Basic Equations of Mass Transport through a Membrane Layer. Edition No. 2

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Basic Equations of Mass Transport Through a Membrane Layer, Second Edition, offers the important knowledge essential for compound separation, product removing, concentration and production in the chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The book outlines various membrane processes and their applications, offering a detailed mathematical description of mass transport and defining basic mass transport and concentration distribution expressions. In addition, the book discusses the process parameters and the application of the expressions developed for a variety of industrial applications.

Readers will find detailed explanations of convective-diffusive mass transport, both with and without polarization layers, that help predict and process performance and facilitate improvements to operation conditions and efficiency.

  • Cites and analyzes mass transport equations developed for different membrane processes with/without a polarization layer (e.g., reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, pressure retarded and forward osmosis, pervaporation, gas separation, membrane reactors, etc.)
  • Analyzes the effect of biochemical/chemical reactions in the presence of convective and diffusive flows in plane and cylindrical spaces
  • Defines the mass transfer rate for first- and zero-order reactions in closed mathematical forms
  • Includes the properties and applications of these topics
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1. Physical Chemistry of membranes 2. Membrane materials, structures and modules 3. On mass transport through a membrane layer 4. Molecular diffusion 5. Diffusion through a plane membrane layer 6. Diffusion accompanied by chemical reaction through plane sheet 7. Solution-diffusion-convection transport 8. Diffusive plus convective transport through plane membrane layer 9. Diffusion in cylindrical membrane layer 10. Fundamental of fouling 11. Diffusive plus convective mass transport through plane membrane layer 12. Transport of fluid phase in a capillary membrane 13. Membrane reactor 14. Membrane bioreactor 15. Nanofiltration 16. Pervaporation 17. Membrane contactors 18. Membrane distillation (air gap; vacuum; direct contact) 19. Membrane gas separation 20. Reverse osmosis 21. Pressure retarded osmosis 22. Forward osmosis 23. Fuel cells

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Nagy, Endre
Endre Nagy is the director of Research Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Pannonia, Hungary. His research area is membranes and membranes kinetics as well catalysis and biocatalysis related to the design of bioreactor systems.
Professor Nagy has 242 publications (1 book [Nagy E: Basic equations of mass transport through a membrane layer, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2012], 10 book chapters, 111 in international journal, 120 in international proceedings), 162 lectures on international conferences and by invitation, 3 patents, 630 independent citations.
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