Asia Methanol Market: By Application & By Country - Forecast 2014-2020

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Methanol is the basis for many chemicals and can be derived from various feed stocks. Demand for methanol in Asia has been increasing due to increased consumption from major developing countries for traditional chemical derivatives and energy applications. Major Asia exporting countries are India and Singapore besides India and Thailand are the importing countries.

Asia methanol market has been segmented into by application and by country. In general, methanol is produced majorly from natural gas followed by coal. It is also produced from other sources such as biomass, municipal waste and carbon di-oxide. Methanol has major applications in formaldehyde, acetic acid, gasoline and Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO). Among these applications formaldehyde is the major application. Methanol derived products are used in end industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, construction, coatings and others.

Asia methanol market is further segmented into by country that includes individual country analysis of China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and others. The report focuses on key countries within Asia in terms of changing trends in using methanol for various applications. China holds major share with a significant growth rate.

The report also includes overview of major companies such as
Petroliam Nasional Berhad,
Methanex Corporation,
China National Offshore Oil Corporation
Sinopec Group.

In this report, methanol import and exports of individual country has been studied and is analyzed along with the individual domestic price. Production and supply gap is studied for major countries such as China, India and others. Methanol production facilities with its annual capacities are also listed in the report.
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1. List of Tables

2. List of Figures

3. Asia Methanol Market– Regional Snapshot

4. Asia Methanol Market–Overview

5. Asia Methanol Market
5.1. Annual Production Capacities-By Country
5.2. Market Size- By Country
5.2.1. China
5.2.2. Japan
5.2.3. South Korea
5.2.4. Taiwan
5.2.5. India
5.2.6. Malaysia
5.2.7. Others
5.3. Market Size- By Application
5.3.1. Formaldehyde
5.3.2. Acetic acid
5.3.3. Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO)
5.3.4. Dimethyl ether (DME)
5.3.5. Gasoline Blending & Combustion
5.3.6. Others
5.4. Trade Analysis- By Major Countries

6. China Methanol Market
6.1. Market Scenario
6.2. Annual Production Capacities- By Company
6.3. Market Size-By Application
6.4. Production Vs. Demand
6.5. Average Methanol Price
6.6. Export and Import Volume
6.7. Trade Volume - By Country
6.8. Export and Import price

7. Japan Methanol Market
7.1. Market Scenario
7.2. Market Size-By Application
7.3. Average Methanol Price
7.4. Export and Import Volume
7.5. Trade Volume - By Country
7.6. Export and Import price

8. South Korea Methanol Market
8.1. Market Scenario
8.2. Market Size- By Application
8.3. Average Methanol Price
8.4. Export and Import Volume
8.5. Trade Volume - By Country
8.6. Export and Import price

9. Taiwan Methanol Market
9.1. Market Scenario
9.2. Market Size- By Application
9.3. Average Methanol Price
9.4. Export and Import Volume
9.5. Trade Volume- By Country
9.6. Export and Import price

10. India Methanol Market
10.1. Market Scenario
10.2. Annual Production Capacities-By Company
10.3. Market Size-By Application
10.4. Production Vs. Demand
10.5. Average Methanol Price
10.6. Export and Import Volume
10.7. Trade Volume - By Country
10.8. Export and Import price

11. Malaysia Methanol Market
11.1. Market Scenario
11.2. Annual Production Capacities- By Company
11.3. Market Size-By Application
11.4. Production Vs. Demand
11.5. Average Methanol Price
11.6. Export and Import Volume
11.7. Trade Volume - By Country
11.8. Export and Import price

12. Other Countries Methanol Market
12.1. Market Scenario
12.2. Annual Production Capacities- By Company
12.3. Market Size-By Application

13. Asia Methanol Market - Value Chain Analysis

14. Company Profiles
14.1. Petroliam Nasional Berhad
14.1.1. Business Overview
14.1.2. Financials
14.1.3. Production Facilities
14.1.4. Developments
14.1.5. SWOT Analysis
14.2. Methanex Corporation
14.2.1. Business Overview
14.2.2. Financials
14.2.3. Production Facilities
14.2.4. Developments
14.2.5. SWOT Analysis
14.3. Sinopec Corp
14.3.1. Business Overview
14.3.2. Financials
14.3.3. Production Facilities
14.3.4. Developments
14.4. China National Offshore Oil Corporation
14.4.1. Business Overview
14.4.2. Financials
14.4.3. Production Facilities
14.4.4. Developments
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15. Appendix
15.1. Abbreviations
15.2. Sources
15.3. Research Methodology
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