-2016 World Natural Gas Reserves by Major Nations introduces world's annual natural gas reserves figures by 70 regions/nations
  3. 2001-2016 World Natural Gas Production by Major Nations introduces world's annual natural gas production figures by 70 regions/nations
  4. 2001-2016 World Natural Gas Consumption by Major Nations introduces world's annual natural gas consumption figures by 70 regions/nations
  5. 2001-2016 World Natural Gas Prices introduces Each year's data include Japan's LNG import price (CIF), Average German import price (CIF), UK Heren NBP Index price, US Henry Hub price, Canada Alberta price

Inset Maps:

  1. LNG Plants in Canada’s Skeena-Queen Charlotte, British Columbia
  2. LNG Plants in Canada’s Central Kitimat-Stikine, British Columbia
  3. LNG Plants in Canada’s Kitimat, British Columbia
  4. LNG Plants in Canada’s Southwest British Columbia
  5. LNG Plants in Canada’s Nova Scotia
  6. LNG Plants in USA’s Alaska
  7. LNG Plants in USA’s Brownsville Shipping Channel, Texas
  8. LNG Plants in USA’s Coastal Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas
  9. LNG Plants in USA’s Port Arthur Shipping Channels
  10. LNG Plants in USA’s Calcasieu Ship Channel, Louisiana
  11. LNG Plants in USA’s Coastal New Orleans and Pascagoula
  12. LNG Plants in Algeria’s Arzew
  13. LNG Plants in Africa’s Gulf of Guinea
  14. LNG Plants in Qatar’s Ras Laffan Industrial City
  15. LNG Plants in Malaysia’s Bintulu Port
  16. LNG Plants in Australia’s Northwest Coastal Area
  17. LNG Plants in Australia’s Gladstone - Curtis Island Region, Queensland

Map Size: 250 x 150 cm
Map Language: English
Shipping Format: Rolled
Statistics Update: 2018.4

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown