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Chlor-Alkali: Markets, Competitors, End Users, Prices and Technologies: 2018-2022 Analysis and Forecasts

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  • 137 Pages
  • April 2018
  • Region: Global
  • Amadee & Company, Inc
  • ID: 4517443

Despite its Maturity, in Early 2018, the Chlor-Alkali Industry is on an Upswing that is Forecast to Last Through 2022

The chlor-alkali industry, which produces chlorine and caustic soda, is one of the largest chemical industries by value. The applications of its products are so diverse most of all consumer products will have some stage of their production dependent on them. Chlorine has a wide variety of applications, with its largest being the production of PVC and organic chemicals. Caustic soda is an important component in the petroleum, alumina and pulp and paper industries, and is also used in a wide range of chemical processes. Despite its maturity, in early 2018, the chlor-alkali industry is on an upswing that is forecast to last through 2022. Capacity constraints in China coupled with no new greenfield capacity in the coming years sets a favorable backdrop for improving supply/demand balances and thus higher prices. As a result, both revenues and profits of suppliers are growing significantly.

For these reasons, a look at the chlor-alkali industry seems warranted. This report is meant to provide that overview.

Specifically, this report:

  • Discusses why the chlor-alkali industry is so important, how it is correlated with GDP, and its demand drivers
  • Details how chlorine and caustic soda are produced both generally and in detail
  • Quantifies global production of both chlorine and caustic soda in terms of volume, value and average selling price
  • Quantifies both chlorine and caustic soda production by region and end use
  • Looks at effective capacity and capacity utilization for both chlorine and caustic soda by region
  • Estimates chlorine and caustic soda capacity by region and company
  • Evaluates ECU cash costs by type and region
  • Analyzes caustic soda export volumes and prices by region
  • Forecasts chlorine and caustic soda production and prices to 2022
  • Examines the competitive environment in the chlor-alkali industry
  • Profiles the chlor-alkali activities of 11 large and smaller industry players
  • Additionally, the report contains 48 figures and 24 tables, which provide even more detail on the industry

Products Mentioned:

  • Chlor-Alkali
  • Caustic Soda
  • EDC
  • VCM
  • PVC
  • Lye
  • MDI
  • TDI
  • Bleach
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Potassum Hydroxide
  • Ethylene

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
  • Report Objectives
  • Methodology and Sources
  • Statistical Notes
3. Chlor-Alkali Industry
  • Industry Importance
  • Cyclical Nature
  • Demand Drivers
  • Vinyls
  • Electrolysis
  • Electrolysis Methods
  • ECU
  • Chlor-Alkali Demand vs. GDP
  • Chlor-Alkali Market
  • Chlorine Market
  • Chlorine Market Outlook
  • Global Chlorine Capacity
  • Caustic Soda Market
  • Caustic Soda Market Outlook
  • Capacity Issues
  • Supply Issues
  • EU Phasing Out of Mercury-Cells
  • Shintech's Louisiana Facility
  • Formosa Plastics Expansion
  • Key Regions
  • North America
  • West Europe
  • Northeast Asia
  • Global Cost Dynamics
  • Electricity
  • Salt
  • Labor and Other Fixed Costs
  • Caustic Soda Price Trends
  • Chlorine Price Trends
  • Competitive Environment
4. Company Profiles
  • AkzoNobel N.V.
  • (Company Overview, Brands, Specialty Chemicals Split, Top Customers, Chlor-Alkali, Evonik JV)
  • (Company Overview, Chlor-Alkali)
  • Covestro AG
  • (Company Overview, Chlor-Alkali)
  • Formosa Plastics Corp
  • (Company Overview, Chlor-Alkali, Formosa Plastics Corp, U.S.A, Chlor-Alkali)
  • Hanwha Chemical Corp
  • (Company Overview, Chlor-Alkali)
  • INEOS Group
  • (Company Overview, INOVYN, Chlor-Alkali)
  • Occidental Petroleum Corp.
  • (Company Overview, OxyChem, Chlor-Alkali)
  • Olin Corporation
  • (Company Overview, Chlor Alkali, Caustic Soda, Chlorinated Organics, Co-Products, Logistics, DowDuPont, Raw Materials, Plants and Facilities, ECUs, Chlor-Alkali & Vinyls, Solvents, Other Products, Strategies, North America Capacity, Global Market Leader, North America Market Leader, ECUs, View on Caustic Soda, Chlor Alkali Products Price Sensitivity, Price Realization, Maintenance Turnaround Costs)
  • Shin-Etsu Chemical Co, Ltd
  • (Company Overview, Chlor-Alkali, PVC, Switch to Internal Ethylene Production)
  • Tosoh Corporation
  • (Company Overview, Chlor-Alkali)
  • Westlake Chemical Corporation
  • (Company Overview, Operations, Vinyls Business, Chlorine and Caustic Soda, Chlorinated Derivative Products, Feedstocks, Acquisitions, Capacity Expansions)
5. Appendix
  • Chlorine Characteristics
  • Caustic Soda Characteristics
  • History of Chlorine Development
  • End Uses of Chlorine
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • End Uses of Caustic Soda
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Chlor-Alkali Production
  • Electrolyzers
  • Mercury Cells
  • Diaphragm Cells
  • Membrane Cells
  • Chlorine Processing
  • Hydrogen Processing
  • Caustic Soda Process
  • Brine Process
List of Figures
1.) Simple Chlor-Alkali Chemical Chain
2.) The Chlorine Envelope
3.) Manufacture of Chlor-Alkali Products
4.) Production of Chlorine and Caustic Soda by Membrane Cell
5.) Production of Chlorine and Caustic Soda by Diaphragm Cell
6.) Global Chlorine Capacity by Process (Million Metric Tons): 2012-2022
7.) Global GDP (Trillion $) vs. Chlorine Demand (KMT): 2000-2017
8.) Global GDP (Trillion $) vs Caustic Soda Demand (KMT): 2000-2017
9.) Global Chlorine Demand, Effective Capacity, and Effective Utilization (Million Tonnes, %): 2012-2022
10.) Global Caustic Demand, Effective Capacity, and Utilization (Million Tonnes, %): 2012-2022
11.) Caustic Soda Capacity by Region-Northeast Asia, North America, West Europe, Other (%): 2016
12.) Caustic Soda Demand by Region-Northeast Asia, North America, West Europe, Other (%): 2016
13.) Chlorine Capacity by Region-Northeast Asia, North America, West Europe, Other (%): 2016
14.) Chlorine Demand by Region Chlorine Capacity by Region-Northeast Asia, North America, West Europe, Other (%): 2016
15.) North America Caustic Capacity by Company (%): 2017
16.) North America Caustic Demand by End Use (%): 2016
17.) North America Chlorine Demand by End Use (%): 2016
18.) West Europe Caustic Capacity by Company (%): 2016
19.) West Europe Caustic Demand by End Use (%): 2016
20.) West Europe Chlorine Demand by End Use (%): 2016
21.) Northeast Asia Caustic Capacity by Company (%): 2016
22.) Northeast Asia Caustic Demand by End Use (%): 2016
23.) Northeast Asia Chlorine Demand by End Use (%): 2016
24.) Cash Costs Per ECU by Region ($): 2017
25.) ECU Cash Costs Share by Type and Region (%): 2017
26.) Global Caustic Soda Prices by Region ($/Metric Tonne): 2012-2018
27.) Global Caustic Soda Average Export Price ($/Metric Tonne): 2012-2018
28.) North America Net Caustic Soda Exports (Metric Tonnes): 2000-2017
29.) Formosa Plastics Corp Revenue by Product (%): 2017
30.) Inovyn Chlor-Alkali Plants in West Europe
31.) Olin Product Line Expansions by Year to 2017
32.) Olin Chlor Alkali and Vinyls Turnaround Costs ($ Million): 2016-2017
33.) Tosoh Revenues and Operating Income (JPY Million) and Share (%) by Segment: 2016
34.) Tosoh Chlor-Alkali Growth Strategies: 2016-2019
35.) Westlake Chemical Acquisitions and Capacity Increases (Million Pounds): 1986-2016
36.) Westlake Chemical #3 North America Producer of Chlor-Alkali (Million Metric Tonnes): 2017
37.) Westlake Chemical Production by Product (Billion Pounds): 2017
38.) Liquid Chlorine
39.) Chlorine Containers
40.) Membrane and Diaphragm Grade Caustic Soda
41.) Schematics of Mercury, Diaphragm and Membrane Chlor-Alkali Cells
42.) Process Scheme for Producing Chlorine from Cell Gas
43.) Process Scheme for Treating Hydrogen from the Electrolytic Cells
44.) Process Scheme for Concentrating Membrane-Cell Caustic
45.) Process Scheme for Concentrating Diaphragm-Cell Caustic
46.) Brine Processing Scheme for Membrane-Cell Operations
47.) Brine Processing Scheme for Diaphragm-Cell Operations
48.) Brine Processing Scheme for Mercury-Cell Operations
List of Tables
1.) Global Chlor-Alkali Volume (Million Tonnes), Value ($ Billion), Average Selling Price ($/Tonne), CAGR (%) by Year: 2017-2022
2.) Global Chlorine Volume (Million Tonnes), Value ($ Billion), Average Selling Price ($/Tonne), CAGR (%) by Year: 2017-2022
3.) Global Chlorine Demand by Region (Million Tonnes): 2012-2022
4.) Global Chlorine Nameplate Capacity by Region (Million Tonnes): 2012-2022
5.) Global Chlorine Effective Capacity by Region (Million Tonnes): 2012-2022
6.) Global Caustic Soda Volume (Million Tonnes), Value ($ Billion), Average Selling Price ($/Tonne), CAGR (%) by Year: 2017-2022
7.) Status of Key European Mercury Cell Facilities by Company and Location: 2017
8.) AkzoNobel Revenue by End Market and Growth Rate (Euro Million, %): 2017
9.) AkzoNobel Decorative vs. Performance Sales by Region (%): 2017
10.) BASF Revenue by Segment (Euro Million): 2014-2017
11.) Formosa Plastics Revenue by Segment (NT$ Million): 2014-2018
12.) INEOS Group Income Statement (Euro Million): 2015-2017
13.) Occidental Petroleum Revenue by Segment ($ Million): 2017
14.) OxyChem Principal Products, End Uses, Annual Capacity: 2017
15.) Olin Corporation Revenue by Segment ($ Million): 2015-2017
16.) Olin Products & Services, Major End Uses, Plants & Facilities, Raw Materials: 2017
17.) Olin Chlor Alkali & Vinyls Products & Services, End Uses, Plants & Facilities and Raw Materials: 2017
18.) Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Revenue by Segment (JPY Million): 2015-2018
19.) Tosoh Corporation Results of Operations and Cash Flow (JPY Million): 2013-2017
20.) Japan Caustic Soda Production by End-Use (%): 2017
21.) Westlake Chemical Revenue and Income by Segment ($ Million): 2015-2017
22.) Westlake Chemical Product Classes, Annual Capacity by Class and End Use Markets by Class: 2018
23.) End Uses of Chlorine
24.) End Uses of Caustic Soda

Companies Mentioned

  • AkzoNobel N.V.
  • Covestro AG
  • Formosa Plastics Corp
  • Hanwha Chemical Corp
  • INEOS Group
  • Occidental Petroleum Corp.
  • Olin Corporation
  • Shin-Etsu Chemical Co, Ltd
  • Tosoh Corporation
  • Westlake Chemical Corporation