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Alumina Ceramics: Biomedical and Clinical Applications examines the extraordinary material, Alumina, and its use in biomedicine and industry. Sections discuss the fundamentals of Alumina Ceramics, look at the various industrial applications, and examine a variety of medical applications. Readers will find this to be an invaluable and unique resource for researchers, clinical professionals, engineers, and advanced level students. Alumina ceramics are a leading biomaterial used for specialist medical applications, such as bionic implants and tissue engineering, and the only biomaterial commercially viable for use as bearings for orthopedic hip replacements. As such, this book is a timely resource on the topics discussed.

  • Provides a unique and thorough review of Alumina ceramics
  • Written by one of the world's leading experts in bioceramics and advanced industrial ceramics, especially alumina
  • Targeted to researchers in the materials, clinical and dental fields
  • Enables the non-expert with an overview of the underlying alumina technology, major challenges, major successes and future directions

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Section 1. Alumina as a Ceramic 1. Introduction 2. Bauxite 3. Refining and Synthesis of Alumina 4. Properties and Processing of Alumina Ceramics

Section 2. Alumina in Biomedical Engineering 5. Overview of Alumina in Biomedical Engineering 6. Alumina Bearings in Orthopaedics. Origin and Evolution 7. Alumina Bearings in Orthopaedics. Present and Future 8. Alumina in Bionic Feedthroughs. The Pacemaker 9. Alumina in Bionic Feedthroughs. The Bionic Ear 10. Alumina in Bionic Feedthroughs. The Bionic Eye, and the Future 11. Alumina in Lightweight Body Armor

Section 3. Alumina as an Industrial Ceramic 12. Alumina as an Industrial Wear and Corrosion Resistant Ceramic 13. Alumina as an Electrical Insulator 14. Alumina in Electrical Feedthroughs 15. Alumina: Refractory, and Other Specialised Industrial Uses 16. Alumina: The Future

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Ruys, Andrew J.
Andrew J Ruys is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and has served as Director of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sydney since 2003. His Bachelors Degree (Honours 1 - 1987) was in Ceramic Engineering, and his Doctorate (1992) was also in Ceramic Engineering.

He has worked in bioceramics and advanced ceramics research for 30 years, and has been an active participant as researcher and educator, for this entire time. He also has extensive experience as an industrial consultant in the world-changing applications of advanced ceramics in wear-resistance linings in mineral processing, anti-corrosion-resistant vessels, high-temperature gas-seals, bioceramics, ballistic ceramics, and numerous other world-changing applications. The most important of the advanced ceramics, and the bioceramics, is alumina, the topic of this book. Professor Ruys has been involved with alumina for this entire 30 years.

Professor Ruys serves on three editorial boards, and is a reviewer for 24 scientific Journals. He has been teaching bioceramics, industrial ceramics, biomaterials, medical device technology, dental materials, chemistry, physics, and general engineering, a total of 27 different university units of study in the last 30 years.

His experience is unique, spanning as it does 3 decades in ceramics, bioceramics and industrial advanced ceramics, with an ongoing association with alumina for that entire time.
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