Deformation Based Processing of Materials

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Deformation Based Processing of Materials: Behavior, Performance, Modeling and Control focuses on deformation based process behaviors and process performance in terms of the quality of the needed shape, geometries, and the requested properties of the deformed products. In addition, modelling and simulation is covered to create an in-depth and epistemological understanding of the process. Other topics discussed include ways to efficiently reduce or avoid defects and effectively improve the quality of deformed parts. The book is ideal as a technical document, but also serves as scientific literature for engineers, scientists, academics, research students and management professionals involved in deformation based materials processing.

  • Covers process behaviors, such as non-uniform deformation, unstable deformation, material flow phenomena, and process performance
  • Includes modelling and simulation of the entire deformation process
  • Looks at control of the preferred deformation, undesirable material flow, avoidance and reduction of defects, and improving the dimensional accuracy, surface quality and microstructure construction of the produced products
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1. Introduction and Background 2. Behaviours in deformation based processing of materials 3. Elastic deformation induced springback defects 4. Tension deformation induced plastic instability 5. Compression deformation induced instability 6. Inhomogeneous deformation induced surface roughing defects 7. Inhomogeneous deformation induced flow defects 8. Microstructure abnormality related defects

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Li, Heng
Dr. H. Li is a full professor in materials processing at the Northwestern Polytechnical University of China. In the last decade, he has been focused on the research of plasticity related solid mechanics, multi-scale and multi-physics modelling and simulation of deformation based manufacturing processes and precision forming of hard-to-deform materials with difficult-to-form complex shaped structures. He has accumulated extensive research experience in the field of materials processing and manufacturing engineering. He has secured 7 funds from the National Science Foundation of China and other governmental funding agencies and industries in deformation based materials processing. In 2015, he was awarded the prestigious National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars and enrolled in the National Youth Top-notch Talent Program in China. He has published over 100 peer reviewed research articles, which have generated a significant impact in the field of materials processing and manufacturing.
Fu, Mingwang
Dr M.W. Fu is a leading expert in the area of materials processing and manufacturing engineering. He has been leading the deformation based processing research, especially in micro-scaled deformation based manufacturing and has developed a world-class research group in this filed at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His main research endeavours are more focused on deformation based manufacturing, numerical simulation and practical applications, product design and development, and micro-mechanics by using computer-aided design and finite element simulation technologies and explore the physics and science nature behind these explorations. He has secured 8 research projects from the General Research Fund (GRF), Innovation and Technology Fund from the Innovation and Technology Commission of Hong Kong Government, and the National Science Foundation of China after 2007. His research findings have significantly benefited the development of metal forming technologies. His original and creative researches especially on prediction and assessment of metal formed product quality enhancement and assurance and microforming, etc., have led to more than 160 published/accepted SCI journal papers, 4 monographs published by Marcel Dekker (New York) and Springer-Verlag London Ltd, etc..
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