Biomaterials and Bio-Nanotechnology. Advances in Pharmaceutical Product Development and Research

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Biomaterials and Bionanotechnology examines the current state of the field within the pharmaceutical sciences and concisely explains the history of biomaterials, including key developments. Written by experts in the field, this volume in the Advances in Pharmaceutical Product Development and Research series deepens our understanding of biomaterials and bionanotechnology within drug discovery and drug development. Each chapter delves into a particular aspect of this fast-moving field, covering fundamental principles, methodologies and the technologies employed by pharmaceutical scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical industries to transform a drug candidate or new chemical entity into a final administrable dosage form.

Readers will find a comprehensive examination that is suitable for researchers working in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, food and related industries, and for advanced students in these fields.

  • Examines the most recent developments in biomaterials and nanomaterials for pharmaceutical sciences
  • Covers important topics, such as the fundamentals of polymers science, transportation and bio interaction of properties in nanomaterials across biological systems, and nanotechnology in tissue engineering as they pertain specifically to pharmaceutical sciences
  • Contains extensive references for further discovery on the role of biomaterials and nanomaterials in the drug discovery process
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1. Design of materials and product specifications
2. Fundamentals of polymers science applied in Pharmaceutical Product Development
3. Biomaterials in Pharmaceutical Product Development:  An emphasis on Synthesis and characterization
4. Surface modification of Biomaterials towards effective Pharmaceutical Product Development
5. Pharmaceutical and biomedical applications of polymers
6. Use of polymers in controlled release of active agents
7. Biomaterials for sustained and controlled delivery of small drug molecule
8. Bio-Nanotechnology in pharmaceutical research
9. Biotechnology based pharmaceutical products
10. Biomaterials and nanoparticles for hyperthermia therapy
11. Biomaterials in diagnosis and theragnosis
12. Nionanomaterials in development of Artificial implants and Devices
13. Covalent Functionalization of nanomaterials: Approaches and applications
14. Surface modifications of biomaterials and their implication on biocompatibility
15. Transportation and bio interaction Properties in nanomaterials across biological systems
16. Synthesis and Applications of Metal Nanoparticles
17. Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
18. Microemulsions and Drug Delivery in Nanotechnology
19. Biomaterials in cardiovascular research
20. Current research perspectives of Orthopaedic implant materials
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Tekade, Rakesh K
Dr Rakesh K Tekade, Assistant Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutics, investigates the design, development and characterization of targeted nanotechnology based formulations for the site specific delivery of therapeutic drugs, siRNA, microRNA, plasmids, proteins and peptide for the treatment of cancer. His current research encompasses development of novel polymeric nanomaterial for effective cytosolic delivery of anticancer bioactives. Dr Tekade's research is focused on designing a new generation of nanoparticles, which could identify the cancer cells and selectively deliver anticancer drugs and genes to inhibit the growth of cancer while sparing healthy tissues. His research work involves the applications of polymer chemistry, nanotechnology, molecular biology, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and imaging techniques. Dr Tekade has also investigated the anticancer activity and molecular mechanism of several compounds and nanoformulations against cancer cell lines. Dr Tekade has over 70 publications, 01 patent, 7 book chapters, and 3 editorial articles. He has delivered several invited research talks and presented research finding in more than 30 scientific conferences.
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