Anger Management Based Alcohol Treatment

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Anger Management-Based Alcohol Treatment: An Integrated Therapy for Anger and Alcohol Use Disorder provides mental health professionals with specialized clinical techniques and strategies for assessing and treating comorbid alcoholism and anger emotions. This hands-on guide empowers clinicians in teaching anger management skills to drinkers with alcohol use disorder, helping these patients learn cognitive and relaxation skills that reduce anger and disconnect the anger-alcohol linkage. Case studies and vignettes based on clinical experience are laced throughout the book, along with therapeutic techniques that can be put into immediate practice.

The book also features effective ways clients can self-monitor their craving and anger emotions, ethnicity considerations in anger and drinking, and how to adapt anger management therapy to group therapy settings.

  • Provides clinicians with easily-integrated anger management techniques that have been proven to treat alcohol use disorder
  • Summarizes the empirical literature on drinking and anger
  • Presents a clear framework for assessing the anger-alcohol linkage
  • Discusses effective methods for client self-monitoring of cravings
  • Includes case studies on anger management-based alcohol therapy
  • Looks at the use of anger management therapy in treating other addictions, such as smoking and gambling
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1. The Alcohol and Anger Connection 2. Case Examples; Assessment 3. Preparing Clients for Anger Management Alcohol Treatment 4. Introduction to Self-Monitoring 5. Introduction to Sobriety 6. Introduction to Relaxation Skills 7. Introduction to Cognitive Model 8. Coping Skills Rehearsal 9. Relapse Prevention and Termination 10. Considerations for Therapists 11. Client Diversity 12. Applications to Other Addictions

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Walitzer, Kimberly
Deputy Director and Senior Research Scientist at University of Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions. Research Associate Professor at the University of Buffalo Psychology Department. Dr. Walitzer has been actively involved in clinical research on alcohol problems for 25 years. She is a New York state licensed psychologist, and completed an NIAAA-funded RO1 NIH grant award, "Developing Anger Management (CRCS) for Use in Alcoholism Treatment”. She has also completed a pilot study on anger management-based smoking cessation in conjunction with nicotine replacement therapy.
Deffenbacher, Jerry
Dr. Deffenbacher has 30 years of experience in clinical outcome research on anger reduction, having designed and assessed anger reduction interventions.
Rath, Molly
Therapist and supervisor at the Research Institute on Addiction Treatment Services. During this time she has served as the primary therapist on the pilot studies for both the anger management for alcohol use disorders as well as anger management in nicotine dependent smokers.
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